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Ace - 10
Bargain Boogie
Boogie Woogie Cowboy
The Derringer
Eight To The Bar
Hallelujah Junction
I See It Now
One Cherokee Boogie
One More Tyme
I See It Now
Poor Boy Shuffle
That's All She Wrote
Let's Do Snacks


Michele Burton

Saturday, March 25th, 2000
Corning, California
Hosted by Michele Burton and Michael Barr
Featuring: Line and Couples workshop classes
Registration: 12:30pm
Workshops: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Dinner: 5:30pm
Workshop: 6:45pm - 7:15pm
Dance: 7:15pm - 11:00pm
Options: Workshop - Dance - Dinner
Workshop only
Dinner & Dance
Dance only

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Space limited - Dinner & Pre-Registration Deadline - March 15th, 2000 (but
don't delay)
Contact: Michele Burton - phone/ 530-824-6888
email/ mburton@dm-tech.com
Michael Barr - phone/ 650-327-1405
email/ mbarr4@juno.com

Call for more details: registration forms, directions, hotel and other



Michele Burton and Michael Barr - Home from the United Kingdom
...here are their Trip highlights

Hello dancers. Michele and I returned from the United Kingdom feeling about as lucky as two people can. We danced with wonderful people, taught workshops and took classes and had plenty of time to be the classic tourist. We have nicked named our trip "The Holiday Tour".

We were both invited initially to join the British celebrate 'our" 4th of July at a big event in the west country near the sea shore of Torquay. 500 plus dancers didn't have one bit of trouble celebrating. Michele and I had this continuous look on our faces of utter confusion. We just kept shaking our heads over the irony of it all. We couldn't figure out
whether the Brits were celebrating getting rid of the rebels we had become back in the 1800's or that this was just another excuse to have a party and dress up. We will report back if we ever figure out which it is:>)

We saw more Red, White and Blue clothing and flags and decorations at this wonderful Hotel in the hills above the sea then any celebration in the States. Barton Hall, the place of the weekend event run by Viv and Malcolm Owen, found Michele and I entering what was to become a great relaxing experienced.

Did I say the weekend event was relaxing? Yes, and here is why. The way it works is this; the site is a holiday resort with big dining rooms, ball rooms and open space with great views. As a group we gathered for dinner at 7pm on Friday evening. We got to meet so many people and also sit with 6 others relax and get to know each other a bit better. There was a dance in two different ball rooms (Country and Alternative/Country).

We all met back in the dining room at 9am for breakfast the next morning. Then at 10am the workshops began (we loved this start time). At 1pm lunch was served and workshops resumed at 2:30pm. This schedule repeated itself throughout the weekend. It's hard to know if we did more dancing or eating! Eating was just as much
fun as dancing, especially when trying to decide which spoon to use or wondering what "gataeux" may be. Even though most of the food was good, we would have to suggest passing on the fried bread.

We both loved the schedule. We had ample time to spend with new friends over our meals, plenty of time to get to workshops and a more relaxed feeling as teachers. The only thing that made us very tired was the fact that none of us retired for the evening until well past 2 or 3pm. The celebrating was intense and fun. The DJ's made sure of that.

Lots of energy, skits, dancing, demos, more dancing, etc. At the end of the Sunday dance and the end of the dancing part of the event we took part in some kind of ritual last dance which we never got the name of.

You sit on the floor, legs apart, scooting up close behind another dancer, then proceeding with the DJ leading exercises to some favorite piece of music. Although it was hard to bend too far over (body had had it by then) the group energy made it happen. The hall was filled with music, dancers rolling from side to side and forward and back and the colors of America flying everywhere. Something to experience. And it wasn't over yet.

We met for breakfast the next morning (Monday) to say goodbye to many who were able to stay over. We all packed up the cars and caravans and went on our merry way. This was a really nice closure to a fun-filled weekend.

One last thing about the event. The classes on Sunday were the same dances taught on Saturday. Personally we both liked it a lot. The dancers could then either take the same class as a review or take what they missed from the previous day. We thought it worked really well. We were able to have most of the dancers take our classes and do our dances.
(Michele's were - That's All She Wrote, new 2 step line dance.
I See It Now - her waltz.
Michael's were -
What's Your Name and Give It Up. Got a chance to do a beginner workshop and What Ever was taught).

Our thanks go to Viv and Malcolm Owen for making the weekend and our visit so memorable. We continued on to Viv's class the next night and to Ali and Dave's class ( our meal partners at Barton Hall ) the following night.

The rest of the trip was a bit more casual (as if it was not casual enough). With the help of Ambrose Donahue (a wonderful fellah from the London area who is a prominent DJ and works with partner Jill Thompson, one of England's best teachers) who secured 3 workshops for us, we had plenty of time off to be tourists.

We visited Wales and went in search of castles. We found them. With the help of line dance friends, Hedley Williams and his partner Val, we were shown the not so often visited west end of the country. We were treated to beautiful ocean views (with dolphins) as well as some of the prettiest country side and some of the skinniest roads we had driven on (yes, we drove on the wrong side of the street). We traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland a place which took our breath away. The city was a walkers delight. The architecture was breathtaking. We walked one day from 9am to 9pm and thought it was time to go back to our accomodations, although it was still very light out and wouldn't get dark until 11pm. This is definitely a place to put on your itinerary if you're a traveler.
Thanks Charlotte for making the suggestion.

Back to the dance world, we did workshops for Ambrose and Jill, Bill and Paula Bilby and Lewis Watson. This last one found most of the hosts of our previous workshops in attendance. We got to see familiar faces again.
Michele was really happy to meet up with some folks she hadn't seen in over a year. Ambrose and Jill had taken us there from their home outside of London. There is a motor way called the "orbital"(appropriately named since it circles London). We spent many an hour on this motor way and is the busiest roadway either of us had ever experienced. This road is called the largest car park in Europe.

(Our thanks go out to all of our hosts who made our trip so wonderful)

Our last night in England was spent dancing. We went back to Jill's class (she will be teaching at the GGC this October - don't miss her classes).

Not only did we want to be with her and Ambrose, this was their last night at this club which they had been at for 3 years. Jill had brought out many of the new dances at this club and had debuted many dances choreographed in the Bay and surrounding areas. We were honored to be there and to take part in this last evening with friends. Jill was in great spirits and was throwing one liners at me during a review of a dance. We played off each other and had a blast.

Michele and I were asked to perform our duo one last time (we had done this piece, choreographed by Michele and Simon Ward at most of the workshops). We had a ball and the dancers were very appreciative. Our last night was very memorable.

Michele and I saw old friends and made new ones on this trip. We met people from Ireland, Wales, England & Scotland. The beauty of the countryside (want to go to Ireland next), the richness of the history and it's people and the love of dancing makes this a wonderful place to visit, and visit again.

At Cowichan/ Lion's Bay by Michele Burton

Another wonderful weekend of dancing in one of the most beautiful places in the world...
Mill Bay British Columbia was the site for the 6th Annual Cowichan Goes Country. Hosted by the Cross Country Dancers, the event was a mix of Canadian and American friendship at it's best.
Classes were full of enthusiastic dancers who seemingly cheered for every dance taught during the weekend. Instructors felt, and appreciated the high energy level. Couples and line classes were taught throughout the weekend. Lots of good dances were brought back from the event so be looking for them in your classes soon.

The Saturday evening dinner, choreography, and team competition is always an extremely unique part of the weekend. Twenty choreographers showcased their dances before a crowd of about 500 spectators. Each spectator has a ballot and votes for their favorite dance. It's no secret that the Americans have never won the coveted First Place honor, and in our "loving American way," we moan, groan, and complain because WE never win!
The Canadians take it all in stride and chuckle as we continue to enter dances each year in quest of the eluding prize. We've worn costumes, done silly acts, and solicited votes to capture those phantom votes. We must have been a little worn out this year because there were no costumes and no silly acts, but there was one big breakthrough about to occur. At 10:45 pm we all gathered to listen to results. The announcments began.
"In third place, from Vancouver, B.C. Dee Cresden, Ember Schion, and Sheila Smith.
In second place, from Victoria, B.C., Betty Clark.

In first place, from PALO ALTO, CA, MICHAEL BARR with the dance WHAT'S YOUR NAME."

Everyone in the place cheered. We cheered because it was Michael and California....The Canadians cheered because they love Michael and his choreography. It was a winning situation for everyone that evening. Congratulations Michael.

On Monday, Michele Perron and Brian Bull invited Michael and I to their home in Lion's Bay. It was such a pleasure to spend time with them. So often at events there is little time for socializing so this was the perfect opportunity to enjoy some free time together.
The foliage, vegetation, and view from Brian and Michele's home is breathtaking. I offered to house sit or cat sit any time they had to leave town! As we relaxed and chatted on the deck, we discovered only one difference in philosophy.
Michele feeds the Blue Jays....I shoot the Blue Jays (just kidding). After a short rest, we headed to dinner and to class at The Bistro. Michael and I thoroughly
enjoyed teaching at this venue. Michele's class welcomed us with open arms and dancing feet.
Our dances, What's Your Name and I See It Now were well received. Michele's dance influence is quite apparent in her students technique and abilities. Way to go Michele P.

Another year, another Cowichan. Memories and friends are made with each visit. If you need a scenic, romantic, breathtaking, dancing hideaway, try Cowichan Goes Country in 2000.
Michael and I want to say thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of Boogie Til The Cows Come Home. The day was filled with fun-loving energy from all the participants, as well as with a mix of new and experienced dancers. We feel fortunate to be part of this supportive dance community.

A special thanks to Cindy and Gordon Lambert (guest instructors), Allison Davis (lasagna dinner), Ray Berchtold (evening DJ), Sheron Nunes, Dancin' Granny, Denise Hiatt, Jenny Holt, and Patti O'Day.

Thanks also goes out to several friends who shared their special talents with the crowd during dinner. They were: The Buffalo Girls (Danette Petersen, Susan Skaggs, Beverly Sommerfeld), The Bovine Beauties (Nancy Franklin, Carlene Silva), and The Country Gold Dancers (Cathie Burns, choreographer).

We had a great day. The positive feedback and smiles are an inspiration....thanks.


See you in:

Klamath Falls Cascade Ctry Classic August 20 - 22
Pismo Beach Western Days Sept. 17 - 19
Yuba City Twin Cities Oct. 2 - 3
Union City Golden Gate Classic Oct. 8 - 10
La Verne I.C.E Oct. 22 - 24
Las Vegas Desert Sands Nov. 19 - 21

Dance Team Showdown,
Ft. Wayne, Indiana
March 5-7, 1999

Duo's Competition- 1st Place:
Michael Barr & Michele Burton, California

Their winning duo routine was choreographed by Michele Burton and Simon Ward for the '98 Golden Gate Classic here in the Bay Area. The routine is danced to
Thank You Baby by Delbert McClinton, Younger Men by K.T. Oslin, and Save A Prayer by The Mavericks.

Partner Pair Original Choreography - 1st. Place:
Michael Barr & Michele Burton, California

The winning partner mixer dance ...Poor Boy Shuffle Mixer ...was premiered here in California at the
Boogie Til the Cows Come Home event in Corning on the 20th of March 1999.

Original Choreography: out of 61 entries
5th place went to
Hallelujah Junction by Michele Burton, California

The midwest in March....chilly!!! A two block walk in 14 degree weather was enough for these two wimps. Good thing we were inside most of the time.

Good fate was with us last weekend. Not only did the weather cooperate at the right time, but we also had the assistance of some friends in demoing Poor Boy Shuffle Mixer. When we arrived in Fort Wayne at midnite on Friday we hooked up with, Tobi Oberman, Russ, James Kellerman (M.I.B., Metamorphized), and Shannon Finnigan (Destination Nowhere, Cowboy Up) and taught/reviewed Poor Boy Shuffle. Without them, we would not have been able to demo or enter our dance in the choreography competition. Dance friends are the best.

In knowing what a team does in preparation for performances, I was once again impressed with the number of teams and entries at Dance Team Showdown. The Show Stopper category is my favorite. The entertainment value, humor, props, creativity, and choreography in this division is awesome. It's basically anything (in good taste) goes. All the routines were good, but my favorites were the Clowns (Out of Line Dancers, Canada) and the Irish River Dance performance (Louisville, KY). These clowns had broadway style choreography, wonderful props, costumes,and musical interpretation. The Irish River Dancers showed a great demonstration of their dance versatility. Of course these teams also entered several other categories of competition. I don't know when they have time to prepare everything. It's a real show of talent and commitment.

Watching Dale and Tanya orchestrate this event was a treat in itself. Both are calm, cool and collected. Tanya is like a quiet, yet serious mother hen, taking it all it and guiding her leaders in the right direction. Dale is the playful, yet intense character who stays in contact with his staff by head set, has time to participates in his team's Blues Brothers comedy act, and shows his patriotism in the flag waving closure to God Bless The U.S.A. The two have so much to offer to the dance team community. Their belief in the team concept shines in all they do.

On Monday, Michael and I took a train into downtown Chicago. After a visit to the 103 story high Sears Tower, we ventured off to Marshall Fields. Little did I know it was a 9 story department store!! Next time forget the Sears Tower stuff...let's go shopping! It's a beautiful store. Even if you don't like to shop, it's a must see.

Monday evening C.J. arranged for us to teach at Cadillac Ranch. This was the evening it snowed 7 inches. Much to our amazement, people still came out to dance. Michael taught Give It Up and I taught Hallelujah. Those folks got two aerobic dances in one night...bet they got a good night's sleep that evening.

Our 5 day trip came to end on Tuesday when we returned home. We had a great time and brought back lots of memories.

Instructor/Advanced Level Line Dance & Duo Competitor/Choreographer/Team Choreographer/Line Dance Judge

In a funny sort of way, dancing has been part for my life for a long time. As a youngster, my mother MADE me take dance lessons to help me overcome my shyness. When she discovered I'd only practice behind closed doors, she gave up on me! The only difference today is I make myself get out on the floor to compete. I'd much rather practice and dance in the garage.

I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the first 18 years of my life. Mom and dad supported all the sports activities my brother and I were involved in. We were the built in entertainment for family activities. Forty years later, things haven't changed much. Mom is involved in the dance community and morally supported my brother through his motorcycle racing days (she didn't like watching him break bones), while dad now quietly makes his presence known from his station in heaven.

After graduating from high school, I knew it was time to spread my wings and fly. That flight brought me to the rural area of Northern California to attend Chico State and later take a teaching position at Corning High School. Twenty-three years later I feel like a permanent fixture on the high school campus.

Corning is a nice place to raise children. My daughter Darci, age 16, is quite successful in school and sports. As like the previous generation, I support Darci's activities, as mom and dad supported mine. It's volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter and track in the spring, along with Club volleyball in the winter, spring, and summer!

So, when is there time to dance? There is ALWAYS time to dance. The C/W world provides many avenues for exploration. Whether it's social dancing, competing, teaching, choreographing, or team dancing, there's something for everyone. For me, the longevity of dance remains because there are many avenues to pursue. Competing is a challenge. The excitement, anxiety, and enjoyment is a total rush. Teaching comes in a more natural way since I teach students to move everyday in physical education. When it comes to choreography, I tend to create "non-mainstream, high energy" dances. I'm trying to come around to the mainstream, but those 12 years of dance/drill team advisor experience seems to influence my choreography. Team choreography has a special place in my heart. Our team, The Derringer Dancers, was together for four years. An exceptional bond of friendship made our team uniquely successful.

As time marches on, new challenges and priorities come to the forefront. The main priorities will continue to be my daughter and a newfound relationship with a very special person. In the dance world, teaching continues to be a focus. I especially enjoy the people I meet, the appreciation from the students, country music, and the friends made in the dance community.

1997 Line Dance Fun