Aloha with Ohana ...Doug & Jackie Miranda's Hawaiian experience for 2004. Mark Cosenza's report is now on line ...Californians Roxanne Ashley and Mike Sliter were on staff at the event ...Mark has stunning photos of the parasailing couples plus the staff decked out in Hawaiian attire!
They brought instructors from all parts of the dance world to Waikiki in April for OUR enjoyment and benefit. Workshop schedule.
What 'Aloha' stands for: Akahi: kindness, expressed with a feeling of tenderness ~ Lokahi: unity, expressed with a feeling of harmony ~ Olu’olu: agreeable, expressed with a feeling of pleasantness ~ Ha’aha’a: humility, expressed with a feeling of modesty ~ Ahonui: patience, expressed with a feeling of perseverance.

These are the traits that express the charm, the warmth, the sincerity, the generosity and the love of an intangible substance or spirit known as “aloha”.

In Hawaiian 'ohana means family. Hawaiians believe that 'oha, or taro corn, was the "root of origin." It did not matter how many offshoots came from the 'oha. In Hawaiian terms regardless of how distantly people are related, they are 'ohana. In the 'ohana there is a sense of shared involvement, mutual responsibility, interdependence and helpfulness. Members practice the spirit of sharing and caring AND forgiveness is very important.

Fun and games at the ocean front park (Mark Cosenza gave an entertaining hip performance with a swinging ball & hoop contraption, BUT our Anni made 7 hoops and won the contest!) lessons pool side (dancing on outdoor carpet was a challenge!) ... AND plenty of free time (Roxanne described her parasailing adventure to me ...sounded as if she were a human kite suspended in quiet with a to die for view of the entire coastline and the experience was NOT scary at all.) to shop, party and dance!

If you are lucky enough to know Irene then you understand An old Hawaiian proverb says, "You are a chief because of your people." She practices the art of dealing with people and understanding feelings ...she and her friend Janet know how to prepare FOOD for a party ...pupu and dinner lasted 5 hours! The Jim Beam started the talk but ALL the raw heavily spiced Japanese tuna I consumed earned me the Volzomoto title.

Joanne Brady is not just an entertainer or a choreographer that launches 32 more ... her success comes from teaching 'non experienced dancers' without calling attention to that fact. Her folksy teaches are more like a light rain seeping into our memories. Yvonne Anderson has boundless energy during a teach and a singing voice that can be jazzy, folksy or soulful ...she knocked them dead as a lounge performer on stage at Coconut Willy's! She knows the popular dances and is first on the floor to dance w/us! Barry & Dari Anne Amato are professional singers/dancers. His award winning 'singing in the rain' performance at the dinner show was spectacular.

Mike Sliter helped with the DJ duties and when he called Remember When ...I followed Aggie and Ruie to the floor! I Remember is their favorite dance, mine too. The inter/adv Waikiki dancers were lucky enough to have Tracie Lee dance with them on her Hawaiian Holiday in March ...their performance of this dance reflected 'her' style and grace! Their 'other' favorite was Poetry In Motion ... they never missed a step! I was able to dance 99% of the dances called, Black Betty was new to me and I loved watching Yvonne dance it. I had been 'exposed' to many dances on the schedule ..the brand new ...Sky Full Of Angels is my favorite.

Doug GAVE an entertaining hip moving performance at the luau and won the title 'The Hawaiian Idol' ...Jackie gave a dramatic soul moving dance performance at the hotel dinner/show in honor of the men and women serving in our armed forces. This dance is soon to be released! Their teaching skills and VERY hard work as event directors are appreciated by all of us. If Hawaii is your home or destination ...their event is a MUST experience. Simon Ward is on the teach schedule for Hawaii in January 2005 ...he is family!