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620 dancers jammed into the Palace Station ballrooms for the 1st Las Vegas Dance Explosion w/Doug & Jackie Miranda. complete WORKSHOP Schedule. The pre event dance was held in the MAIN ballroom at 7:30 pm a capacity crowd! 99% of the dancers I talked to ...LOVED the idea of scripted playlists. By the time DJ's Maurice & Melissa played from the playlist LATE Friday nite ...a choice was given ...want xxx dance? or pass? What Dat About and Let's Get It Started ...are favorite Guyton Mundy dances see him dance his choreography in person with a crowd of young & old dancers behind him ...worth my admission price to this event! His dance moves are FAMOUS ..but then his purple bird puppet strutted in perfect time to the music all around the dance floor and then came up tenderly to Simon ...naughty!
The Saturday Toon Town Theme was a huge success ...costumed dancers filled the dinner tables. Cameras were everywhere! No host drinks & pre dinner conversation & photos! No games and music were MUCH appreciated.
Event DJ's Mike, dressed as Pinocchio & Minnie Mouse (Roxanne) took our dinner tickets as we entered the entire upper floor. BEST quality buffet; the dessert chocolate IMPRESSIVE! Captain Hook & Peter Pan made sure to stop at each of our tables and we had the chance to TELL THEM we are livin' a wonderful memory...thank you so much for your fun EVENTS!
We walked the few steps into the main ballroom for the show. Simon & Maurice performed the 'tom cruise' white shirt & briefs routine to a screaming crowd! Max & Kathy waltzed, Vincent & Felicia dazzled us both in dance and costume. Yvonne and Max (& gang) sang for us. Bryan, Scott, Maurice, Doug, Max, Simon and Guyton 'performed YMCA' ...the best finale EVER! Thunderous laughing & applause ...the performers responded with campy 'madonna/britney' kisses! The stuff that happens in VEGAS CJ for the video!
By the time the show was over ...the walls were back up and we had our 'four mini ballrooms' back for OUR dance pleasure!

Friday & Saturday nites ...instructors had time slots to review their workshop dances. Dance parties spontaneously erupted in the other workshop rooms. Dance to your own CD's happened right next to the main ballroom. AND I saw NEW choreography being worked out in yet another room!
Sunday workshops were well attended ...Yvonne Anderson finished teaching her 80 count dance I Ain't No Quitter and announced to the packed room "Maurice Rowe & Melissa Daum's 40 count dance (Stickin' With It - first place winner in new choreography) is only a 40 count dance done to this same music ...although a wee faster!!"
Dancers want to eat, drink an be merry in a FUN weekend location ~ BUT mostly we really want to DANCE; NO hardwood went unused at the Dance Explosion! When D&J announce the 2005 lineup of instructors will be HERE!

Dances from the Explosion and music where noted:
A Deeper Love - Yvonne Anderson played multiple times to full floor
Bad Moon on the Rise Alison Biggs/Peter Metelnick packed the floor
Cuba Libre - Rachael McEnaney/Simon Ward
Dancin' With Keys
- Simon (Superman) Ward Music transports your soul; DANCE is genius!
Dipstick - Judy McDonald
filled the floor
Dreams of Martina - Alison Biggs/Peter Metelnick JAM packed the floor played multiple times
Get On That - Bryan McWherter
packed the workshop & dance floor
Groove Me - Jeremy Oldham
(VIDEO CLIP courtesy of CJ)
I Ain't No Quitter - Yvonne Anderson great 'oldtime' country steps!
Inside Out - Yvonne (Cruella de Ville) Anderson
lyrics wonderful; DANCE the same!
Left Feels Right - Michele Perron
(VIDEO CLIP courtesy of CJ)
Lose It
- Guyton Mundy/Barry Durand packed the workshop & dance floor
Mamma Mia - Bob Boesel played multiple times
Miss Independent - Bob Boesel
played multiple times
Round Round Baby - Alison Biggs/Peter Metelnick filled the floor
Scotch Mist - Doug & Jackie Miranda (link to all their dances)
packed the floor
Shimmy Shack
- Justine Shuttlworth/Simon Ward oldie that packed the floor
Sum'm Sum'm - Guyton Mundy
packed the floor
- Max Perry packed the floor
Under Your Spell - Bracken Ellis JAM packed the floor played multiple times
Wanna Wanna - Neville Fitzgerald packed the floor
What It Is - Scott Blevins
packed the floor
Wishes - Vivienne Scott
packed the floor
Neil Hale video: The Derringer Dancers: Cruisin' - Mustang Sally - Linda Lu - Hot Tamales - Cha Cha Lengua

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