Bridging San Francisco Bay Area and the World    
  Mike Sliter heightens the World of Line Dance!

Roll Of The Dice - San Antone Rose
Shouldn't Be Doin' This - Cajun Girls & Gumbo
Heartbreak Radio - Livin' Together


Santa Clara High School - 3000 Benton Ave
Santa Clara, CA- Beginner 7:00 - 8:00 - Open Dance 8:00 - 8:15 - Intermediate 8:15 - 9:15 - COST = $5.00 (Covers the entire evening, stay for both classes.)

WEDNESDAY: Veterans Memorial Senior Center - 1315 Madison Ave - Redwood City, CA - Beginner 7:00 - 8:10- Open Dance 8:10 - 8:30 - Intermediate 8:30 - 9:40 - COST = $31.00 for 10-week session (resident)- $36.00 for 10-week session (non-resident) $5.00 drop-in fee per class

If you have any questions about the classes or dance please call Mike and Beth at (408) 732-4530 or e-mail Mike at


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Mike and Beth Sliter - THE EARLY YEARS

This is another one of those bio's that start out with when I was I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio sometime before color television was invented but long after black and white was around. I am the oldest of five other brother and sisters, two of which are involved in Country & Western dancing in the Cincinnati area. After completing my education, I enlisted in the Air Force so see the world and make my fortune. After attending electronics school in Mississippi, I got the "opportunity" to apply my new found trade in Istanbul, Turkey. While there, the Air Force found out that I could hit a baseball pretty far and so I spent some time traveling throughout Europe playing ball, which beat working, or anything else the Air Force had in mind.

When it was time for me to come back to the USA, I had the opportunity to either go to an Air Force base close to my home town or spend my last year of enlistment in Sunnyvale, California. This decision took about 2 seconds to make. I still haven't made it back to Cincy but Mom and Dad still thinks there's a chance. After all, she says, California is still destined to break off and fall in the ocean. My only reply is that "should this happen, we'll probably float out towards Hawaii and it'll cost you twice as much to come and visit!"

It was during my first year in Sunnyvale that I met the lovely Miss Beth Kihneman. She stole my heart on our first date in 1966 and we've been together since. To this day she remains my closest and best friend. We were married in January of 1968 (I think I was 14 for those of you trying to figure ages.) Beth and I have two very fine sons (Ken and Brian) of which we are extremely proud. Both are studying to become Physical Therapists. As I advance in age and the dances become more challenging, their education may come in handy for Beth and me.


I'm still somewhat surprised to be involved in Country & Western dancing. It started (1991) in a moment of weakness when I agreed to take a series of ten C&W dance classes in Sunnyvale from Juan Aceituno. I was really poor at learning, and especially, retaining the dance steps. I wasn't smart enough to get in the middle of the pack and usually found myself in the front row and of course frequently found myself facing the exact opposite from the rest of the class. (Four-wall dances were a real killer.) Again, it was Beth to the rescue. She made me practice in the garage every night in preparation for the next class. I do remember that the first dance we learned in the Sunnyvale class was Dutchess Hustle. Since then I have taught this at my classes and each time remembered that this was the dance that really got me involved. By the end of the ten week class both Beth and I were "hooked".

As we got a little braver, we started to venture to the Horseshoe Club in Santa Clara where Juan also taught. Being beginners we had a very limited list of dances we could do but to Juan's credit, he got us on the floor and really got us over that big fear of making a mistake. After about two years of lessons Juan relocated to another area of the state and Beth and I relocated to Palo Alto where classes were taught by the "God Father of C&W dancing in this area" - Don Wright. By now we were dancing at every opportunity and our list of dances really took off. Shortly after, Don asked Beth and me to start helping out at his classes. This is when we got to meet and become good friends with Evelyn Khinoo, Bruce Bowman, Hedy McAdams, Michael Barr, and a host of other terrific people.

Once Don relinquished the Palo Alto class teaching duties to Evelyn and Bruce, Beth and I were asked to stay on as assistants. To this day we both very much enjoy both the chance to work with the Palo Alto classes, and to continue a close friendship with Bruce and Evelyn.

On top of this dance schedule, both Beth and I enjoy playing golf with friends and also with a traveling golf tournament league. We try to practice in our spare time!!!!

Are we busy????? - yea, but we're loving it.