The Bonanza Bash II Photos

Mike and Beth Sliter are enjoying the evening sitdown BBQ chicken buffet dinner ...lovely outdoor setting complete with white table cloths and red, white & blue flower arrangements and balloons ...a beautiful, warm summer evening in Southern California!

That's Not My Hat but I was lucky enough to borrow Bob's for this "If My Friends Could See Me Now" photo ...I go into Hysteria just thinkin' that readers might Take A Look at Picture Perfect dancers havin' Too Much Fun and one is shorter than the other!

We couldn't believe this 'country Hillbilly Hip Hop outfit' when Chris Kumre showed up at the evening dinner ...we later learned he was just 'in costume' for the entertainment show.
We were in awe when a full color guard from the US Marines opened our evening with the presentation of colors.
Chris, Wanda, the Girls With Attitude and the Wasnick Family all entertained us with dance did a group of cloggers.

...and then The Dance began ...some of us stayed til the 1 am curtain and still made it up in time to see the Sunday team competition ...congrats to all the dancin' Gilroy Girls ladies Rock!


1999 Line Dance Fun
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