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Bonanza Bash 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda ...Jackie wore red blinkin'dance shoes ...a great touch to their patriotic dance attire as they perform their International hit WHAM! The list of instructors & workshop schedule & Netty Mesa's detailed report. Saturday nite DJ's were Snow White (Roxanne Ashley) & Woody (Mike Sliter). Mike also an instructor at the event ...taught his Shouldn't Be Doin' This and Not A Brick Outta Place. I
nternational choreographers Charlotte Skeeters (Built for Comfort) & Michele Perron (Zest Appeal) came dressed Friday nite for the patriotic dance. NoCAL CQS skit members (Snow White & dwarfs 50 yrs later) hobbled on the floor to delight the Saturday Disney theme crowd. Diane ..the part was your destiny! 36 old & new dances were taught to ~100 dancers. Doug & Jackie always put on a superb PARTY for line dancers, B Bash socials went to midnight. Felicia & Vincent (Singapore) brought their energy and talent to the party as did MR. BLEVINS who taught his new Two Time Trick to a full floor each teach. Scott teaches us step patterns, but his passion is to teach us to dance to MUSIC ...if you listen to his instruction on 'how to control your body' your feet will follow. Photos courtesy of CJ ...CJ's event video includes Two Time Trick & Scott's Cha Cha Tonight.

Video Clips: LINE DANCIN' DOG ...STILL the most downloaded file from this website is back!
video of
Miss Indepentent - Natural Selection & When You Look at Me ~ courtesy CJ
What Dat Bout
& Natural Selection - Guyton Mundy ~ video clips courtesy CJ

Neil Hale demos his: Curtain Call ( step sheet) & Las Pistolas ( step sheet); Chabella
Newest Step Sheets + streaming music when noted right click 'save target as'
Here I Go Again (Mamma Mia)
- Bob Boesel
I Can Get There - Carmel & Hutch Hutchinson
- Maggie Gallagher
Listen To The Rhythm - Metelnick/Biggs

- Maggie Gallagher
My Home
- Trish Boesel (a winning two step line dance)
Que Sera Sera
- Ian St Leon
Rescue Me - Terry Hogan
Rough Diamond
- Terry Hogan
Send Me A Letter
- Jackie Miranda (high beginner) to Please, Mr. Postman (floor filler at B BASH)
She Believes
- Sharon Hutchinson

Slow Burn - John Robinson/Kathy Hunyadi

Somethin's Gotta Give - Kathy Hunyadi & Bryan McWherter
Two Time Trick
Scott Blevins TBT by Scott June 3-6 at JG2
Waltzing & Waiting - Terry Hogan
We Are The Same - Amato/Robinson/Thompson

Links to newer dances filling the San Francisco Bay Area floors: Built for Comfort - I Remember - House of Blue Lights - Imagaine - What Ya Thinkin' - Swoop - Manhattan - Cha Cha Tonight - Angels Waltz - Jump - High Class Broads - Sky Full of Angels - When I Need You - Tequila - Wham - Possibility Foxtrot - Under Your Spell - Stripped
EVENTS April Aloha with Ohana report ~ workshop schedule
Winter Wipeout June 11-13 w/Chris & Roxie Kumre w Doug & Jackie MIRANDA
DanceFuntasia June 18 - 20 w/Vincent & Felicia Chia w Doug & Jackie MIRANDA
Windy City Oct 8-10 w/super stars
Simon Ward and Rachael McEnaney
November 19-21 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
- SIMON returns to VEGAS!!!
Move-In-Line Event Nov 6-7 w/Bracken Ellis flyer/registration

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