2003 Aloha III Line Dance Experience Report
Line Dance Fun 2003 Doris Volz , California
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Schedule of dances taught by each instructor at the Aloha II Experience in Waikiki, Hawaii

Gina and John came to the Friday night ballroom banquet dressed in Polynesian spirit ...their brilliant orange leis were handmade by Event Host Irene Shiroma (center) and her 'ladies'. 300 yards of ribbon were lovingly folded into these hand crafted creations for the instructors! Doug and Jackie Miranda not only taught at the event, but were MC/ DJ's as well. Jackie and DQ are each wearing a hand folded silk ribbon Hawaiian Haku!  Hutch and Carmel are seen dressed alike and Hutch is second from left in the 'pregnant bride' contest photo. Carl holds the pink balloon bouquet, Angel appears the least pregnant and John sports the flattering white skirt. John's strut in true model stride brought laughter, but when Hutch's 'water broke' as he paraded in front of the audience ...howls turned to out of control laughter, tears streamed down many a cheek! Richard and Anni (otherwise known as that slippery 'little thing' enjoyed the sun and games at the picnic park social. Local instructor Linda Hijirida presented us with silk hibiscus clusters at the Friday Social (Karen Jones is wearing a blue one in her hair) ...a yellow one adornsTerri Slemmons, a purple one compliments Phyllis Tom and a red one brightens my basic black.
Most late nights dancers walked to Coconut Willy's in the International Market Place ...local dancers, local band, country music tape & a small wood floor ...best memories ....Carmel dancing Runaway and her @ The Hop w/us ...and 
the dance off w/Mr. BoJangles & Anni ...her birthday was announced and she danced! His tall frame watched his feet dance to the beat, she smiled broadly while looking way up into his face and her feet 'clogged'  to the syncopated rhythm  ...ever so sneaky ...getting into his space with her steps and cleverly chasing his feet in tune with the music ...he stopped to claim a hug and the audience applauded  ...she is a DANCER!
The socials were scripted and each workshop dance had a quick walk through to refresh our memories before the music played. Doug & Jackie did their homework, they knew which dances would get the most dancers to the floor ...of course we begged for Simon's Like It Or Lump It and D&J's Seal Our Fate and the local dancers wanted Terry Hogan's Me Too ...they were played to a NOTso crowded floor, but CA dances - American Pop, Tiggeriffic, Queen of My Heart, Circle Of Life, Sugar SugarThe Believers and Burning Up! had a full floor. Dancers requests for extra workshop teaches were honored ...Hutch taught his Rose Colored Glasses, Karen taught her Sometimes I Hide and Doug & Jackie taught their Burning Up!  I had a great time, picked some easier dances up off the floor and made new friends. It  rained only late night, sun shined most days, shopped a little, toasted drinks a plenty, ate a lot of food not on my normal diet, got more rest then I planned. Didn't gain a pound & I danced my feet to soreness in Hawaii ...I am one lucky dancer! 
Waikiki in January for ~ 900 dollars - included airfare, 7 nights hotel (double) accommodation, 5 meals, bus transportation and dancin' at the Ala Wai Palladium (HUGE, smooth wooden floor) with Aloha Workshop lessons Friday - Sunday AND one perfect step description booklet & workshop schedule. The 2 day Aloha Line Dance Experience Workshop itself was a huge success. 185+ dancers were takin lessons on the Ala Wai Palladium wooden floor ...19 dances taught with at least one re teach of every lesson, plus 'bonus' dances by request. Irene Shiroma is one great organizer who has worked tirelessly on making this one GRAND experience for line dance ....someone on her support staff was constantly in motion ...or answering dancer questions. Doug & Jackie have announced their intention of hosting Aloha IV for 2003 w/possible venue change. Details will be on Line Dance Fun when announced.

2003 Line Dance Fun - Doris Volz