Carmel & Ernie (Hutch) Hutchinson Choreography

Carmel Cha Cha
East Coast Stroll
First Dance
Every Step You Take
Hesitation Waltz
Husbands and Wives
Tequila Time
Wasn't That A Party
You & Me

Best Friends
C'est La Vie
Hooked on Love
The Darlene

Jamboree '99 was great! Bill Bader and everyone connected with the event couldn't have been nicer or made us feel more welcome. We can't say enough about their hospitality. Bill is a very gracious and generous host.

This event had a very relaxed feeling but was very efficiently run at the same time. Everything was in one room, and there was lots of variety throughout the day and evening. The day started with special entertainment by the Dancing Dragons (a group of young girls) followed by the start of choreography competition workshops, interspersed with mini teams competition, a large team exhibition, individual exhibitions and a wonderful individual dance exhibitions in full costume by Michele Burton and Grant Gadbois. Michele danced Sweet Temptations, and Grant did a very energetic original routine. Grant even incorporated spoons in his routine!

Julie Molkner (The Rose & Peace Train) and Michael Barr both did special workshops teaching "As Always" and "Listen" respectively. Julie also demoed her new Spanish Eyes for us. It's a beautiful dance, and she is such a good dancer.

The fun didn't stop after dinner either... there was an appearance by Rick Tippe! We danced as he sang and weaved through the dancers. Bill Bader had taught us "More Where That Came From" earlier in the day (a 128 count dance he had choreographed to go with Rick Tippe's song of the same name.
We liked all of the dances that were entered. We were a little disappointed that neither of our dances placed (Canada Dry and I Can Help), but felt that they were well received. We like Charlotte's "just Bob" a lot. I was going to write a dance for Bob Clark like Hutch did for Darlene, but now Charlotte beat me to it :-)

We are looking forward to returning next year and recommend this event highly to anyone who might be thinking about going. It was FUN!
Carmel and Hutch Hutchinson, San Francisco Bay Area

Carmel and Ernie beta test their new dances in their intermediate/advanced class. The dancers are instrumental in critiquing the moves, the flow and the music to their creations. Once the dance is completed and the step sheet is proofed ...the process is finished. The dance is taken to competition.

The Hutchinsons consistently create dancer friendly dances for our enjoyment ...their reward ...our smilin' faces and our spontanous claps! Aplause, Aplause to you Carmel and Hutch!



I was born in the farm country of Mississippi, and raised in Georgia and Alabama. I am number three in a family of six boys. My father was in construction, and we moved a lot during my school years. I joined the Navy out of high school to see the world at the tender age of 17. I spent eight years in the Far East as an aircraft electrician and while stationed at Moffett Field in Mountain View, California, I met Carmel at a house party in San Francisco, where she lived. After a whirlwind six-month courtship, we were married at very tender ages. Coming from a Southern Baptist family, I never did any dancing until Carmel had to teach me to dance for the first dance at our wedding reception. We have two daughters, Lisa and Valerie.


I was born and raised in San Francisco and grew up in a large extended Italian family. I have one older brother, and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. Growing up in the rock and roll era, my friends and I always did a lot of dancing. We even danced on a local version of American Bandstand several times. Marrying someone who didn’t dance at all was quite a challenge.

After getting out of the Navy, Hutch went to work for United Airlines as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic, and retired in 1998 as a Aircraft Maintenance Manager. Carmel was a stay at home mom until their youngest daughter started school. Then she went to work for the Novato School District as a Secretary, and is now contemplating retiring shortly herself.

While their children were in school and involved in synchronized swimming, their time was devoted to school activities and transporting them to swim meets every weekend for 12 years. There was no time for anything like taking dance lessons. Their oldest daughter, Lisa, is married and has three boys, two of which are identical twins. They live in Rhonert Park, California, and she is a Marin County Deputy Sheriff. Valerie lives in Menlo Park, California, and is employed by Netscape as a Marketing Manager.


Carmel’s friend Diane Leith (who is now the "D" in C D & E) starting taking Country Western dance lessons through San Rafael Parks and Recreation. She enjoyed it so much, she asked if they would like to join her, and they thought they’d give it a try. Hutch always loved Country music, but Carmel couldn’t stand it until they took their first dance lesson in 1989. They got hooked, and have been dancing ever since.


In 1993, while doing a demo at a function with their original instructor, a women in the audience who knew them and wanted to learn line dancing herself asked if they would teach line dancing at the Margaret Todd Senior Center in Novato. Since the classes were during the day while Hutch was working, Carmel asked Diane if she would teach with her. The class was so successful they branched out to night classes to include Hutch and formed C D & E (Carmel, Diane, & Ernie). They now teach six classes a week in Novato, San Anselmo, and Petaluma, California.


Their first dance, Carmel Cha Cha, was choreographed to be used as an introduction to the Tush Push (the last twelve counts are basically the same as the Tush Push). To their surprise, people liked it and it got around! They found they liked the feeling of seeing people enjoying their dances, and that inspired them to choreograph more dances.

What we are most thankful for are the many wonderful friends we have made since we began Country Western Dancing, starting with the Marin County Country Drifters. We especially appreciate the support and encouragement we have received from our friend and business partner Diane Leith, our friends Darlene and Bob Clark, Rich and Melody Beard, Hedy McAdams, Mike and Beth Sliter, Michael Barr, Evelyn Khinoo and Bruce Bowman, Doris Volz, and too many others to mention (but you know who you are). Thank You.


1999 Line Dance Fun