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Tamworth Taillights
Sal Gonzalez

Remember When
Electric Linedancers
(signed copy)

Go With The Flow
Simon Ward

Backstreet Attitude
Jamie Davis

Ian St Leon

Out There Swingin'
Terry Hogan

Rednex Stomp
Chris Kumre

Straighten Up & Fly Right
Terry Hogan

Open Arms

Give It Up
Michael Barr

What Ever
Michael Barr

Charlotte Skeeters

Hall Of Fame Dances

1999 dances
Cajun Girls & Gumbo


Husbands and Wives


Wasn't That A Party

You & Me

1998 dances



Bad Billy Jump

Back Seat Boogie

Blue Train

Brown-Eyed Girl

Byrd Country

Count Me In

Cuban Heels


Don't Be Stupid

Down Home

Every Step You Take

Funky Farmer

Get Over It

Give It Up

Got To Be Funky

Hallelujah Junction

Hillbilly Hip Hop

Honky Tonk

How Does It Start?

Huey Lewie

I See It Now


Madly Off In All Directions

Mama's Lil' Baby


Me Too

Out Of The Blue

Peace Train

Picture Perfect

Pony Shuffle

Reaching Out

Red Hot Salsa

Razor Sharp

Road House Inn

Rum & Coca Cola

San Antone Rose

Second Thoughts

Senorita Sway

Shouldn't Be Doin' This

Southern Streamline

Strait Cha Cha

Sweet Temptation

Switchblade USA

Tequila Time


That's My Hat

Too Much Fun


1997 dances
Alligator Shoes

Along For The Ride

Black Coffee


Desert Sands Cha Cha

Fat Sally Lee

Hesitation Waltz

Hey Bruce

how sweet it is

Hurricane (T&G)

Lazy 8 Waltz

Looking Glass

Lonesome Blues

No Thanks, I'll Walk

Off To The Races

One Toke Over The Line

Pencil Thin Mustache


Roll Of The Dice

Ribbon Of Highway

Running Bear


Take A Look

Vanilla TwirL

Whatcha' Gonna Do

What's The Hurry

1996 dances
A Waltz In Time


Cherokee Boogie

Dancin' With You

Diamonds Are Forever

Fat Sally Lee

Love Letters


One Cherokee Boogie

Prairie Strut

TTS Boogie

Whiskey Brush

Bay Area classics
Ain't Goin' Nowhere


Bar Room Romeo

Black Dresses

Cha Cha Lengua

Claxton Stomp & Go

Cowboy (The)

Cowgirls' Twist


Fly Like A Bird

Hot Tamales

Linda Lu

Maverick Waltz

Mustang Sally

Norma Jean


Prancing Pony

Rednex Stomp

Silk & Satin

Smokey Places

Swing Time Boogie

Wild, Wild West Boogie

Younger Men

Zydeco Lady

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HLineDanceFun Spring 1999 Top 20 Dances
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  ŠE news
Remember When by the Electric Linedancers from Sydney, the intermediate dance seen at Tamworth and taught by Chris Kumre at the Red Hot Kickin' Country Festival in Ventura, CA. I was goin' through my dance packets and notes from Warren & Jean O'Leary's Festival held in August 1999 New Castle, Australia and there it was a signed copy of Remember When I remember when I was given the sheet! Congrats to these six very (20's maybe) young dancers and now choreographers! I don't remember your faces, but I do remember your enthusiasm and your talent for dancin!

Red Hot Kickin' Country
Ventura, CA
Madeline & Vince Fiske, Directors

The results for New Line Dance Choreography:
1st -
Count Me In - Christopher Kumre
2nd - Talk to the Hand -
KatieAnn Wasnick
3rd - Drive Me Crazy - JP Potter
4th - On The Money - Jeff McKendry

Jim Potter's website for Event Results

This year's workshops/evening dances had a definite OZ flavor ...Simon Ward has been teachin' in the area ...and back from Tamworth, MC/DJ/Instructor/Competition Dancer Doug Miranda and Sal Gonzalez (Mr. Ooo! Aah!) were here to me, it was like Tamworth, Show & Tell!

Sal taught to us the dance he wrote while flying from Sydney to Tamworth ...Tamworth Taillights ...this is a 56 count Texas 2 step rhythm line dance ... (Evelyn Khinoo will be teaching this dance at the 4th Friday Palo Alto Y dance.) Sal also taught his Open Arms, the beautiful, flowing waltz he created with Jackie Snyder and Simon Ward.

Evelyn Khinoo (Ms Silk & Satin) taught her That's My Hat and Ian St Leon's Turbo Terrific, Tamworth Hit- Unbelievable. The room was packed for the teach, the sit down rate was zero! (Practice OCDC dancers it can be on the request list at Reno!)

Chris Kumre (Mr. Rednex Stomp) taught his newest 2 wall, contra line dance, Count Me In , Michele Perron's Madly Off In All Directions, Dawn Beecham's Got To Be Funky and a really cool 2 wall, 48 count intermediate dance seen at Tamworth ...Remember When by the Electric Linedancers from Sydney. The hip bump attitudes were showing up so BIG with Chris and Doug during this music ...I couldn't concentrate on pickin' up the entire dance from the floor, but I will continue to practice!

Gene Morrill taught Backstreet Attitude by Jamie Davis ...this 4 wall, 32 count intermediate dance (done to non-country music by the Backstreet Boys) might have been the event's theme song ...the dancers never seemed to tire of doin' this "hip-hop" feelin' dance ...Gene also taught Simon Ward's newest -Go With The Flow done to the country music of Shania Twain, I Won't Leave You Lonely. This is a 2 wall, 32 count intermediate dance that just feels good to the music.

Highlights for me

...watchin' Sal, Jackie, LouAnn and Doug doin' The Rose (Julie Molkner) on a packed dance floor ...almost spiritual and seein' them do Shimmy Shack (Simon Ward/Justine Shuttleworth ...totally jealous!

...remembering Peace Train (Julie Molkner), Ghost Riders (Gordon Elliott), Fat Sally Lee (Arthur Smith) and Electric Reel (The Paddens) during the Friday Evening dance and doin' Cajun Girls and Gumbo (Mike Sliter), Husbands and Wives (The Hutchinsons), Jambalaya (Ian St Leon) Alligator Shoes (Terry Hogan) and Cuban Heels (Terry Hogan) on Saturday Night. Terry, they do the OZ ending here also!

...seein' Vince do Switchblade USA (John Robinson)...I didn't even know the DJ danced, but he is fabulous, he must be an instructor also!

...hearing the American pronunciation of Charlotte's dance come out of the DJ's mouth on Friday night ...Voilą (Charlotte Skeeters)!

...seein' 9 year-old KatieAnn Wasnick dancin' her very first choreography -Talk to the Hand, beside her Mom, Donna and her "best beau" Sal Gonzalez ...and seein' her award winnin' tap dance routine!

...watchin' Wanda and Chris put out so much energy and talent in their Dangerous (John Robinson) "showdown duo"!

...catchin' up with Sal and hearing about how much fun he had at Tamworth this year and that he is going back for 2000, Doug Miranda tellin' me he has a tour goin' to Tamworth 2000, and ...the OCDC dancers tellin' me they are rentin' a house so the California delegates can all be party animals together at Tamworth 2000!

The biggest line dance festival in all of the World happens next year in Australia at Tamworth 2000, the dates are January 21-30 and I'm goin' too.

Francisco Bay Area


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