The Red Hot Kickin' Country Photo Page...

... and Sal Gonzalez and John Burton also give thumbs up to Chris Kumre for his teach of Remember When by those "twenty-something" dancers that do not wish to spell out their names but just be known as those Electric Linedancers from Sydney! My Opinion ...Your Dance Rocks!


... Jackie Snyder and Doug Miranda - their duo routine was sooo elegant and at times, very comical!

Donna Wasnick taught her newest dance, School Girl Shuffle.
...Vince Fiske, You and Madeline did a great job of creatin' Line Dance Heaven for all of your guests!
Michele Burton taught her new advanced line dance, Let's Do Lunch and her new waltz, I see It Now.
Michael Barr taught his Whatever, Give It Up and Almost There (Gary James).
He and Michele together taught there Poor Boy Shuffle Mixer.


Chris Kumre and I have a great understandin' ...he dances, and I cheer!


1990 Line Dance Fun
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