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So...Mom Goose....anything excitin' happen to you lately?

...and Charlotte put on a brillant she is with 3 of her all star instructors...Scott Blair taught us Helen O'Malley's Alaine (the hand movements on this dance are way too much fun!), Michele Perron taught her newest dance...Madly Off In All Directions (this dance looks so cool on the dance floor and the good intermediate dancer can pick it up off the is now a favorite of mine!), and Terry Hogan....he taught us Heatin' Things Up and Sweet Temptation...2 relatively easy little dances....WE WISH!


Mr. Conrado Cha Cha, Ms. Silk & Satin, Mr. Cuban Heels, Ms. Senorita Sway and Mr. All-Right-A

Scott taught Alan Clarke's 2 wall, 32 count "party style fun" beginner line dance...the floor was packed with smiling dancers (including Mr. Titanic) who couldn't believe that Kung Fu Fighting could be too much for this dance on instructor's schedules in October....I saw Evelyn Khinoo in this class and she was really havin' too much fun!

This would be Knox's lovely wife Bette in front of her laptop...she was the floor mom extraordinare...and I think Charlotte is explaining to her why she can not surf the Net during dance competition breaks...

This would be Ms. Hallelujah Junction and Mr. Get Over It...right after they won the duo competition...The audience was blown away with their interpretation of "younger men are starting to turn my head"...


1998 Line Dance Fun
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