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October 7

The South County Country Dancers had their regular Friday dance

at the Lions Club Hall in San Martin and everyone that wasn't able to go to Ventura to enjoy that beautiful beach weather had a great time doing a lot of the new dances from last weekends Golden Gate Classic.

(BTW Doris & Ev, I think a group trip to Ventura next year is a great idea. E me and we'll work on setting it up.)

DJ Gary James kept the music moving all evening as the request list filled up very quickly. Most of the regulars were in attendance including Pat Tharp's dance teams. Congrats to Pat's team on there 1st place at the Golden Gate Classic.

The dance included most of the favorites along with some of the new dances from Golden Gate. Among the dances done were Sal Gonzalez' T&G Hurricane, Chevy (1st place at Ventura),Whatcha Gonna Do, OOO! AAH!, and Dancing with You;

Michael Barr's TTS Boogie, A Waltz in Time, Dance Dance Dance, and his new dance from the Golden Gate Classic Off to the Races - We decided that we had to do this dance because Michael had told us that we had to keep doing the dance otherwise it would be tough to remember (Michael, we did it !! Correctly, too!!);

Hedy Mc Adams Prairie Strut, Fly Like A Bird and her 1st place dance from the GGC, Shipwrecked; and Evelyn Khinoo's how sweet it is and Silk & Satin.

As everyone knows, the hottest dance out there right now is Robert & Regina Padden's Electric Reel. This dance was requested during the night so many times that we did it twice. Pat's dancers added another twist to the dance by doing alternate walls of Electric Reel and Knox Rhine's new dance Warriors. The dances seemed to go together real well.

This also seemed to be a Neil Hale dance night. We did Cruisin' (to Dancin', Shaggin' on the Boulevard), Country Chorus Lines, Hot Tamales, Cha Cha Lengua, and Doris' favorite One Toke Over The Line.

Other dances done included- Terry Hogan's Along For The Ride

Susan Brooks' Dancin' Feet and West Coast For One

Also Midnight Waltz, Uno Dos Tres, Triples, Smoky Places/ Footloose, Swamp Thang, Elvis & Andy, Cannibal Stomp/ Dance Dance Dance, Roaring 20's Boogie, Cherokee Boogie/ Prairie Strut/ One Cherokee Boogie, Fallsview Rock, Desperation Samba, Arlene/ Bocephus, Louisiana Hot Sauce, and All Shook Up!!

Sounds like a lot of dancing, doesn't it? Everyone left very satisfied & able to say that they got to do most of their favorites. Until next time > KEEP DANCIN'!! Gary at

Note from Doris...I emailed Arthur the minute I got home from inquire about his Santa Poco and he in turn sends this message:

Howdy there partner... In my mad rush to e-mail you the other day I forgot to tell you about my other dance "Santa Poco" I choreographed it not long after fat sally, about december 96. I was going in the local christmas comp and I needed something new and fast, my teacher let me borrow this new country compilation cd she had just won, she said to me there were some good songs on it that I would like, that didn't have dances to them. I took the cd home that night and the next day I had Santa Poco written up in front of me.

I won the comp and since then the dance been No 1 in N.S.W. and other parts of Australia and is currently in the top 5 dances in New Zealand. Apart from that I have done no other dances until now as I have been tied up with school, my latest dance I finished yesterday and I should have it typed up soon.

I mailed you two signed copies of FSL along with some photos this morning so the copy of santa poco will not be in there, but I will send you a copy of it along with a copy of my new dance as soon as it is typed up. I hope to be doing alot more dances and to start teaching when I finish school in a months time. Thats all for now as I have to get back to studying for the major exams which start in 2 weeks, I hope to hear from you soon.

Arthur, In the meantime .... .... Hi-Ho line dancers Awayyyyyyyyy

October 6

and I had WAY Too Much Fun this weekend....

The Red Hot & Kickin' Country Festival held in Ventura, CA....was put on by Vince & Madeline Fiske

New Line Dance Choreographer Results

5th place - Evelyn Young for Come On In

4th place - Joe McDevitt for Slapped Silly

3rd place - Chris Kumre for Come Together

2nd place - Michele Burton for Ace 10

1st place - Sal Gonzalez for Chevy

Bay Area line dance competition dancers who won recognition at this event were:

Ana Burton, Laura Claytor...her teenage son Adam Sandefer, and Chris Kumre.

John and Chris did their "Grease Lighting" number during the Saturday night entertainment show..and Ana and Laura did their "ICE winning duo routine" for the Sunday afternoon entertainment/competition.

The event started promply at 5 pm on Friday night....6 line dances were taught on the half hour Friday; 12 on the half hour on Saturday; 3 on the half hour Sunday morning. The evening dances began at 8 pm - ended at midnight!...The DJ for this event was Hollister's own Chris Kumre...and of course...he took requests all night.

We line danced on a wooden floor at the Ventura American Legion Hall...we took lessons on the wooden floor at Holy Cross School...a quick 3 minute walk from the Legion Hall. Since Ventura is right on the ocean...air conditioning is not always needed...but this weekend we could have used it. Fans were going full blast...but I will need to wear my tank tops next year.

You know I didn't take all 21 line dance classes! (Bruce Bowman had the job of judging the 8 dances in new line choreography and he did have to take those 8 classes... plus help out with the additional 2 classes that Ev taught and then learn the additional 2 that he wanted to know...12 classes!...probably a record for him at one wonder his butt was draggin on Sunday Afternoon!)...(there were couples workshops all day Saturday also) I will share some of the highlights of my experience...starting with THE PLANE...

It was tiny...there were 12 passengers on board on the flight down; 8 on board on the way home. Evelyn and I were asked to "assist" with the departure flight...we sat in the back of the plane to provide "balance" for takeoff and landing...(I am serious!)...This plane could hold 34 dancers; next year ...maybe we could try to fill it up?

Instructors included Michele Burton (Corning), Betty Campora (Stockton), Chris Kumre (Morgan Hill), Gene Morrill (Arcadia), Evelyn Khinoo (Menlo Park), Pam McCrumb (Hollister), Sal Gonzalez (Reedley) and Peter Heath (Adelaide, Australia). Evelyn taught her new What's The Hurry and Robert and Regina Padden's Electric Reel...and Sal taught his new circle waltz (4,5,6)....which is now out of beta....It is now called Sally's Waltz....(Sal's wife is Diane..."Sally" is Sal's nick name among his family, and non dance friends) and his new beginner dance Tiger Run.

We were greatly surprised to know that the dancers attending this festival knew our Bay Area favorites...seems Michael Barr has been "down South" teaching dances....and Gene Morrill, an instructor from Arcadia, ...taught Hedy McAdams's Shipwrecked, Bill Bader's Home On The Range, and Terry Hogan's Along For The Ride.

Michele Burton taught her Boogie Woogie Cowboy, Michael Barr's A Waltz In Time and her new Ace 10. Peter Heath from Australia taught his Friendly Cha. Chris Kumre taught his new contra dance...Come Together. Betty Campora taught her new dance Stepping Stones.

Chris played all the tunes to the 21 new dances we learned (he did a preview of Electric Reel at the Friday dance). Evelyn Khinoo taught this dance on Saturday to a packed workshop. It seems Vince Fiske requested that Evelyn teach Electric Reel to make sure that all the dancers got a change to learn the new, hot dance from Ireland which is taking the world by storm!

We also got to do Australian dances - Arthur Smith's Fat Sally Lee, Terry Hogan's Along For The Ride, and his Ghost Riders and Peter Heath's Friendly Cha.

Evelyn Khinoo was leding us in Arthur Smith's Fat Sally Lee and the electricity was noticable...Ana and John Burton and Laura Claytor and Chris Kumre were puttin' their all into this dance...and the crowd was full of younger dancers trying to pick it up off the floor! The same excitement continued as Chris played "the Barbie song" and called the new Hip Hop '!

..Too CooL to show off the newest dance crazes to an appreciative dance audiance...several times during the event I noticed John Burton in the back of the dance floor doin' an informal teach of the Prince's Bridge; I got a lot of questions about that dance...and I saw Sal Gonzalez teach "hat tricks" to a delighted pre-teen (looked to be about 9 years old) competition dancer...I could tell by the way she did Chevy that she adores Sal's dances!

Evelyn Khinoo led us in her Silk and Satin, Maverick Waltz, Attitude, how sweet it is and her newest dance What's The Hurry.

Sal Gonzalez led us in his OOO! AAH!, Dancin' With You, Chevy, and his Whatcha Gonna Do.

We did Michael Barr's Back Roads, TTS Boogie, and his A Waltz In Time.

We did Hedy McAdams's Fly Like A Bird and her Shipwrecked. Late Saturday night, Chris played the Long, Tall Texan music...the music Hedy uses for her new dance Long, Tall Texan...I have no clue what local dance the dancers were doing on the floor, but I do know...that "Michele, Evelyn, and Doris...started in with the head boppin' and the singin' at the top of their lungs..."Oh, Roy, Oh, that your horse?"...and that this really TCWB dancer named Matt...wanted to get in on all the fun we were havin' he started directin' our head boppin' with his right index in bop 4 times to the left...4 times to the right...2 left, 2 right...then 1, and 1, then faster, and then all around...then it was time for "Oh, Roy, Oh, that your horse?"...well, I hope you get the picture...and Michele was heard to comment...I've got to get back and visit you in the Bay Area more guys just are havin' too much fun!

We met a ton of very friendly line dancers from the Ventura area and from "down south"....and most of all...I felt that line dancers were treated to a great weekend...thanks for all your hard work Vince & Madeline...we had Too Much Fun at your event!

and this be Evelyn Khinoo's account of her Ventura weekend

Hi everyone! Bruce and I and Doris Volz went to a country dance festival this past weekend in Ventura, California. There were also several others from the Bay Area--John and Ana Burton, Chris Kumre, Laura Claytor, Michele Burton, Betty Campora, Sal Gonzalez (although not from the Bay Area, certainly well-known here), etc.

I highly recommend this event for next year. There were couples competitions as well as line dance competition. But, the event definitely catered to line dancing. Like the Golden Gate Classic, it was line dancer heaven. Plus the dance hall had a wood floor, and of course no smoking. Regular workshops were in the main ballroom and were one after another so you didn't have to choose which one to go to. Of course, there were not as many workshops as some other events, so this was easier to schedule. I think there were about 15-20 or so (but I'm not sure I have the number correct) including new line dance choreography.

The new choreography line dancing workshops were in conjunction with some of the competition, but not in conjunction with another workshop. They were also held in a room with a wood floor. So, it was very pleasant to be able to attend all the line dance workshops if you wanted to. I was judging the line dance competition, so I missed a couple of the workshops. But, that was okay. The dance on Friday night was just too much fun.

Doris and I found some folks who wanted to be crazy with us so we all had a good time. And, we met some great new country folks. The event directors, Vince and Madeleine Fiske were extremely hospitable. They obviously truly cared if you were having a good time and made it a point to talk to as many folks as they possibly could. The atmosphere was very friendly.

The location of the event was l block off the main street of downtown Ventura. This made it very convenient to walk to most eating places. Of course, you could drive further if you wanted to go to different restaurants. But, it sure saved time walking only 2 blocks to get a sandwich, particularly for lunch. There were lots of quaint stores to do some shopping--as if we had time! We all stayed at the Country Inn which was about 3 blocks from the dance hall and definitely within walking distance.

The Country Inn was great. It was air conditioned, and came complete with microwaves and refrigerators. And......a free, complete breakfast each morning. Also offered was a free happy hour at 5:00 p.m. complete with 2 free drinks!

Congratulations to Sal Gonzalez for winning 1st place in new line dance choreography for "Chevy." Also congratulations to Michele Burton who won 2nd place for her brand new dance "Ace 10." Ace 10 will be on our dance schedule in a couple of weeks. So don't miss it. Also, Congrats to Chris Kumre for his 3rd place win for his new contra dance..."Come Together".

Country Attitude's new dance lesson schedule will be posted this week by Wednesday. So, look for it. Some great stuff is coming up as well as a couple of oldies. Chris Kumre won 3rd place for "Come Together," a great contra-line dance and a lot of fun. There was a 4th place winner and a 5th place winner, but I can't remember them at the moment, except that Evelyn Young was the 5th place choreographer. She is from W. Covina, California.

There were some really great regular workshops as well. I also taught the "Electric Reel" and my newest dance, "What's The Hurry." According to the highway signs, we estimated that Ventura is about 365 miles south of San Francisco. (Ana and John Burton said it took them 7 hours to drive to the festival)

Bruce and I and Doris flew down--a one- hour flight--to Santa Barbara and drove to Ventura. Ventura is probably about a half hour or 40 minutes from the airport. We will definitely fly again next year. We flew on one of those "Shuttle" flights from United Airlines. They hold about 35 people. I'll be looking into reserving the entire plane next year if we get enough folks to go! Interested? Anyway, just wanted you to know about this event, and hopefully you will want to put it on your schedule for next year.

More stuff: Don't forget the YWCA dance this Friday at 7:30 p.m. I will be teaching my newest dance, "What's The Hurry." It's now 1 week old. Bruce and I will also be the D.J.'s this Friday. On Saturday, October 11, Bruce and I will be down at the South Bay Country Dancers' dance at Gunderson High School in San Jose. I'll probably teach "What's The Hurry" down there also, or maybe one from the dance festival in Ventura. They have a great turn out and too much fun. Hopefully we will see you all there! Country Attitude Productions' new class schedule will be out this week and posted by Wednesday. Don't miss it! As mentioned above, some great stuff is coming up including some oldies. See you all soon. Evelyn

October 2

and Terry Hogan taught at Bruce Bowman & Evelyn Khinoo's Wednesday night class...

Evelyn reviewed Waltz Across Texas and then turned her stage over to Terry Hogan of Brisbane, Australia.

Terry taught 2 dances in the beginner class...Backtrack and Last Chance and he taught 2 more dances in the intermediate class...Rockabilly and Who Needs It.

Of course we did Terry's Along For The Ride in open dancing...and it so happened that tonight October 1st was Terry's 47th birthday....the cake pictured a "cowboy" saying another year for saying 5,6,7,8....then those who could to dance Tulsa Slide with Terry.

We sure could tell that Evelyn is a "special friend" of Terry's...he gave her a hand painted white polo shirt with large "ants" coming out of the front pocket...up the shoulder and down the back of the shirt...they "danced" across a hand painted log floatin' on a hand painted river...and Terry even signed it! Wow, the first custom painted "prop" shirt of one of our hottest dances...and Ev has it!

...and he gave me his new step description book...."The Choreography of Terry Hogan" and he even signed it!....AND he gave me permission to use his bio and scan any of his dances for my site.

It was Terry's birthday ...but we got the presents!

October 1

Note of total interest from choreographer of Fat Sally Lee!

G'day my name is Arthur Smith I live in Katoomba in the blue mountains Australia which is 100 kms west of Sydney. I am 17 and it has been about 1 1/2 years since my mum first dragged me onto floor to learn boot scootin boogie, at that time I didn't think much of line dancing or the people who did it, and I didn't like country music "shame on me" but as a lively 16 year old with a broken arm and a broken hand I had few options to keep fit, so I decided to give it a go. It started out as many of you would know just once a week then when you know a few of the basics twice a week and so on and so on until it most probably takes over your life as it has done with me.

Anyway a few days ago my teacher rings me up at 11 pm and says to me "I've been doin some surfin' on the www and you would not believe what I have found,...YOU you're on the internet Arthur in some San Fran line dance site" I said you have got to be kidding me, she said na its true you are on there with your dance Fat Sally Lee, I said "That's Cool" hung up on her and rushed to the computer, and what do ya know here I am writing a quick message to all of my line dancing friends in the US of A in appreciation of you learning my dance.

I noticed you didn't have a copy of my signed dance sheet so if you write back to me with an address I would be more than happy to send you one. See Yeha all later. Arthur Smith

September 30

and Charlotte and Neil held an International Class tonite at Swiss Park...sort of a mini Golden Gate... since we were to learn 4 dances.

Charlotte Skeeters taught a turbo review of Knox Rhine's Lazy 8 Waltz.

Peter Heath of Adelaide, South Australia taught us his Friendly Waltz...he had names for his sequence of steps...and he would call out the sequence name right before we were to do them..."sugar foot, vine, turning triple, New Yorker, basketball, rocking chair, box"...too cool, just like in clogging class...I guess we do that with our when Hedy says...5, 6, 7, & 8 & 1...everyone in her class knows Shipwrecked by its numbers!

Terry Hogan of Brisbane, Australia taught us his Black and White Cha Cha. Thank God...I just looked at the sheet and it is rated 4 in difficulty...and it is! The first wall is fine...but then we all know about those other walls...the weight changes are a challenge and Terry knows the "box turns" present problems to the less experienced dancers....he says so right on the sheet! (Terry still insists that Along For The Ride is an easy dance...)

In his cute Aussie accent, Terry answered, "Damn good question, Hedy"...and then we all knew which wall we were supposed to end up on to start the dance over again! I still didn't have all the walls down...and I noticed that Terry was floating into the cha cha up there on "Charlotte's Stage" I just stopped and watched! I know that I will get the dance down...but something told me that I might never again see Terry go into "dancer zone" and become one with the music and it was awesome to experience! (After tonight...I know why Michael and Terry are great friends...they dance alike...they feel the music alike. Michael told me that they just discovered this after Charlotte told them "they must meet"....two kindred spirits thousands of miles apart who dance not unlike brothers...amazing!)

In open dancin'...Neil played Terry Hogan's Alligator Shoes...(and Terry had his Alligator Boots on tonight!). We did Hedy McAdams's Love Letters...(to Strawberry Wine); we did Evelyn Khinoo's how sweet it is. We did the Electric Reel and Michael Barr's TTS Boogie and... Neil led us in his classic....Prancin' Pony.

A special treat for us dancers happened also in open dancin'....Bill and Rosaline Chapman were here from Zuckland, New Zealand....Rosaline is the choreographer of Tequila Rose. Too CooL to have her led us in her dance....Sal led us in his T&G Hurricane and his Dancin' With You.

Sal Gonzalez (he had to miss his workshop at the Golden Gate...due to his day job...) taught us his new line dance waltz called... 4,5, 6 or it could be Four, Five, Six...or Four, 5, 6....something like that...since it was still in beta last night...and he hasn't even written the step sheet... I only know the verbal name!

Anyway....the waltz traveled a whole lot...but it flowed beautifully and felt good...then Sal demo'd the couples version with Charlotte. They were absolutely floating and I could see the beauty and the flow of the dance I said to him...what if we all danced in a circle?...and so towards the end of the evening...those of us who were still dancin' got into a big circle ( I got to baby duck Charlotte) and Sal's dance "was born". As a line felt Too CooL this way...Sal done it again!

September 29

....and the Party just begun...but we didn't know it was goin' to last sooo long!

pre GGC dance at the Palo Alto Y - Friday Nite - DJ's Michael Barr & Hedy McAdams

Michael called out..."The Burton's are here"....and so they were! and so was Carlene and Nancy...the two fancy advanced award winnin' dancin' ladies all the way in from the Gold Country. And so was Donna Wasnick...who taught us her winning dance from Pismo...Quasimodo.

Michele Burton and her Derringer Dancers were also dancin' with was Mr. Along For The Ride...all the way from Brisbane, Australia....Mr. Terry Hogan.

We had Too Much Fun dancin' ...Evelyn Khinoo led us in her Silk and Satin, Attitude, Claxton Stomp & Go and how sweet it is.... (our thanks to you Mr. Burton for choir directin' the yodeling)

Hedy led us in her Fly Like A Bird, Love Letters (to Elvis) and her newest dance - Shipwrecked.

Mike Sliter led us in his new beginner dance - Over The Dam.

We got to do Black Dresses, Dance, Dance, Dance and A Waltz In Time with Michael Barr.

Of course, we got to do Along For The Ride with Terry Hogan....I was so nervous...I messed up on the second wall...but at least Terry didn't run over me.

The first time I looked at the clock it was 10:50....I couldn't believe it...I still had so much energy...and we did everyone of my right now favorite dances...even Dancin' Feet to "That Girl's Been Spying On Me" know Bruce, I think Mike, Beth and Evelyn have a great secret...I usually eat beer and pizza before the Friday dance...and I am draggin' by 9:30ish.....well, tonight...I had what they had...broiled chicken...baked potato dry....veggies, no butter! ...and I could have lasted another hour or two! (but just between you and me...I wanted the meatloaf...and would have died to have the coconut pie!)

Golden Gate Classic - Saturday, September 27, 1997

New Line Dance Choreographer Results

5th place - Mr. Knox Rhine - Everett WA for his Sousa Shuffle

4th place - Mr. Terry Hogan - Brisbane, Australia for his Along For The Ride

3th place - Mr. Bill Bader - Vancouver, BC, Canada for his Home On The Range

2nd place - Mr. Michael Barr - Palo Alto, CA for his A Waltz In Time

1st place - Ms. Hedy McAdams - Palo Alto, CA for her Shipwrecked

AND a special presentation went to Mr. Neil Hale for his prolific contribution of LINE DANCES that dancers all over the WORLD enjoy and have been enjoying since the early days of this line dance craze!...We Bay Area dancers already knew "Neil Hale Rules! it is official to the rest of the World!

The team from Gilroy - Starlite Express won first place in their division.

The Golden Gate Classic --The Purpose (quoted from the Souvenir Program)

..."the concept of offering new dances where the choreographers could compete with peers would lift the kind of dances taught from the mudane to a higher level. Proper phrasing, dancer "friendliness", appropriateness of the moves to the music, creativeness in style should yield solid dances that are fun to do."

The Showcase Demo Schedule started precisely at the stroke of 9AM....this is when the choreographers (and demo team) show the dancers 2 - 4 rounds of their workshop dances....and this is the only part of the event that the dancers on the sidelines can cheer for their hometown/adopted favorites...I was lucky to stand next to "the Burtons" because we bee noisy cheerleaders! ...and BTW I asked Terry Hogan about this and his answer...".yes, we cheer for our locals at our events, it is acceptable to show favoritisms during this part of the event."

Our dance cards contained 4 different choices for each hour: 3 line dance workshops or 1 couple workshop...the workshops were really full and the "portable" wooden floors....didn't cover the entire it was a challenge to concentrate on the dance and watch your "steps"...sometimes there were two dances scheduled at the same time that I wanted to do or worse yet (someone was dancin' in a competition that I wanted to see) well....choices...are better then absolutely "No Choices".

Since this was my second time at the GGC...I knew more of what my dancin' feet could handle...(remember I just danced my feet off last night...& got up at 6:00 AM to come here & I know that I ain't goin' to be leavin' til it is officially over at the stroke of Midnight!) so I packed food...cokes...& snack foods to eat at odd times...cause you never can tell when "your break" will come!....and BTW the hotel restaurant doesn't open til 5 PM for dinner...WRONG...we want to be in the ballroom at 5 for the line dance awards!...Lucky that someone told us about a great Mexican restaurant a short drive away...

We made it back in time to see Chris Kumre, Laura Holder, and Carlene and Nancy and Adam get their fancy dancin' awards...then there was this new younger man from down south...Scott...TCWB dancer who danced and won in the advanced male division...he is a friend of Chris Kumre's so if you need his name...ask Chris.

After the awards...they were supposed to close the take down the "air wall" (thanks Tracy) and screw in the "rest of the wooden dance floor"...but they didn't....Knox taught us his new dance Warriors and the workers just went on about their business screwing in the screws and setting up more chairs as we danced.

By now it is 7 PM....the Margarita (that you guys were so nice to order for me while I was in the ladies room) ...has worn off and I am hearing Charlotte say something about Jack & Jill and am reading something about Dick & Jane...and reading all the way down to 9:50 PM before "open dancin" occurs....and I am a line dancer and I know I have to be a "right headlight" before I get to dance...and now it is nearly 8 PM and I know Mike and Beth Sliter bee dancin' already (Mike and Beth left Golden Gate early so that Mike could teach his Over The Dam down at the South Bay Dance.

I am a line dancin' woman...Neil! Hear me Whine...He confers with Charlotte...nope...we are right on schedule...."it's O.K....the New Line Dance Choreography Awards are next!" Well, you dancers reading this already know who won...but if you weren't there at the event ...You Didn't Hear Me Roar! We were so totally proud of our dancin' teachers! AND a special presentation went to Mr. Neil Hale for his prolific contribution of LINE DANCES that dancers all over the WORLD enjoy and have been enjoying since the early days of this line dance craze!...We Bay Area dancers already knew "Neil Hale Rules! it is official to the rest of the World!

After Hedy McAdams won her "huge" 4 foot high trophy....(and BTW Mr. Neil Hale made all the new choreography trophys in his own garage workshop with his own hands)...we were so high with excitement...we sort of floated through the entertainment segments....Michele Burton you and your dancers were fabulous...and your costumes...well, they were "more beautiful", but not as elaborate and flashy as Nancy and Carlene's...and John and two were definite "greasers from the 60' Daddy would have been hauled my butt back into my house before I could have gone anywere with either of you....but your tight jeans showed those TCWB's real Nice!...

and then Huge Stress and gestures, and words...and No Gas

and then a bunch of Creek Dancers showed what the Electric Reel looked like....'cept it was just a "demo team" puttin' on a "show" cause it wasn't done exactly how Robert and Regina Padden's step sheet shows their Electric Reel...

and then Canadian Country Singer Rick Tippe took to the dance floor and sang while we danced to his tunes....then open dancin'....

Sal Gonzalez was front and center when the DJ called was Michael, Hedy, Charlotte, Evelyn and Bruce...all sporting large black mustaches under their noses...gotcha Sal....

It was also too funny when the DJ called Sousa Shuffle...Knox Rhine you were front and center leading the dancers....but we all had our flags ready....and by the end of the dance there were so many dancers skipping around the perimeter and waving their could have been the 4th of July!...well not Bette...she was a sittin' with her right leg in a cast...dancin' accident...but she will get it off soon and then she will be back dancin' with Knox...good as new!

I wished I could have danced all the dances we learned in our the "open dancing"...but we did get to do some of the dances...Charlotte said we could give the DJ the CD's with the requests...and so we did do Shipwrecked with Hedy McAdams and we did Along For the Ride with Terry Hogan....(BTW we have officially adopted Terry and he will have his bio and his scanned dance sheets on my site when I get time in between my dance lessons and my other life!).

This is a note from "the Burtons":

Saturday Night September 27, and Sunday Morning September 28, 1997. Party at the "PARTY ZONE " aka John & Ana Burton, Michael Barr and the Buffalo Girls (Danette, Susan and Beverly) official Party Zone Rooms were open until 6:30 a.m. Sunday Morning. For those of you who did not attend you missed a great party. (Doris, you better not miss the next!!!) For those of you who invited us to our own party at room 216 and 218, we would like to Thank You.