1999 Pismo Beach Western Days - Photo Page cont...

and the sun came out right as we were fixin' to leave the event. So...Simon, Evelyn ....anything excitin' happen lately? We will see them again in workshops ...come October at the GGC.

...and this would be a gathering of talented choreographer/instructor Dudes... Mr. Count Me In, Mr. Titantic and Mr. Cajun Girls and Gumbo on the patio of Whaler's Inn in Pismo Beach, CA. Chris, Simon, and Mike will be instructing at the Golden Gate Classic.


This would be Ernie and Carmel Hutchinson ...otherwise known as Mr. & Mrs. Husbands and Wives ...talkin' to Mike Sliter ...also known as Mr. Heartbreak Hotel. Carmel taught her new C'est La Vie to us here in Pismo. They will be instructing at the GGC.

This would be M & MB otherwise known to us as the Boogie Til The Cows Come Home instructors. They did both line and couples dance workshops here at Pismo.

Congrats to Michele Burton for her 5th place win in new choreography for her 2 step line dance ...That's All She Wrote

and Congrats also to Michael Barr for placing number 3 with his new Listen (to your woman) line dance. M & MB will be teaching at GGC.

Donna Wasnick, along with Sal Gonzalez and her daughter KatieAnn, choregraphed the new intermediate dance Havana taught at Pismo ...done to the music of the same name ... by Mr. Kenny G. She will also be at the Golden Gate.

Donna is standing next to Ms. Golden Gate Classic herself ....'Ms Skeeeeters, My American Mum' as Simon says. Congrats to Charlotte Skeeters for her 2nd place winning choreography ...Fill My Life.


1999 Line Dance Fun
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