Tamworth 1999 ...
photos by George Hall

So...Ian....anything excitin' happen to you lately?

Ian St. Leon teaching his new dance...
UNBELIEVEABLE (the new Diamond Rio version). "This ain't no JAMBALAYA --
it's a booger, fast and hard, but very hot. Great new dance that was one of the big hits of the festival..."GH
George is bringing back the sheet...and we hope that Jamie will teach it immediately!

...and this would be St. Patricks Church Hall in Tamworth. Sal Gonzalez is teaching his dance Byrd Country done to "I'm From The Country (and I Like That Way)" by Tracy Byrd.
Sal also taught the Aussies some couple dancin'steps....the Texas Two Step, Nightclub Two Step, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing.


...and the good guys in the white hats...
Mr. Ooh! Aah! with Instructor, Julie Talbot and
Gary Talbot at their venue in Wentworth. Gary is the Managing Editor of Country Goss' ...Australia's National Country Dance & Music Publication. George didn't say what dances Sal was a teachin' but by the looks of the smilin' faces....they enjoyed Dancin' With You ...Mr. Gonzalez!

Sal and I saw this lady dancing at Julie's,
and we both gasped, "Heavens to Betsy! Ms Doris is here!" (Especially when viewed from the back -- trust us). Even her name is close:
Dorelle Dunn.
I'm flabbergasted!...maybe we can meet!


1999 Line Dance Fun
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