The Desert Sands Photos

...and Michele Burton, Michele Perron, Michael Barr, Evelyn Khinoo and Charlotte Skeeters were glad they attended the '98 Desert Sands Festival in Las Vegas, NV


...and Mr. Music Man...our own San Francisco Bay Area DJ....Mr. Neil Hale with USA's own International super star instructor/choreographer/judge....Ms. Dizzy herself....Jo Thompson. Jo taught many workshops here at this event....including: The Bomb (Jo Thompson), Cinco De Mayo (Jo Thompson & Alan Livett) and Close Encounters Mixer (June Crystal Lewis).

...and Ernie and Carmel Hutchinson (Pony Shuffle, Hesitation Waltz & Tequila Time) with Bob and Darlene Clark.

...our own San Francisco Bay Area International Super Star instructors/choreographers...Mr. Mike Sliter (San Antone Rose) with Charlotte Skeeters (Huey Lewie) and Evelyn Khinoo ( That's My Hat) you can see....Charlotte and Ev have envelopes in hand...choreographers are always giving them dance sheets to "take a look" for their Bay Area classes....but not, Mike...Beth is the official dance sheet collector for classes taught at their Dancin' Out West weekly lessons ...


1998 Line Dance Fun
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