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New Additions
What Ever
Michael Barr

Sweet Nothin's
Gina Melo

Charlotte Skeeters

You & Me
Carmel Hutchinson

Wasn't That A Party
Ernie Hutchinson

Remember My Name
Pati Fall

Noel Castle

Hillbilly Rock/ Hillbilly Roll
Rob/Lorraine Gent

1999 dances
Cajun Girls & Gumbo


Husbands and Wives


1998 dances



Bad Billy Jump

Back Seat Boogie

Blue Train

Brown-Eyed Girl

Byrd Country

Count Me In

Cuban Heels


Don't Be Stupid

Down Home

Every Step You Take

Funky Farmer

Get Over It

Give It Up

Got To Be Funky

Hallelujah Junction

Hillbilly Hip Hop

Honky Tonk

How Does It Start?

Huey Lewie

I See It Now


Madly Off In All Directions

Mama's Lil' Baby


Me Too

Out Of The Blue

Peace Train

Picture Perfect

Pony Shuffle

Reaching Out

Red Hot Salsa

Razor Sharp

Road House Inn

Rum & Coca Cola

San Antone Rose

Second Thoughts

Senorita Sway

Shouldn't Be Doin' This

Southern Streamline

Strait Cha Cha

Sweet Temptation

Switchblade USA

Tequila Time


That's My Hat

Too Much Fun


1997 dances
Alligator Shoes

Along For The Ride

Black Coffee


Desert Sands Cha Cha

Fat Sally Lee

Hesitation Waltz

Hey Bruce

how sweet it is

Hurricane (T&G)

Lazy 8 Waltz

Looking Glass

Lonesome Blues

No Thanks, I'll Walk

Off To The Races

Pencil Thin Mustache


Roll Of The Dice

Ribbon Of Highway

Running Bear


Take A Look

Vanilla TwirL

Whatcha' Gonna Do

What's The Hurry

1996 dances
A Waltz In Time


Cherokee Boogie

Dancin' With You

Diamonds Are Forever

Fat Sally Lee

Love Letters


One Cherokee Boogie

Prairie Strut

TTS Boogie

Whiskey Brush

Bay Area classics
Ain't Goin' Nowhere


Bar Room Romeo

Black Dresses

Cha Cha Lengua

Claxton Stomp & Go

Cowboy (The)

Cowgirls' Twist


Fly Like A Bird

Hot Tamales

Linda Lu

Maverick Waltz

Mustang Sally

Norma Jean


Prancing Pony

Silk & Satin

Smokey Places

Swing Time Boogie

Wild, Wild West Boogie

Younger Men

Zydeco Lady

  Welcome to my linedance world!

Michele and I just want to thank all of the dancers that came to our event 'Boogie Til The Cows Come Home' and for their wonderful support. It is just that simple - THANK YOU ALL!!!!! -MB

Congrats to Michael Barr and Michele Burton ..San Francisco Bay Area's M&Ms on a very successful event they hosted in Coring, CA ...Boogie Til' The Cows Come Home ...

Many dancers from the East Bay, Marin, Country Quick Steppers and Michael Barr's classes were in Corning, CA at the 'Boogie Til The Cows Come Home' on Saturday ...we recognized & met them in the long line to check in at the downtown Corning Best Western! There were 30+ Bay Area dancers, at least 40 couple dancers, and the other 100 dancers ...were from the area and did not have to drive 3+ hours to be here at 1pm to Boogie at this event!

Michael Barr premiered his new beginner dance ...done to "That Don't impress Me Much" by Shania Twain ...He calls it WhatEver. Lucky for us he was able to teach on a stage ...the wooden dance floor was so crowded we would not have seen his boots!

Michele taught her new Bay Area hit ...her waltz ...I See It Now.

Together they taught their winning partner mixer dance ...Poor Boy Shuffle.

Everyone was seated at tables in the same air-conditioned hall; one lesson was given to all dancers with open dancin' before the next lesson; both line and partner pattern dances were taught; lasagna dinner was served quickly; and champion line dancers provided us with 30 minutes of entertainment while we digested. Everyone dressed for the big dance ...

Ms. Charlotte was here ...she turbo taught some us her new Voilą in the lobby so we could help her demo her dance ...she does the "sways" perfectly ...the rest of us need practice on our timing!

Mike & Beth Sliter were also here ...the whole hall was filled when his Cajun Girls & Gumbo was called.

The Hutchinsons were also here ...I got to see their winning dances ...You & Me and Wasn't That A Party.. (In case you are wondering which dance the Hutchinsons will be teaching at South Bay on Saturday ..."probably Carmel's You & Me" ....that's what Ernie said!)

Many smilin' faces were still on the dance floor for the "Happy Trails" at 11pm ...I had a perfect time ...with everything happenin' in the same room ...I didn't miss a dance ...and got to have conversations to catch up on everyone's news when the couples had their turn on the floor...and was thoroughly entertained watchin' the "bulls" perform when the partner pattern dance ...Bull Shift was taught! Line Dance Heaven ...it even exists when 20+ couples share your space!

  ŠE newsn Francisco Ba

It is too much fun to have this website ...I get the greatest email ...this week's was especially fun!

Terry is packing for a workshop weekend at Lake Cooroibah resort ... a 2 hour drive north of Brisbane ...near Noosa. He says it reminds him of Hawaii as there are a lot of sugar cane fields and pineapple farms that you drive by. He plans to teach Mike Sliter's Cajun Girls and Gumbo and Carmel Hutchinson's You & Me.

Zen Loy is a dancer from Sydney who takes lessons from Noel Brady & Michael Vera-Lobos. I met him and his wife Soo at the Newcastle Festival ...he has been reading my chat about the Strictly Linedance dancers and sends regards to Noel and Michael and says Kerry (of Kerry's Waltz) is doin' a fine job teaching their Wednesday class in their absence.

MB wrote to say ...we were exposed to people who look just like us, use many of the same words and have a love for line dancing. The one big difference is what Aussies think beginner dances are vs what we think they are:>) Noel Brady first taught us a 32 count beginner dance called, Beat the Drum. This was a major challenge for the beginner class.

Michael Vera-Lobos proceeded to teach the intermediate class his Into the Arena. This dance gave us all a challenge but we got a handle on it. The 64 counts tests your memory a bit as well.
I was so happy these friends came and shared their talents. It was such a great education ...a night to remember.

Joann and Lew Griffin Torrance, CA wrote ...we do appreciate the efforts of all of the choreographers and instructors.

The article on your Web page regarding "every dance is a memory" was great. We too share these very pleasant experiences - learning a dance at Pismo standing next to a very good dancer who turned out to be Evelyn Khinoo.

Seeing Michael for the first time when he taught "Backroads" to over fifty dancers in a room that was made for about twenty - what togetherness.

Watching Maggie Green teach while wearing bedroom slippers ...and trying to learn "Shipwrecked" from Hedy who made it look so easy while we were "sinking". We could go on and on and the memories would keep on flowing.
We could also add another pleasant memory when we first met you (2 years ago in Pismo) and found out about your Web site which we have used many times. (
Just in case your memory of me ...included me sittin' next to a tall, good looking cowboy while laughin', jokin', and head boppin' while we be sharing the same drink cooler ...I love him dearly, but he actually belongs to Beth Sliter.)

Sal was teachin' at the Riverside Festival this past weekend and he wrote ...We have a new dance. Yes, "WE" Simon from down under, Jackie from Riverside, and ME. It's call "OPEN ARMS"by Collin Rayne super song, a waltz.
Sal promises to send us a copy next week after he writes the step sheet...just in case ...I am publishing his email address and you all can help me nag! Click to E Mr. Salvador Gonzalez)

Brian wrote ...Hope everything is going well with you and you are still dancing up a storm.
...are you going to come up to our part of the world for Cowichan Goes Country on Memorial Day weekend?
...Michele has an e-mail address: smokeyplaces@hotmail.com, should you need to reach her.
I can't fit Cowichan Goes Country into my schedule this year but Michele Perron will also be teaching at our Golden Gate Classic this October 9-10. It is great news we can now E Michele)

Mr. Dangerous wrote ...it looks like I will be attending the Silver State Festival ...my first visit to Reno.
...my brain isn't functioning yet (jet lag) since I just flew back from a three-week tour of England.
...I'm also looking forward to visiting California later this year...can't wait to see you again, perhaps you'll take some more good photos to post on your website! --John
(John Robinson will also be teaching at our Golden Gate Classic this October 9-10. It is great news we can now E John)

Bruce Bowman/Evelyn Khinoo's Redwood City Class

The intermediate dancers were in line dance heaven after Evelyn Khinoo finished the teach for Ian St Leon's Tamworth dance...Unbelievable! It is a 4 wall, 64 count intermediate/advanced dance done to "Unbelievable" by Diamond Rio.

Remember when the Aussie's came 2 years ago and Australian instructor Rozanne Wild taught us Fat Sally Lee (Arthur Smith) in Charlotte's class ...if you liked Fat Sally Lee; you will love Unbelievable! It is no faster than the turbo MMM-Bop (Kelly Kaylin). If you don't get winded doin' Back Seat Boogie (Noel Castle), did I forget to say Ian's dance is fast? GH you were so right!

It has been a very long time since I have heard so many positive chat remarks from dancers after learning a brand new dance ...no whines, just smiles and isn't that dance awesome! Now we see why the Sydney dancers love it ...it flows so well you don't even have to think "what comes next?" I can't wait to learn the lyrics! We will be doin' it at the Y Friday; It will be on the request list.

Bruce Bowman & Evelyn Khinoo's class

Noel Brady & Michael Vera-Lobos, two of Australia's most popular choreographers/instructors taught 3 dances at the Lucy Stern Center in Palo Alto Tuesday night. Michael taught his Into The Arena and Kerry's Waltz. Noel taught his Hysteria. You can find these step sheets on Michael Vera-Lobos and Noel Bradey's Strictly Linedance Website.

I had the chance to talk with the group of dancers (30 years +) on tour with them. Most are from Sydney and take classes from Noel and Michael. Some were team competition dancers who competed and won at the '98 Newcastle Festival. They described their fancy black and white striped 'costumes'; I remembered.

Of course I asked favorite dance right now?...Unbelievable (Ian St Leon) and all 13 of them demo'd it for us! These Sydney dancers truly are precison, advanced linedancers who enjoy fast, intermediate/advanced dances. I hated to be the one to burst their bubble, but I had to tell them the only class I have ever seen that they would be challenged in ...Terry Hogan's Monday night. We USA line dancers just aren't on the same level, but we be in the same age groups!

They danced Hey Bruce with us, tried to pick up That's My Hat from the dance floor, recognized Alligator Shoes as Terry Hogan's dance, and most were 'over' dancin' Titanic. Simon Ward choreographed the dance May '98, they learned it in June ...I learned it in July and Evelyn Khinoo taught it to us in the Bay Area in August. Simon taught it again to us in October ...I'm not 'over' it just yet!

I was flabbergasted to know that they really do think Terry Hogan writes "easy" dances!! ...and we always thought Terry was kiddin' when he started his teach to us with ..."this is a relatively easy little dance from Down-Under."

Congrats to Michael Barr and Michele Burton ..San Francisco Bay Area's M&Ms back from the mid-west. Two snow storms in 5 days. THEY LOVE CALIFORNIA!!!!!

Dance Team Showdown,
Ft. Wayne, Indiana
March 5-7, 1999

Duo's Competition- 1st Place:
Michael Barr & Michele Burton, California

Their winning duo routine was choreographed by Michele Burton and Simon Ward for the '98 Golden Gate Classic here in the Bay Area. The routine is danced to
Thank You Baby by Delbert McClinton, Younger Men by K.T. Oslin, and Save A Prayer by The Mavericks.

Partner Pair Original Choreography - 1st. Place:
Michael Barr & Michele Burton, California

The winning partner mixer dance ...Poor Boy Shuffle Mixer ...will be premiered here in California at the
Boogie Til the Cows Come Home event in Corning on the 20th of March and at Michael's classes on the 30th & 31st of March.

Original Choreography: out of 61 entries
5th place went to
Hallelujah Junction by Michele Burton, California

(The winner was Judy McDonald from the
Toronto area for her dance, After Midnight.)


The dances are scanned copies of the choreographer's signed step description sheets in .pdf format. The only reason I decided to author this web site was my ability to get the exact original step description sheet on the World Wide Web and the fact that the Acrobat Reader is free and easily accessible on the Adobe Web site. If you don't already have Acrobat Reader on your computer; you do need to download it before you can print the highlighted dances.

This website is my personal hobby. The opinions expressd are mine. The frequent changes to "the look" ...because I will forget how HTML works, if I don't practice. Thanks to all of you who have noticed my mouse glitter!

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Doris Volz, San Francisco Bay Area