January 1997 Chat

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January 18, 1997

It was the first time ever that Bruce Bowman and Evelyn Khinoo DJ'd the CQS dance... George and Nicky drove down from Marin and the Buffalo Girls drove from the City to learn Evelyn's newest dance Take A Look. Evelyn and Bruce must of worked pretty hard thinking about the music for this dance...because they split the floor on nearly every song...it is pretty hard to keep the intermediate advanced dancers breathless....but we were! Half the floor was doin' Terry Hogan's Tulsa Slide! and the other half was doing Tulsa Shuffle. Dancers also were doing Bill Bader's Thump Therapy and Knox's New Wall = New Dance, and his Hot Footin". The Buffalo Girls were leading their dances Soda Pop and Jukin Around. Who would have guessed that we could do both Jukin' Around and Black Dresses to "Juke Joint Johnny" (Evelyn assured us that Michael gave his permission!) This dance was so hot that the last song was not a slow number, but Arlene! Well, I take it back...Arlene was the last offical dance...but Ev and Bruce couldn't resist letting us do Take A Look one more time while they were packing up their equipment to leave. It is a good thing that I had a 30 minute drive home...I needed the time to unwind and cool down. Thanks Bruce and Ev...for giving everyone, including your marathon dancers, a great workout...we had Too Much Fun!

Charlotte Freeman's Experience at Worlds V---Charlotte dances at The COWBOY COUNTRY CLUB- Pleasanton, CA

Hi Doris, I just got to your message ..... Worlds V was great! What an incredible experience. I had so much fun and met alot of new people. I got to meet Max Perry, Jo Thompson, and Gordon Elloitt. ..............The Line Dance Competition was small but went well. Kim from our club came in First in the intermediate division. I took 4 Silvers in ProAm Newcomer (with Robert Royston ) this was very good for me and there was 14 couples in this division and only two were first time competing. Pretty good. There were alot of workshops (4 days) in line dancing, two step, etc. .................There was so much to do and see. Four days of competitions. Our Saturday night awards were after midnight that's why I could not call the club. Robert & Laureen won Worlds Championship for the 3rd time. This was very exciting Sunday. I almost forgot Scooter Lee preformed Saturday night in the Variety Show and she sang her new song "Rompin' Stompin'" and Robert Royston choreographed a dance to her song and named it Rompin' Stompin' and Mac and I were there when he was putting the dance together. So Scooter wanted us to do the dance at the show at the last minute and the line dancers where Robert, Laureen, Jo Thompson, Max Perry, Me, and two other ladies from North Carolina. That was fun and scary in front of almost 3,000 people. It was an honor to be in the show. It was also a great honor to compete with Robert Royston.


January 11, 1997

The "dance mobile" left the pennisula early on Saturday night headed for a night of partying and dancing at the Cowboy Country Club. Evelyn Khinoo taught her new dance "Take A Look" for the very first time to a packed dance floor. Bruce, Mike, Beth and Doris (with our clickers clicking) were around the dance floor to help out with the steps...the dance is an intermediate one and some of the steps are a bit tricky...like the 360° traveling ball-step turn...and of course adding the optional hat trick and hand tricks adds to the fun of the dance. Just for fun Evelyn presented all of us "clickers" with a small flashlight so that we could point it whenever we are supposed to "Take A Look" Now you all know we will be havin' Too Much Fun Doin' This Dance!!!

Their was a large group of Oakdale folks in "Pure Country" T-shirts and cowboy hats who surprised Evelyn by showing off their "hat tricks" while doin' Silk and Satin. DJ Linda had on her cowboy hat with attached Mickey Mouse ears while doing her hat tricks...those folks have been practicin' cause they sure were awesome.

Stu and Sandy, Karen, Annette, George and I all got to practice our latest advance dance...Applejacks...Ev showed us how to put 8 counts of syncopated heel steps steps together with 8 counts of Applejack steps as a variation for the beginning steps in Cruise Control . This is the latest fancy dancin' goin' around in our area. Also she demonstrated how to do the Applejack steps in a circle...wow this is hard to do...but we all will get it... we want to be A+ dancers!!

Mike Sliter says that we can call ourselves "Evelyn and her clickers." We are very lucky to have such a great dance instructor creating dances for us to enjoy and pretty spoiled because she enjoys showing us all the fancy steps...we sure were draggin' when we left. Thank you Evelyn Khinoo, we clickers had a great time helping other folks to "Take A Look"

YWCA- Palo Alto, CA

January 10, 1997

We had a crowded dance floor and many new beginners were at the dance. Evelyn and Bruce debuted their latest prop for the DJ stand...it was an instant hit...A very large Hershey Kiss that gives dancers a "kiss" after they dance "Attitude".

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