New South Wales, Australia
February, 2000


and we thought California had scenery! Imagine everything you love about our home state and then take away the traffic, the smog, and 99% of the peoples ...and Voilą be in Australia.

Illawarra Country Bootscooters ...home dance club to Simon Ward holds their Wednesday night class and open line dancing at the Yallah Woolshed ...10 minutes south of Wollongong. Charlotte Skeeters was the guest instructor here the first Wednesday in February at Tom Glover's class ...she taught her Fill My Life to the 98+ mixed aged group of dancers and instructors that filled the floor. I was filled with awe as Tom called up to the stage all the club members who participated in the competitions at Tamworth ...Maddison Glover is the youngest ...she is 5, but Simon tells us she was doin' a perfect Hot Tamales at age 18 months!

Some of the choreography I noticed in open dancin' were: Por Ti Sere (Jo Thompson), Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll (Hillbilly Rick), Open Arms (Ward, Gonzalez & Snyder), Black and White Cha Cha (Terry Hogan), Head Over Heals (Justine Shuttleworth), Fudge It (Simon Ward), Rock This Planet (Carl Sullivan), Hey Bruce (Michael Barr), Pot of Gold (Liam Hrycan), and The Rose (Julie Molkner). Tom Glover's (Horizonal Desire) was the newest dance recommended to me as being the next new hit ...and Terry Hogan's (Me Too) was the oldie dance that I saw being done at every single dance floor I visited while in OZ.

Terry dropped us off at the Brisbane Airport ...We arrived into Sydney. This is not our exact Qantas plane ...I took the shot from my hotel room at the Sydney Hilton.

We only expected Simon to greet us ...but Roxy and Chris were in Sydney so they came along to surprise us we went for a light lunch. (Simon warned Charlotte and me not to eat 'big' cause his Nan was doin' some home cookin' for us that evening. Violet prepared a huge roasted lamb & veggie dinner, complete with mint sauce first time to eat this type Aussie meal was fabulous and we totally stuffed ourselves ...couldn't even finish the desert cheesecake!)

I marveled at the beauty of the Darling Harbour ...I love skyscrappers and tall ships ...Simon waited until a really cute girl came walkin' by ...she was happy to take our photo.

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