-Golden Gate Classic Photos-

Best Friends ...the young and younger! So... Neil ...You have 3 hit dances on the San Francisco Bay Area dance floors right now ...You got back your bullets, the kids from OZ ...Justine and Simon ...can they have a turn?

The first 'ballroom' teach at the GGC ...Evelyn Khinoo (Ms. That's My Hat ...without her hat) taught Mambo #5 to a packed floor ...the tag movements in this dance are way too much fun! ...WE WISH they were way too easy to learn!


Best Friends ...Ms. I See It Now congratulating Mr. All-Right-A ...Michael Barr's What's Your Name is not only a number One winner in Mill Bay British Columbia, Canada ...it also placed number 1 at the GGC. Michele Burton and Michael Barr each won a first place in their divisions by preforming the line dance Sweet Temptation (Terry Hogan).

Best Friends and dancin' mates! Terry Hogan is Justine Shuttleworth's dancin' teacher. They are here from Brisbane, Australia and are the first place winners in the '99 GGC Duo Competition. Although, they are each busy as instructor and choreographer, in their spare time ... they dance ...in all the famous dance halls of the WORLD!

Best Friends from opposite sides of the World. This would be Simon Ward from Sydney and Rob Ingentron from Sunnyvale ...all hot and sweaty just off the ballroom dance floor from preforming their DUO 'turbo dance act'...which received a thunderous, screaming, standing ovation! They placed second in the '99 GGC DUO competition. They dance in all the famous dance halls of the World ...God Bless The Child in Simy and Rob I!!!!

Best Friends and related even . .. Michele Burton and Lorraine Kurtela at the awards ceremony... Lorriane won overall in her division and Michele be proud of her Mum!


1999 Line Dance Fun
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