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-Golden Gate Classic Photos-

Best Friends - I couldn't believe my good fortune in capturing God's sunshine rays shining on our adopted Dancin' Dude from the Sunshine State of Queensland! Terry Hogan and Michael Barr are best friends and two dancin' teachers who are so alike in their dancin' styles!

...and the first 'ever' teach ...Michael Barr is outfitting Michelle Van Beekom with her microphone so we can hear her teach us Blue Hawaii ...if Michelle was nervous ...we couldn't tell, her demo was flawless. No one would have known ...if Charlotte hadn't been fussin' around tryin' to be of helpful assistance during the teach ...that Michelle is the grand daughter of a very famous line dancer!


Best Friends ...Ms. Madly Off In All Directions congratulating Mr. Whole Lotta Peppas. Neil Hale's Whole Lotta Peppas, Give Me Back My Bullets and his Storybook Endings are also seen on the dance floors in Michele's home state, British Columbia, Canada. Michele Perron taught her choreography ...D.N.T.O. , Terracotta, Van Go, Jive at Five, and That Time of The Night during her stay here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Best Friends ...wide-eyed and bushy tailed Chris Kumre and straight faced & observantly organized John Burton were our fabulous younger men Event DJ's. They also dance with us and listen to our whines. The request lists were always full! We had many dancers from out of country, including 27+ intermediate dancers from OZ and a dozen or so from Japan is hard to enough to please The Bay Area Dancers ...IMHO, they read the dance floor perfectly!

This would be Best Friends in public melt down...Charlotte & Evelyn are at the end of their hectic Saturday, but you would hardly know it! Ev got up early Saturday Morning after stayin' up to dance into the wee hours of the morning, She arrived in time for the early hour judge's meeting and then judged the line dance competition which ended at 1:30ish, she then taught a 2 pm workshop ...Mambo #5 which had X, Y and ish in it...then taught a 4 pm workshop, her Saturday Matinee...then danced til After Midnight...

Charlotte on the other hand on permanent melt down! It takes everything you have and then some to put on a great, well organized Event year after year. Congrats goes out to everyone involved with the GGC, and especially to Charlotte!




1999 Line Dance Fun
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