June 3 - 1997
Tuesday night lessons at the Horseshoe Club, Santa Clara with Mike & Beth Sliter

Mike reviewed Loose Boots and Do It To It and Just All Right Mama; he taught Country Club. It was a mostly intermediate line dance crowd tonight...might have been the rain that scared away the beginners...but the band played and did we ever have TOO MUCH fun!

I was the luckiest dancer in the world last night! Mike gave me the band's (Roadhouse) dance set list and told me to tell them what to play. I really didn't take him seriously at first...like yeah, I'm going to request every song I want and they will be thrilled to have me in their face request after request. Well, Gary Jo, the lead singer...has a great voice and he actually said he enjoyed having the requests...and kept saying to me "What's next?"...he is a human jukebox....the songs in the set must be his favorites...you can tell by the feeling he puts into the words...and the band played...every note....never missed a beat! Can you imagine....he sang 14 songs in an hour and we line danced every dance one right after the other...and I got to choose! (You have to remember that Mike & Beth spent hours this past month....teaching us the dances and matching them up to the Roadhouse dance set...we have to know the dances that go with the songs Gary Jo wants to sing.)

We got to do....Loose Boots, Country Club, Blue Rose Is, Stray Cat Strut to Dumas Walker, Fireman & Tush Push, Front Row Attitude, Spurs to Mercury Blues, Cruisin', Vanilla TwirL, Watermelon Crawl, A Waltz In Time, Do It To It, TTS Boogie, and we finished with Dancin' Feet to Super Love!

I felt like I was in a final exam last night; can line dancers dance an hour straight and remember the steps to 14 random dances one right after the other...well, we did have Beth in the front and Mike in the back dancin' with us...everyone passed! More importantly, we all had so much fun thinking and exercising full speed ahead for an entire hour

Note: June 2005
I didn't know it at the time but everything I was publishing was being archived at www.archive.org ...the step sheet files, video and music files were seemingly chosen at random.
I was a subscriber to LineDancer Magazine in 1997, but they were not yet on line.
When www.linedancermagazine.com came on line ...all the step sheet files on LineDanceFun were downloaded and 'reformatted' into their format. The ONLY way they could have gotten the sheet for Vanilla TwirL was from my website ...I am the author and I did not submit the original copy myself.
I did meet Betty Drummond at Tamworth 2000. She said at that time the goal of linedancermagazine.com was to include ALL line dance steps in their collection ...and I said ..."GOOD LUCK!"