Saturday Night Country Quick Steppers Dance The 1997 Black and White Ball

This was the club's annual Black & White Ball; it was DJ'ed by Dave West. Dave had all the music for the newest dances that we are doing on this side of the Bay. We requested his Cadillac Crossover and he was kind enough to come down and dance & call a few rounds with us. He sure looked awesome all dressed up and of course...he had all those great hip movements & styling when doing his dance.

We got to do my our classics: Baby Likes To Rocket, Zydeco Lady, Hot Tamales and the Fireman. We got to do Scott Blevin's Ride That Train and his Swing Time Boogie. (Both are signed sheets from Scott)

We got to do Michael Barr's Whiskey Brush and his Black Dresses ...which was really appropriate for this event....half the ladies dancin' (including me) had "prop" dresses on! We got to do Hedy McAdams's Fly Like A Bird ...Hedy is so graceful doing her dips in this dance...and we got to do my favorite Hedy dance -- her waltz...Love Letters.

Evelyn Khinoo and John, Ana and Laura were showing off doing that Prince's Bridge dance again. I can't wait to learn that dance...(Evelyn is teaching it to us on June 11.) Laura is such a good dancer that she spent most of the evening dancing in her high heeled shoes...(because they went so good with her sparkley, fancy ball's a girl thing) before she changed into her cowgirl boots!

We got to do Chris Kumre's mixer dance -- Rednex Stomp and his Cherokee Boogie. When the music "Cherokee Boogie" is played...the dance floor is so crowded...dancers are doing Cherokee Boogie, Hedy's Prairie Strut, One Cherokee Boogie and the couples are dancing something... I know this because I have to dodge them trying to keep up with Evelyn as she leads the dancers in Michele Burton's One Cherokee Boogie. Some resourceful dancers do a round of Chris's round of Hedy's and start again...this is pretty much fun...but I usually do Michele's dance...cause it is so hard and it took me so long to learn it ...I don't want to forget it.

Tom and Karen and Stu and Sandy looked really great doing their couples dancing! Tom said that they were learning some pretty cool stuff from instructors Jamie and Arny. Tom asked me to do a "basic cha cha" with him . I had no clue what we were going to do, but he is such a good lead. It was really fun...they are learning some great moves! Michael and Hedy taught Cowboy Cha Cha in class this week and I was pretty lucky to have Tommy ask me to dance this dance. Thanks Tommy!

We got to do Sal Gonzalez's OOH! AAH! and his Dancin' With You. We did Neil Hale's Mustang Sally and his waltz...Diamonds Are Forever. I requested my current favorite Neil dance...One Toke Over The Line...but it was not called...oh well, Dave had a million requests!

We got to do Evelyn Khinoo's Silk and Satin; We got to do her Take A Look. Evelyn brought along her music to her newest sweet it is... and Dave called how sweet it is ...for our last dance. Many dancers (most of us die hards who had been at Michael and Hedy's earlier workshop) who were still dancing knew this dance and the others just picked it up. Michael Barr, John Burton, and Chris Kumre picked it up and had their own styles going by the end of the dance...they sure have too much fun dancing when they are all together!

I was lucky again and won a door prize; a free photo sitting with the photographer. I will be surprised if the photo of me and Hedy and Evelyn turns out ok. We are used to having Bruce take our photos...he knows us and has patience...and doesn't take the photo when we are talking or laughing!