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1999 Pismo Beach Western Days - Photo Page ....

Simon Ward from Australia won 1st place in new line dance choreography at this event with his newest dance Phone-A-Phobia ... a 2 wall, 48 count intermediate dance done to Why Haven't I Heard From You by Reba McEntire. There is an obvious place in the music where the dance restarts.

Simon is not only a talented choreographer and instructor, he is also a champion line dancer ... to watch him perform in the competiton and at our socials is to see a dancer who loves to feel the music. It is a joy to see such a young person be all that he can be!

Simon, along with Chris Kumre were the MC's for the Sunday Afternoon Competition and Awards. We greatly enjoyed listenin' to his accent and to his humor!

...and this would be another talented choreographer/instructor young Dude... Rob Ingenthron is a champion line dancer and an instructor on the cuttin' edge. He calls the San Francisco Bay Area home but travels the States extensively. His boots are seen havin' too much fun on the happenin' dance floors of the World ... he showed us Mambo # 5 ...the world hit by Machado & Lee and the dancers loved it so much that he was asked to teach it to the crowd after the official end of this event.

Chris Kumre and Me with our Dance jackets on...

...and the DJs make the difference. This year at Pismo Chris Kumre, along with John Burton, played the request lists for the evening socials. Both are champion dancers; Chris knows all the newer dances. My opinon is a good DJ is also a dancer is impossible for a dancer to NOT dance. Therefore a dancin' DJ can split the floor, recognize the level of dancers currently on the floor, and even dance the dance. Chris always recognizes the choreographers when he plays their dance for us. John will again help Chris out when they DJ for us at the Golden Gate Classic come the weekend of October 8-10th.


This would be Marquez ...yet another young champion dancin' Dude who competed and won 1st place in Duos with Nicola. I happened to catch him on the dance floor right after Simon Ward's Phone-A-Phobia dance workshop. He was in the back row and believe me ...he had the dance down so fine ...that I left the floor just to watch. Ms Evelyn Khinoo is a cuttin' edge instructor/choreographer in the Bay Area who choreographed the 4th place winnin' dance ...Saturday Matinee. She was also on the dance floor to learn Simon's newest creation.

Ernie Hutchinson taught his newest 4 wall, 32 count line dance ...The Darlene to us at Pismo this year ...the floor was packed with smiling dancers (including Beth Sliter and Darlene's husband Bob) who were thrilled to be at the premiere of the dance dedicated to Darlene Clark of the Danville Country Hustlers, Supporter Extraordinaire of country Western Dancing.


1999 Line Dance Fun
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