The Boots 'n' Buckles Photos

Sal takes time out to glance at the article written in The Heart Of Country News about his recent tour to OZ ...he was teaching (Tamworth Taillights) at Tamworth '99 and will return for Tamworth 2000.
Bay Area dancers/instructors will be attending The
Fresh Fruit and Dance Festival at Reedley College with Sal Gonzalez on June 25-27.

Mr. Hey Bruce and Mr. Cajun Girls & Gumbo were exchanging step sheets when I interrupted ...they weren't teaching at this event ...they were just here to dance and party ...what a line dancin' family reunion!

These talented choreographers don't often get to spend free time together ...let me introduce you to Mr. What's Your Name and then she says O, I'm Ms. I See It Now, and then he says well, How Does It Start?, and then she speaks up, wouldn't it be Better ThiSway and the end guy says "no" we only have Storybook Endings in our line dance community ..and they danced happily ever after until nearly midnight.


1999 Line Dance Fun
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