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LineDanceFun Winter 1999 Top 20 Dances

michael barrmichele burtonkentucky ken engelsal gonzalezneil haleterry hogancarmel & ernie hutchinsonevelyn khinoochris kumrehedy mcadamsmike slitercharlotte skeeterssimon ward

It doen't snow for real here in my backyard ...but I am dreaming of a virtual white Christmas ...

And from my November Desert Sands report ....Mr. Max Perry mentioned to us that it is his pleasure to teach interesting dances with unusual step patterns to the dancers who take his workshops. The buzz around the grapevine at the 99 Desert Sands Dance Festival was over the intermediate/advanced UK dance Max was teaching in his workshops. I first saw Syncopated Rhythm on the social dance floors both Friday and Saturday nights. It was so new to the schedule that no step sheet was included in the "official step sheet booklet" ...I put it in my memory that I had to be up and down in class Sunday morning at 9:50am to learn Syncopated Rhythm (Rob & Michele Fower) ...and believe me ...the dance floor was packed ...the sit down index was zero ...the workout was so great ....the endorphins rushed!

Lou Ann Schemmel, instructor and OCDC dancer extraordinare has watched the 'Vegas Video' of this dance teach and sends us 'a cheat sheet' ..."after watching the video of Vegas, I noticed a combination of hand motions, first shuffling, then twirling". Lou Ann has also written directions to make the up/down sequence syncopated. Just so we can have more FUN with this dance, I have added her 'cheat sheet' page to the .pdf file for this dance! Much thanks to Lou Ann for this gift to us! You can listen/practice to the music by using the pull down menu above. (Just FYI ...This dance is on the January 2000 schedule of many Bay Area instructors.)

Bruce Bowman was the guest instructor at the Boots 'N' Buckles Club Christmas Party on Friday night ...he taught Evelyn Khinoo's newest waltz ...That Night In Tennessee. You can listen/practice to the music by using the pull down menu above.

Carmel & Hutch Hutchinson were here for this special party and we got to see Carmel and the dancers who take lessons up in the North Bay ...do her newest 2 wall, 32 count intermediate dance ...The Cowboy Cumbia. You can listen/practice to the music by using the pull down menu above.

This weekend I practiced with my digital camera ...closeups of 'best friends' and zoom shots of dancers I caught just happenin' to 'Listen'

Michael even grabbed it and surprised me by taking a photo of me. Darlene took a great shot of some of us wearing our 'blues' ...click to view the holiday photos.

I really thought I was on new dance overload ...apparently not. Last night a few of us lucky dancers got to see a preview of Scooby Snax by the very talented Mr. Chris Kumre ...he has created this visually interesting, maybe easy 32 count dance to a piece of upbeat music for his upcoming January 2000 tour of Australia ...I admit to being one of the whinners who was wondering out loud ..."why don't we get it first?"...his reasons are his reasons ...grins. The steps were easy when he broke them down for us ...I can't wait to see if the dance is as enjoyable to do as it is to watch!

On the other hand ...Charlotte only shared an eight count pattern of her creation that she will be premiering on her upcoming January 2000 tour in OZ ...easy is not an adjective to describe the steps I saw her boots perform! Just FYI ...Charlotte's classes will go on while she is in OZ but the format will be just a little different ...Because we are all getting a bit overwhelmed with all the new dances, I've decided not to teach 2 *NEW* dances on the same night. If there is an additional dance scheduled, it will be a "Do Again"...one that has been re-requested or one that may need a refresher course. I'm hoping this will help keep some of the fun new ones around awhile!
I am going to Australia at the end of January, returning on Feb. 7th. My friends Mike Sliter and Connie Silva, both experienced teachers, have agreed to cover my classes while I'm away.

December LineDanceFun Request List Favorites: (No Ranking implied)
What's Your Name -Michael Barr Husbands and Wives -The Hutchinsons
Listen -Michael Barr Storybook Endings -Neil Hale
Power Surge -Stephen Sunter Mambo #5 -Machado/Lee
Fill My Life -Charlotte Skeeters Whole Lotta Peppas -Neil Hale
Sunset Stampede -Ian StLeon Sometime When -Jackie Snyder
Perhaps -Chris Kumre After Midnight -Judy McDonald
Saturday Matinee -Evelyn Khinoo That's All She Wrote -Michele Burton
Gimme Back My Bullets -Neil Hale I See It Now -Michele Burton
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