The Boots 'n' Buckles Photos

The San Francisco Bay Area Song and Dance Choreograhers ...Mr. Gimme Back My Bullets, Ms. Brown-Eyed Girl, Mr. Some Hot Stuff, and Ms. Voilà

The San Francisco Bay Area Best Friends: Ms. You & Me, Ms. If My Friends Could See Me Now, Mr. Heartbreak Radio, ME, and Mr. Wasn't That A Party ..."we take our puppies everywhere" ...I just love singin' while I dance ...we sure had a party that night!

Lorraine Kurtela (Ms. Funky Farmer) is showing Ms. Mama's Lil' Baby (Charlotte Skeeters) that her Grasshopper was published in the April issue of The Heart Of Country News ...a bootscooters Bible from Victoria, Australia


ª1999 Line Dance Fun
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