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Line Dance Fun 2004 Doris Volz CA,USA

Cool weather is here & dancers are back! 67 filled the floor at BnB w/Bob Hubbard ~ 79 packed CQS w/Gary Clayton
(2 tickets remain for CQS rockin' NYE party - email Anni straight away!)

Lorraine's 80th! A memory for 100+ dancin' friends & relatives! Life Is A Gamble ...taught by Michael Barr is Lorraine's ez beginner dance she created to George Strait's Ace in the Hole for all who attended her 'queen of hearts' birthday bash. Cool to see Michele, Michael and Lorraine surround Darci to help her remember Funky Farmer ...the dance she helped to create in 1998. There were many of us on the floor for that oldie as well as Cuban Heels (in honor of Mr. T who shares Lorraine's b'day!). DJ Evelyn Khinoo had us dancin' to Dean Martin crooning to vintage oldies; the request list included the new ones as well. Charlotte remembered her oldies ...even the tags!! Neil remembered his Linda Lu can too by peeking at the video clip of the Derringer dancers w/Michele Burton circa 1996ish.

Countdown to Windy City:
UPDATED schedule for Windy City ~ top 20 line dances on Carol's survey: Slow Burn - Push - Texas - Imagaine - We Are The Same - Romantasy - Cheek to Cheek - Doctor Doctor - Dreams of Martina - A Devil in Me - Bye Bye - Basha - Do Wop Bee Do - The Way (Gerard Murphy) - How Sweet Is (Metelnick/Biggs) - L-A-EX - Suds In the Bucket (Yvonne Anderson) - Poetry In Motion - Possibility Foxtrot - and Under Your Spell (Bracken Ellis will be competing this dance in new choreography at the event). Oldie teaches w/Simon Ward: Larger Than Life and Like it or Lump It & Saturday in the main ballroom ...his new choreography Goin' Down.

Video Clips
MIL's Time To Ride (sheet) & Funkalicious (steps); ~ courtesy of CJ

Vintage Neil Hale video: Michele Burton w/The Derringer Dancers: 1989 Cruisin' - 1991 Mustang Sally - 1992 Linda Lu - 1993 Hot Tamales and 1994 Cha Cha Lengua
Newest Step Sheets
Back To The Island - Charlotte Skeeters tbt at WINDY CITY
Bad Moon on the Rise - Allison Biggs
tbt by Allison at WINDY CITY
Desperado - Michael Vera-Lobos/Gordon Elliott
tbt by Simon at WINDY CITY
Dreams of Martina
- Peter Metelnick tbt at Windy City
Funkalicious - MIL tbt by Rachael at
Goin' Down - Simon Ward
tbt by Simon at WINDY CITY
Groovin' - Terry Hogan
High Class Broads - Joanne Brady/Jill Babinec
tbt by Joanne at WINDY CITY
Hit The Road Jack - Ian Dunn
tbt by Simon at WINDY CITY
Latin Spice - MIL tbt by Rachael at
Nadine - Bob Boesel

Push - Michele Perron tbt by Michele at WINDY CITY
Sweet Lovin' - JP Potter/Bracken Ellis tbt by JP at WINDY CITY
Waltz Is The Key - Max Perry tbt at WINDY CITY in a 90 minute workshop!!
Wanna Wanna - Neville Fitzgerald tbt by Bryan at
What It Is - Scott Blevins tbt by Scott at Windy City

Links to newer dances filling the San Francisco Bay Area floors: Here I Go Again aka Mamma Mia - Built for Comfort - Paralyzed - I Remember - Imagaine - Angels Waltz - Swoop - Sky Full of Angels - Possibility Foxtrot - Under Your Spell - Slow Burn - Mariana Mambo - Rescue Me - Texas - High Class Broads - Rough Diamond - Baptized in Beer - Scotch Mist - Romantasy - Push - Moutain of Love - Back To The Island - Suds In The Bucket - Steppin' Out - Nadine - Dreams of Martina


Vegas DANCE Explosion Nov 19-21 2004 w/instructors Doug & Jackie Miranda, Simon Ward, Mike Sliter, Vivienne Scott, Max Perry, Michele Perron, Bryan McWherter, Peter Metelnick, Guyton Mundy, Kathy Hunyadi, Kelli Haugen, Mark Cosenza, Vince & Felicia Chia, Scott Blevins, Alison Biggs, Bill Bader, and Yvonne Anderson. Registration Form
Move-In-Line Event Nov 6-7 w/Bracken Ellis

Line Dances of Exception Merit listed by year created. Terry Hogan's Line DANCES
S F Bay area line dance instructors listed by TEACH Cities
Clubs: Boots'n Buckles - Cactus Corners - Country Hustlers - Quick Steppers
Socials: Fridays - 1st FRI - 2nd FRI - 2nd SAT - 4th SAT OCTOBER - 1st SUN - 4th SUN
Playlists: October 8 w/Sharon & Harry October 19 w/Shirley


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