The Bonanza Bash II Photos

The Bonanza Bash event director with 2 very talented Southern California instructor/choreographers. Congrats to Jackie for placing first in new choreography at this event for her Sometime When ...your arm styling while leaning into the heel taps elegant YOU!
Back Seat Boogie placed 1st in New Line Dance Choreography Desert Sands '98 - Las Vegas, NV.

I try not to burn my candle at both ends ...but I do light it for special occasions ...Doug and Cheryl your event was special ...uncrowded workshops, on time scheduling, new dances, great instructors, talented DJ, great BBQ dinner, vendors, and a swimming pool was linedance heaven to me!

These intermediate dancers take their lessons from Kort mistakin' that ...their energy and talent brought smiles to our faces ... his 'chicken walk' had us falling off our chairs in laughter ...come dance with us again in Pismo!

Delbert McClinton sings "Heartbreak Radio" and we do west coast swing steps to Mike's new 64 count line dance with the same name.

It was a highlight for me to watch an after midnight impromtu duo between Eric and Wanda ...I immediately recognized the fast cha cha steps to his Perfect Love ...but her stylin' and added twirls made it seem at times that he was baby duckin' her ...the dance flowed from their boots ...but she won the contest hands down ...*smiles* Congrats to Eric for his choreography win for his new dance - Promises!

Chris is a great DJ ...he mixes oldies with the new, plays fast dances more then the slow ones ...dances with us ...and his new beginner dance - Some Hot Stuff has plenty of hip movements ...I was pretty distracted ...can't tell you the name of the music ...don't remember even some of the lyrics ...I think it might have been easy to pick up off the floor ...but I was enjoyin' Chris and Marshall gettin' into the dance ...grins.

...and I was happy Chris just picked up my right now favorite dance Shimmy Shack with us ...the awesome 64 count 'bang, bang bang on the door baby' "bridge" shook the dance floor ...and there was so much hooten' and singin' along with the B 52's while they sang "The Love Shack" ...I know why this dance has rocked OZ since March 97! ...Simon Ward and Justine Shuttleworth were probably still in their teens when they choreographed this unique dance ...we are ready for it!


1999 Line Dance Fun
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