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and don't forget the 2nd and 4th Friday Dances at the Y in Palo Alto

Evelyn & Bruce teach line dance in Palo Alto Lucy Stern Center - 1305 Middlefield Road
Evelyn & Bruce teach line dance at the Community Activities Building - Redwood City - 1400 Roosevelt Avenue.
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Evelyn Khinoo & Bruce Bowman
and don't forget the 2nd and 4th Friday Dances at the Y in Palo Alto

This is an addendum to the Attitude Update I sent you all yesterday,
Sunday, February 6, 2000.

Ernie Hutchinson will be a guest instructor at our Tuesday night classes
in Palo Alto, CA, tomorrow night, February 8. He will be teaching one
of his newest dances, "Canada Dry." (The older dance tomorrow will be
the Fireman.)

Corrections to my previous "Attitude Update I sent yesterday.

Lou Ann Schemmel's new dance will be taught in our Thursday night
classes on
March 23, 2000 in Redwood City, CA. The name of the dance is "Smooth
Santana," NOT "Smooth Santa." Good grief!!!!!

The 2nd Saturday dance is in Redwood City, CA not San Mateo, CA (for
those of you not in our area, these two cities are only about 8 miles
apart, but for the local dancers we want to make sure they go to the
right facility!)


In this issue:

I Special Announcements
II Class Schedules (Evelyn & Bruce)
III D.J. Schedules (Evelyn & Bruce)
IV Guest Instructing (Evelyn & Bruce)
V Events
VI Places to Dance
VII Web Sites


YWCA VALENTINE'S DANCE!! LINDA BEARD will be teaching her new
"Just A Sec," this Friday, February 11, 2000 at the YWCA Friday Dance in
Palo Alto, CA. Lesson is at 7:30 p.m., dance is from 8:00-11:00 p.m.
Bruce and Evelyn will be the D.J.'s that night. Be sure to get there by
7:30 p.m.! Bring some sweets if you wish (not mandatory!).

Bruce and Evelyn will be D.Jaying the COUNTRY QUICK STEPPERS
dance on
February 19, 2000. It will be at St. Timothy's on East 3rd Street in
San Mateo, CA. There is a workshop at 7:15 p.m. Hope to see you all
there! We'll have a smashin' good time!

II CLASS SCHEDULES: We have something for everyone! Palo Alto
include one older and one newer dance taught each Tuesday. Our Thursday
classes include beginner lessons, open dancing and intermediate/advanced
lessons. Both the Tuesday and Thursday classes permit folks to stay the
whole night for just one price!

TUESDAYS: Lucie Stern Center, 1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA.
Times are 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Feb. 15: older--Honky Tonk Twist (Max Perry); newer--Just Bob (C.
Feb. 22: older--Bocephus; newer--New Dance from Palm Springs Festival
Feb. 29: older--Black Dresses (M. Barr); newer--Begin the Beguine (C.
Mar. 7: older--Dancer's Choice (list of choices will be at the Feb. 29
newer--Jole Blon (H. McAdams)
Mar. 14: older--Jump Start (Evelyn Khinoo); newer--Dear John (Lisa
Mar. 21: older--Rodeo; newer--1,2,3, (Shellie Blake)

THURSDAYS: Community Activities Building, 1400 Roosevelt Avenue,
Redwood City, CA. Times are: Beginner lesson 7:00 p.m.; open dancing
8:10-8:20 p.m.; intermediate/advanced lesson 8:20-9:40 p.m.

Feb. 24: Beg.--Barroom Romeo (Doc Holiday); Interm--new dance from
Mar. 2: Beg.--Tush Push; Interm--Have Fun Go Mad (Scott Blevins)
Mar. 9: Beg.--Madly Off In All Directions; Interm--Spanish Eyes (Julie
Molkner, Ms. Peace Train, The Rose, Always)
Mar. 16: Beg.--All My X's; Interm--Smooth Santa (Lou Ann Schemmel)
Mar. 23: Beg.--mega review; Interm--Dancer's Choice (see list of
choices in class on Mar. 16)

III D.J. SCHEDULES (Evelyn & Bruce)

Feb. 11: YWCA Friday Dance, Palo Alto, CA
Feb. 19: Country Quick Steppers, San Mateo, CA
April 8: Country Hustlers, Danville Vets Hall, Danville, CA
May 19: Cactus Corners, Camp Parks
May 20: Quick Steppers Black & White Ball, San Mateo, CA
Sept. 9: Country Hsutlers, Danville Vets Hall; Danville, CA
Oct. 21: Country Quick Steppers Halloween Dance, San Mateo, CA
Dec. 2: Country Quick Steppers, San Mateo, CA


Mar. 11: 2nd Saturday Dance, San Mateo, CA
Mar. 18: Saturday, Dave's Dance Place, Hayward, CA
April 14-15: Red Hot Kickin' Country Festival, Ventura, CA
April 22: South Bay Country Dancers, San Jose, CA
May 4-5: Silver State Festival, Reno, NV
May 26-28: Bonanza Bash Festibal, Claremont, CA
June 3: Boots 'N Buckles All Day Workshop & Dance Social, Newark, CA
June 24: South Bay Country Dancers, San Jose, CA
July 8: 2nd Saturday Dance, San Mateo, CA
Aug. 12: Country Hustlers--Danville Goes Country All Day Workshop,
Danville, CA
Aug. 18: Boots 'N Buckles, Swiss Park, Newark, CA
Sept. 15-16: Pismo Beach Western Days, Pismo Beach, CA
Nov. 17: Boots 'N Buckles, Swiss Park, Newark, CA
Dec. 15: Boots 'N Buckles, Swiss Park, Newark, CA

V EVENTS coming up, some of which we may be attending

Mar. 3-5: Team Challenge, Sacramento, CA
Mar. 4-5: Mother Lode Dance Festival, Sonora, CA
Mar. 10-12: Riverside 2000 Festival, Riverside, CA
Mar. 25: Boogie 'Til The Cows Come Home, Corning, CA
Apr. 14-15: Red Hot Kickin' Country, Ventura, CA
May 5-6: Silver State, Reno, Nevada
May 26-28: Bonanza Bash, Claremont, CA
May 26-28: Cowichan Goes Country, Canada
June 3: Boots & Buckles annual all day workshop, Newark, CA
August 12: Danville Goes Country, Danville, CA
Sept. 15-17: Pismo Beach Western Days Festival, Pismo Beach, CA
Nov. 17-19: Desert Sands Festival, Las Vegas, NV

VI PLACES TO DANCE (our local area)

YWCA--2nd and 4th Fridays, Palo Alto, CA
South County Dancers--1st and 3rd Fridays, San Martin, CA
Swiss Park--every Friday, Newark, CA
Moose Lodge--every Friday, San Bruno
Camp Parks--1st and 3rd Fridays
Cowboy Country Club--every Saturday, Pleasanton, CA
Country Quick Steppers--1st and 3rd (& 5th) Saturdays, San Mateo, CA
South Bay Country Dancers--2nd and 4th Saturdays, San Jose, CA
2nd Saturday Dance--2nd Saturdays, San Mateo, CA
Lind Hall--every Sunday, Belmont, CA


www.linedancefun.com (Doris Volz)
www.westcoastcountry.com (Bonnie Reitter)

See you all on the dance floor!

Evelyn Khinoo & Bruce Bowman
Country Attitude Productions
1008 Almanor Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025 U.S.A.
(650) 325-6913
(650) 325-6911 fax

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