Tarheel Festivalclick to view thier website
and the East Coast rocked on the first weekend in October at the
...The 1998 Tarheel Dance Classic in Rocky Mount, North
Carolina,,,a UCWDC sanctioned event. Event Director ...Scott
Hucks and Event DJ....JG2 worked hard to see that the line
dancers had a very good time at this 3 day competition and
workshop event.
Very famous names in the Country Western Dance Community were
here at this East Coast Festival...over 70 line dances were
taught in the 50 minute sessions in the 3 days of workshops...

Dawn Beecham here from Toledo, Ohio...taught her new beginner
dance...Got To Be Funky, (choreographed to non-country
music...and taught here in the Bay Area in September by Evelyn
Khinoo, Scott Blair and Rob "I"...)...this dance packed the floor
on both the Friday and Saturday night dances! She also taught Cinco
De Mayo choreographed by Alan Livett & Jo Thompson...the "new"
dance that Jo & Alan premiered to the dancers at the Newcastle,
Australia event in August.

Scott Blevins (Mr. Swing Time Boogie) here from Highland,
Indiana...premiered his newest dance...Latin Grove (choreographed
to non-country music) and presented workshops in body rolls and
motions. He also taught an advanced dance by Greg Underwood (Mr.
Crazy Legs)...Jump Jive & Wail...done to non-country music.

Joanne Brady (Ms. All My Tricks) here from Hockessin, Delaware
...taught several workshops including these dances whose
choreographers are familar to us in the Bay Area...Ribbon Of
Highway (Neil Hale), Blue-zzzy (Knox Rhine), Kactus Jive (Vicki
Wenc), JJ JaBoogie (Jim Krywko "Mr. Tailgating") and Let's Break
Up Tomorrow (Gordon Elliot).

James Gregory (DJ for this event) here from Garner, North
Carolina taught Alan Clarke's beginner "fun" dance...Kung Fu
Fighting during a break in the competitions...I must say...he
didn't karate chop with as much verbalization and enthusiam as
did Mr. Scott Blair when he taught Kung Fu Fighting to us at the
Golden Gate Classic...grins...but then Scott is our Champion, "a
young, California original!"
A handful of dancers were here who had been taught Southern Streamline
(Mack Apaapas) by JG and he graciously played the music for us during a
break so Evelyn and I could dance Southern Streamline with him....

Evelyn Khinoo (Ms. Silk and Satin) here from Menlo Park,
California...taught her dances Picture Perfect, Attitude, Silk
and Satin, how sweet it is, and her newest hit...That's My Hat.

Pedro Machado (Mr. Kick-N-Rock) here from Laurel,
Maryland...taught his Sunglasses and his Funk-N-Grovin'. He also
taught Rob Fowler's advanced dance The Beast.

Max Perry (Mr. Swamp Thang) here from Danbury, Connecticut taught
workshops including: Addicted To Love (Max Perry), Alane (Helen
O'Malley) and Walk On...an intermediate dance done to non-country
music by an Ontario, Canada choreographer. Max travels
extensively to Country Western Dance Events and he mentioned to
us that it is his pleasure to teach interesting dances with
unusual step patterns to the dancers who take his workshops...(it
was Max who taught MMM-Bop to Michael Barr who in turn taught it
to us in the Bay Area). Max has a casual, but very thorough
teaching style...he takes the time to point out "probable trouble
areas" as he is teaching and he goes over any sequence that he
notices is weak with the students before he puts on the "real
music". I was mesmerized just watching his "ballroom" type shoes
floating through the steps of Go On...his demeanor and dance
style is, in my opinion, the closest to Mr. Fred Astaire!

John Robinson (Mr. Dangerous) here from Louisville, Kentucky (he
just recently moved from Colorado to Kentucy, lucky
Kentucy...grins!) taught his Been There, Done That; Dangerous;
Cha Cha For Now; Deal With It; Fresh; Get Down On It; Red Zone;
and his brand new...just completed on September 29th and faxed
to the event.....Switchblade. John mentioned that he has found
that the country tunes "I Break For Brunettes"...and "You Ain't
Lonely Yet" are prefectly phrased to Switchblade. (I love the
lyrics to "I break for brunettes and blondes in Corvettes...." so
of course, I asked him to send me a signed, original copy of
Switchblade....grins! John is also one of the choreographers of
the dance Simply Irrestible which was taught to us by Jo Thompson
on her August Australian Tour.

The Friday Night Dance at the Tarheel Dance Classic featured
singer Kimber Clayton...the dance floor was packed with dancers
doin' Jose Cuervo '98 while she sang her hit song.

The Saturday Night Dinner Show included individual dance
performances by World Champion competition dancers: Scott
Blevins, Pedro Machado, and John Robinson. These three younger
men, each with completely different styles and personalities,
entertained to a very appreciative audience.

The Saturday Night Dance featured singer Scooter Lee who invited
dancers to fill the floor as she sang songs from her "Movin' On
Up" CD...she also announced an upcoming October tour to the UK
that will include guest instructor, Joanne Brady.

The dances called at this event that would be familar to us in
the Bay Area...Tush Push, Waltz Across Texas, Hooked On Country,
Uno, Dos, Tres, OOH! AAH! (Sal Gonzalez), Ribbon Of Highway (Neil
Hale), Swing Time Boogie (Scott Blevins), Cripple Creek (Kip
Sweeney), Dancin' Feet (Harry & Susan Brookes), MMM-Bop (Kelly
Kaylin), Coastin' (Ray and Tina Yeoman), T-Bone Shuffle (Peter Metelnick),
Dizzy, Hardwood Stomp, Simply Irrestible and Rita's Waltz (Jo
Thompson), Waltzing Matilda, Swamp Twang and Honky Tonk Twist
(Max Perry), Kung Fu Fighting (Alan Clarke), Got To Be Funky
(Dawn Beecham), Southern Streamline (Mack Apaapas), Alane (Helen
O'Malley), Razor Sharp (Stephen Sunter), and Dangerous (John

Bottomline...I had a great, relaxin' vacation...met some of the nicest
Country Western "personalities"...and some very nice dancers who just happen to surf my site....thanks for coming up and introducing yourself to me...I always appreciate compliments...grins!