Charlotte Skeeters Choreography

Reaching Out
Huey Lewie
Ranger Doug
Looking Glass
Pencil Thin Mustache
Moving On Up
Dig That Sound
Too Hip, Gotta' Go
Jungle Jam
Charlotte's Cha Cha
Darlin' (a Tribute
Mama's Lil' Baby
Reaching Out
Dum Dum-A-Diddly Dum
Line Of Pearls
Be My Guest
Fill My Life
Begin The Beguine

Instructor/Choreographer/Competitor and
Event Director "Golden Gate Classic" Dance Festival

New Class Format 2000:
Because we are all getting a bit overwhelmed with all the new dances, I've decided not to teach 2 *NEW* dances on the same night. If there is an additional dance scheduled, it will be a "Do Again" that has been re-requested or one that may need a refresher course.
I'm hoping this will help keep some of the fun new ones around awhile!

I am going to Australia at the end of January, returning on Feb. 7th. My friends Mike Sliter and Connie Silva, both experienced teachers, have agreed to cover my classes while I'm away. Please come out and support them!

January 2000 - Swiss Park Dance Hall
3 "Begin The Beguine" (2nd time)
- Post Holiday Review -
10 "Syncopated Rhythm"
"Baila Este Noche" (2nd time)
17 "Larger Than Life"
Guest Instructor next 2 Mon: MIKE SLITER
24 "Roll Of The Dice"
"That Night In Tennessee"
31 "Living Together"

5 "Be My Guest" (2nd time)
- Post Holiday Review -
12 "Coconut Cream"
"Waltzing Matilda" (Do again)
19 "That Night In Tennessee"
"Jambalaya" (Do again)
Guest Instructor next 2 Wed: CONNIE SILVA
26 "Canned Heat"
"Rydell Shuffle"

Charlotte Skeeters (daytime) (evenings & weekends)
tel (925)462-6572, fax (925)462-0130

Just a few weeks before my departure for Europe, I was asked by some of my students about the details of my upcoming trip. I mentioned that after England and Scotland, the last leg of the tour would included going to Paris to teach and judge at the First Country Western French Championships...that's all it took for Judi Grater, Ruth and Mike Baratta to decide that they wanted to go also.

It really worked out great for me....JUDI was my walking around Paris buddy, RUTH was the only one among us that spoke any kind of understandable French and MIKE was the expert on everything to do and see in Paris (he put in a lot of hours reading up on the what/where/how/when history details of Paris). When I'd ask "I wonder what that is", etc, ...Mike had the answer. And they all helped me demonstrate the dances for the classes, which was a must as many students did not speak English.

I had first meet Robert Wanstreet (Event Dir.), Brigitte Zerah (who let me sleep in her parlour and ran us all over Paris) and Maureen Jessop (always there to translate and help out) about 6 years ago while in Paris. I did a few workshops for them back then and it was wonderful to return to such a beautiful part of the world. Now only if I could keep my promise and learn to speak the language, it would be perfect!

We all had a wonderful time, everyone involved with the FCWFC was extremely helpful, warm and friendly. Also very kind in their attempts to understand our very poor French (except for Ruth of course). I'm not mentioning any names here because I'm sure I would leave someone out....there were just to many to remember that helped us in many many ways throughout the weekend ...And the perfect ending was arranged by our hosts and staff members. We (and other Americans who were on staff, one of which was Pedro Machado) were taken to "Crêperie du Mannoir Brenton", one of the best crêperie's in Paris.
I now know what a real french crêpe is supposed to taste like, unforgetable.

The UK leg:

The 8 days I spent in England, before Chunneling to France, were loaded with lots of fun teaching gigs and adventures, thanks to Ambrose Donohue and Jill Thompson, who not only put me up but also set up my workshop venues and ran me all over the country. One of the gigs was with "Heroes & Villains", a great group of dancers in Cheltenham.

The non dance related trips were to the "Cotswolds", visiting several authentic English Pubs..."The Old Bull Coaching Inn" in Burford, Oxfordshire, the "George & Dragon" in Watton-At-Stone, the "Pittville Pump Room" in
Cheltenham and to top it off, 2 of Jills students who own the "The Dragon", rolled out the red carpet for us. The English beer is wonderful! Food's getting better too...grins!

On my 3 days off, I hopped a train up to Edinburgh, Scotland. I was in absolute heaven as the train rolled into the heart of the city with the Edinburgh Castle in plain view. History surrounds you as you walk on the
streets. The most famous street is the "Royal Mile" starting at the Castle and ending at the Holyrood Palace, residence of royalty and the Queen when she visits. It's the ultimate tourist walkers paradise, dripping with history at
every turn! Since the days were 18 hrs. long, I took full advantage of the light and crammed in as much as I could on my short visit.

Oh, must not forget to mention that while Jill and I were listening to music in her parlour one night, we heard this song, looked at each other with that "this would make a great dance" look and ...voilà, the dance "Be My Guest" was born, soon to be posted at this site.
(ps...the dance is shaped like Jill's parlour rug!)

- Inducted into the CWDI HALL OF FAME September 1998 -

Honoring Charlotte Skeeters for her accomplishments, contributions and dedication to Country Western Dance International...first inductees ever....

CHARLOTTE SKEETERS: CWDI International Rep. for Australia/New Zealand Charlotte is responsible for setting up the Line Dance Competition Program of CWDI and the Line Dance Judges Training program. She travels all over the world as a Coordinator and Head Judge for Line Dance and Team competitions. She also conducts training clinics for Line Dance and Team judges. Working in her official capacity as the International Rep., she has made 6 trips in the past 3 1/2 years to Australia and New Zealand, conduction Judging clinics.

She has trained over 700 judges in Australia, New Zealand, England and USA and has worked as Head Judge at many of the events in these countries. Charlotte has won numerous awards over the years, including the #1 Female Line Dance Instructor in California in 1992 & 1994, nominated for the prestigious Feather Award for the Best Female Instructor and most recently, she was honored as the first American to be inducted into Australia's "Bootscooters Hall of Fame" Jan. '98, in Tamworth. She is co-Event Director of the "Golden Gate Classic" which is in it's 5th year.

- Inducted into the BOOTSCOOTERS HALL OF FAME January 1998 -

In her most recent trip to Australia in January, Charlotte was honored to be the first & only American to be Inducted into the "BootScooters Hall of Fame", at the annual Country Music & Dance Festival, held in Tamworth, NSW.
Joe MacManamon, Director of the Australian Championships, presided over the ceremony, as he placed each inductees boots in a slab of cement. Charlotte's
boot print will then be set along side the other Hall of Famer's from all across Australia and New Zealand. These blocks of cement will become know as the "Hall of Fame" walkway.
This was quite an honor for Charlotte, who is a frequent visitor to OZ and has made many friends over the years, conducting judges training seminars and teaching workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand. Her choreography is well known as well. Her new waltz "Looking Glass", which she introduced
this year in Tamworth, is now a competition dance at festivals in both Australia and NZ.


Charlotte's History

Charlotte was born in a small Mid-Western town of Piqua, Ohio. She moved to California at the young age of 5. She attended the University of Calif ornia at Los Angeles (UCLA), graduated with a degree in the Dental field as a Dental Hygienist/Technician. After graduation, she worked in the Dental field for 1 year and decided it wasn't for her. She is now a Layout Design Engineer for Philips Semi-conductors in Sunnyvale, CA. Charlotte is a proud Mother of 3 children. Daughter Jeanette is a Medical Technician pursuing her Registered Nurses Credentials. Her first son Brad is a Quality Control Supervisor in the Semi-conductor field and her second son is a driver for UPS and a student at the University of Santa Clara.

Charlotte started Country Western Dancing in 1981. After a year of taking classes, she was asked by her instructor, Charles W. Parker, affectionately known as "C.W.", if she would be interested in being a C/W dance instructor. She agreed, so for the next year she learned her craft under the excellent guidance of "C.W." who is one of this countries most knowledgeable and respected authorities of CW Dance. Charlotte was unaware the "C.W." was planning on moving out of state and was grooming her and her partner Neil Hale, to take over his classes. When he finally asked if she would take over the classes, she accepted. Her and her partner have been teaching CW dancing, both couples and line dance at Swiss Park Dance Hall in Northern California for the last 13 years. Many Northern California instructors started in their classes.

Charlotte helped start the CW movement in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA as an Instructor, Choreographer, Competitor and most recently, as a co-Event Director of the "Golden Gate Classic" Dance Festival. She teaches 4 nights a week, along with holding down her full time job.

She is a member of the National Teachers Association (NTA) and Northern California zone co-director of that organization. At the request of the president of Country Western Dance International, she developed the Line Dance Competition program and the Line Dance Judges training program for that organization. She officiates as Line Dance and Team competition director/coordinator at many festivals throughout the year, both un-affiliated (Independent) and organization affiliated functions and travels extensively to Europe and Australia, conducting Judges training clinics as well as teaching as much as she can fit in (teaching is her first love).

Charlotte was voted the #1 female Line Dance Instructor in California in 1992 by a state wide poll of students and instructors. She was again honored by California Country Music Association (CCMA) as the best Dance Instructor in 1994, and also, was among those nominated for the prestigious Feather Award for best Female Instructor in 1995. She has her own line of Instructional Videos under "Back To The Country Productions" label. She has been step description editor for eight Country Western news publications and an occasional contributing writer.

Charlotte introduced Country Western Dance International to Australia in Oct. 1995, at the invitation of Cindy Truelove, Perth, Australia where she conducted the first Australian Judges training clinic for Line and Team competition in conjunction with Cindy's 1st festival "The Sandgroper Stomp". She has since returned to Australia 3 more times, as well as touring England, Wales and France, teaching and conducting judges clinics. IF thats not enough, she has organized a tour group, taking Americans to Oz to attend their CW Music & Dance Festival in Tamworth. The first tour was this past Jan. '97, and next years Tour '98 is off and running .

Her immediate future plans include an additional trip to Oz in August, to officiate at Terry Hogans first festival, the "Sunshine State Classic" in Brisbane and the following weekend, to officiate at Warren O'Leary's first festival in New Castle. Next trip to Europe is planned for fall and will include a trip to France, England and Scotland where she will be doing what she loves best, Teaching.

She has met many wonderful people in her travels and Country Western Dancing is responsible for most of it, opening up the communication lines to people, who otherwise, would still be strangers.

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