Larger Than Life was playing just as Simon Ward walked in the door ...what a kick to just join in and surprise the inter/adv Wednesday Los Gatos Class w/Bob and Trish Boesel. We made him review Like it or Lump it! AND we made him dance Mr. President, Breathless, Shakira, Shimmy Shack and Determination with us. He and Roxie Kumre demo'd his Yeeee Haaaaa! and Monkeying Around (Chris & Roxie Kumre ...a choreography winner at the 2003 GGC) They will be teaching us at the GGC on the weekend. RACHAEL McENANEY WILL BE TEACHING IN ONE OF SIMON WARD'S SLOTS AT THE GGC ...AND SHE WILL BE IN THE DINNER SHOW! What a gracious gesture to stay over in the STATES and come dance w/us ....

2003 Simon Ward and Roxanne Smith Kumre visit Bob & Trish Boesel's Class
Front Row: Vicky, Doris, Fran, Trish Boesel, Simon, Martha, Roxie
Second Row: Carole M, Carole W, Linda, Bob Boesel, Akemi, Merry, Gary & Joyce
Helen & Mike
Last Row: Leta, Leslie, Jim, Bonnie, Mike, Shirley, Rob, Lynn, Diana, Joyce