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Nevermind ...situation solved; C U on the dance floor! D!

Michele, Simon, Charlotte, & Knox ...They will be at the Golden Gate Classic

Klamath Falls, Oregon

The Monday afternoon carpool drive back from Oregon to the San Francisco Bay Area included a drive over the upper deck of the Bay Bridge ...We were up close and personal with the Skyline and nearly came eyeball to eyeball with the workers in the Pyramid building ...

The Cascade Country Classic event organizers are Don and Fern Steers & The Belles and Beaus Dance Team ...This event, held at the Bum Steer Dance Palace & the Klamath Country Fairgrounds a low key "welcome back to the farm theme" experience. A very fun, relaxing event for those of us used to the hustle & bustle of our city life.

Michael Barr (with help from his Michele) was our Event DJ ...Friday night we danced til Midnight under the stars ...with the hot, and sometimes cool August breeze to our backs. The dance floor was circled by hay bales ...yep, straw ended up on everyone's bum and into some of our glasses! The Bull Shifts was the get aquainted mixer ...Michele Burton did a giggly job of calling out the directions ...but she looked beautiful decked out in her white cowboy hat while doing it!

Many dancers stayed up til the wee hours of the morning "catching up with each other" but we still made the first workshops Saturday morning (3 line dance and 1 couples workshop were scheduled simultaneously)

...Charlotte Skeeters taught the aerobic Be My Guest (Skeeters/Thompson) to an alert crowd! Charlotte also taught workshops on Por Ti Sere (Jo Thompson) (You can find this dance on Don Deyne's Information Super Dance Floor) and she had time to slip in ... Fill My Life (Charlotte Skeeters) a brand new 32 count easy intermediate 2 step/swing dance done to "Fill My Life" by the Limeliters ...we die hard dancers got a real workout when she turned on the turbo music for this dance ..."Wabash Cannonball" by Groovegrass 101! It will be here ASAP.

Michele Burton taught Saturday Matinee (Evelyn Khinoo) ...some of us dancers are still weak on the timing ...coming out of that "cowboy heel slide" ...but I will get it! She also taught a workshop on her new two step dance ...called That's All She Wrote.

Michael Barr taught workshops on his newest hit dance, What's Your Name and After Midnight (Judy McDonald). MB had time to show us the hip hop variations that we use to "spice" up the first 8 counts of this dance and we all appreciated the extra effort he put into showing us his dance and "hip techniques" ...

Our International Treasure, Knox Rhine, taught workshops in his Don't Think Twice (You can find this dance on Knox's Home Page) and Jive Walkin' (John Robinson) (You can find this dance on Don Deyne's Information Super Dance Floor).and the New Zealand hit dance Coconut Cream (Debbie Wilson Masterson). (You can find this dance on Knox's Home Page.).

Knox and his lovely wife Bette delighted the audiance with a couple's version of his hit line dance The Riv (You can find this dance on Knox's Home Page.).at the Saturday night dance.

Diane Montgomery taught Neil Hale's Storybook Endings and John Robinson's 747 Chicago Shuffle.

Simon Ward, fresh off the plane from Sydney, entertained the dancers in his workshops with his accent and his quaint way with syllables and his mix of terminology! He taught his God Bless The Child and his Little Bit Of Love. All weekend, Simon dazzled us with his syling, humor, and of course the demos of his professionally choreographed award winning champship solo "comp" line dances. He won our hearts as he bravely tackled and then gently soothed the squealing piglet in the "Greased" Pig contest.

Highlights of the Event

Michael is not only a DJ, but also our dancin' teacher. He is a bit (grins) older than Mr. Ward ...but on the dance floor wouldn't know it! Simon was picking up Neil Hale's Whole Lotta Peppas on the dance floor from Michael was like seeing a performance in duo's ...only one dancer was a teensy bit behind in the steps ...Ricky Martin seems to go on forever singing his The Cup Of Life song ...Simon must have lost a Stone, plus a Pebble with all the dancin' he did this weekend!

Saturday night entertainment included a presentation of the colors, dancin' demonstrations, singing from the heart and a discourse from Don.

Some of us tend to withdraw when we feel down, ... but A smile, A hug, A conversation and even making new friends can be what is best at a difficult time ...We are all truly blessed by each dancer who has come to join our world country/western dance community!

Don Speers is critically ill. He and Fern and his family are at peace with his new, normal life. Knowing that you are young and living in the Winter of your years is not something most of us will ever know ...Don got the chance to say at this event what so many of us will never experience ...the time to say I Love You, I Thank You, I Forgive You, and Goodbye.

I have attended many line dance festivals in the past 3 years, ...Cascade Country Classic was the most inspirational & spiritual. If we were put on this planet to serve each other and to bring comfort to those in need ...then this event truly blended our spirits and spoke to our souls.

Doris Volz, San Francisco Bay Area
©August, 1999.

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Evelyn Khinoo That's My Hat
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