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The OCDC Workhop - Fullerton, CA
Orange County Dancin' Country - How Does It Start....again?? Workshop held January 16, 1999.
Claudette is a dancer...just like me! I was lucky enough to be driven to "her" fabulous wooden dance floor at the Monrovia Community Center on Friday night. Her instructor, Gene Morrill, also happened to be the DJ tonight. Midway through the evening (after digesting a huge helping of food from the potluck table)...Claudette wanted to know if I knew this dance and told me that she fell in love with the music "Red Hot Salsa" (Dave Sheriff) and had ordered the CD from the UK. The CD finally arrived in her mail and she had it with her. She wanted to go over the dance with me and see if she "had it" before she asked Gene to play the music.

Instructors Evelyn Khinoo & Bruce Bowman were here also tonight...and when Red Hot Salsa (Christina Browne) was announced...they were in the front row so all the dancers who wanted to pick this easy dance up off the floor could watch their boots!

Gene also introduced and asked Evelyn to dance in the front row when her classic, Silk and Satin and her That's My Hat were called from the request list. (Mike Sliter made his hat twirlin' debut here tonight...while he danced That's My Hat next to Evelyn. Way Too Cool, Dude!)

Gene introduced Mike Sliter to the dancers and then proceeded to play "I'll Be Your San Antone Rose" by Emmylou Harris...while we did one of my favorite Mike Sliter dances....San Antone Rose. We also got to do his Roll of the Dice with him...twice! Once to the "real" music then again to a turbo bluesy piece of music that the dancers here really like. Thank goodness Beth Sliter was dancin' behind me...I could hardly think fast enough to remember the steps!

It got to be nearly 10:30 pm...and Gene finally announced...we can't wait any longer for him! We then got to do Michael Barr dances: Out Of The Blue, All-Right-A, Hey Bruce and Give It Up. (Southwest was not on time tonight and MB missed a really great dancin' and eatin' evening!)

It was interesting for me to see that not only did the Southland dancers request the popular dances by our local Bay Area choreographers, but also the dances that have been showing up all last year on the top ten dance charts from the UK. (Linedancer Magazine)

Since splitting the dance floor was not their practice....I got a chance to see the following dances on the UK charts:

Let'er Rip, Scotia Samba, Walkin' The Line, Kung Fu Fighting, Mucara Walk, Alane, Coastin', Black Coffee and of course.... Red Hot Salsa.

The OCDC dance mobile piloted by Sandy, navigated by Lou Ann and backseat driven by Marion zoomed along too many different freeways for us to count...and returned us back to our hotel...just in time to rest our boots for the Saturday all day line dance workshop.

"How Does It Start" workshop at Cal State Fullerton - sponsored by Orange County Dancin' Country.

The workshop started at 9 am with Mike Sliter premiering his newest dance Cajun Girls & Gumbo, an easy intermediate dance done to "Linda Lou" by The Tractors.

The following instructors taught:
Scott Blair - Walkin' On Me (Scott Blevins)
Gene Morrill - Right On The Money (Gene Morrill)
Evelyn Khinoo - Switchblade USA (John H. Robinson)
Cari Cushman - Latin Groove (Scott Blevins)
Michele Burton - I See It Now (Michele Burton)
Lou Ann Schemmel - Titanic (Simon Ward)

The workshop ended at 5:15 pm with Michael Barr presenting his newest choreography - Give It Up.

Doug Miranda (Event Director for Bonanza Bash) was the DJ for this event...on "duty" from 9 til early evening...then he was rushed to LAX to catch the plane to OZ for his next gig!

Many instructor/choreographers were here for this event. We got to do these dances with:
Michael Barr (Hey Bruce, All-Right-A and Give It Up)
Noel Castle (Back Seat Boogie)
Carmel and Ernie Hutchinson (Pony Shuffle, Hesitation Waltz and Every Step I Take)
Evelyn Khinoo (Silk and Satin, how sweet it is, Picture Perfect, and That's My Hat)
Gene Morrill (Right On The Money)
Mike Sliter (Roll Of The Dice, San Antone Rose, Shouldn't Be Doin' This, and Cajun Girls & Gumbo)
Jackie Snyder (There's your Trouble)

Lou Ann Schemmel and Mike Sliter took over as DJ's when Doug left...and they re-introduced each workshop instructor to us ...each instructor then walked us through their teach before the "real" music was played this evening...this was a good thing!

Michael Barr and Michele Burton entertained us with their duo performance...much to the delight of MB's fan club ladies! Grace, style, and a touch of comedy...a perfect routine!

It takes a lot of volunteers and a talent for organization to please 200+ line dancers...Lou Ann Schemmel and her OCDC dancers provided us with a charismatic DJ, talented instructors, a huge 3,500 wooden dance floor, food and decorated tables on site, and even shopping! Line Dance Heaven for me!


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1999 dances
Cajun Girls & Gumbo


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Back Seat Boogie

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Got To Be Funky

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How Does It Start?

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