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JG2 Marathon - 1st weekend June 2004. 5 or 6 workshops were offered both Fri and Sat from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 10 til Noon but only a fraction of the rooms were ever at capacity. Each choreographer was asked to bring only their creations both old and new to teach. (Kathy Hunyadi taught Bad Weather that she mentioned was 8 years old ...Michael Barr taught Hey Bruce which won First Place in New Line Choreography at the November 1997 Jamboree, BC in Canada and placed 4th at Worlds in Nashville in January 98. All-Right-A was created in the summer of 1998 and placed at the GGC held October 1998.) Michael's My Soul Education placed at JG2 2004 as did Juliet Hauser's Just One Moment.

The workshop schedule of dances taught - Friday and Saturday. The shaded areas on the schedules were 'paid' workshops ($5 each) for those dancers not paying the $110 unlimited event fee. The workshops were only offered ONCE ...meaning that up to 173 dancers were all tightly gathered in one room learning the hottest new dance that they waited up to 40 minutes in line to learn. The main open ballroom was reserved for the line and choreography competition. One by one the heats were called ....many times during the hour I watched only one dancer dance while the 4 or more judges judged and the 66 of us watched. Scott, Guyton, John & Kathy had the most dancers in their lines waiting to learn their newest dances.

Evening dance socials lasted into the wee hours and were electrifying. Wildman Louie kept the floor moving ...30 seconds to get a dance started or the next music played. NO floor flushes allowed ...meant more dancers danced. Imagine, Cha Cha Tonight, Choc-co-latte, Auto Moves, Nu Flow, 3 AM, Hey Ya, DHSS, Cold Blooded and Slow Burn were played all 4 evenings a jam packed floor. MOST dances were intermediate + chance to pick them up off the floor ....and a good variety of OLD and New were played each evening, not the same dances night after night. The JG2 Marathon was that ....4 days of non stop open dancing & workshops. (Frances danced 16 miles compared to 17 at Keep On Dancin' Event). With so many International dancers among the ~700 at the event was a hard task to keep the event running so smoothly. James & Jean and their volunteers have had 11 years of practice and it showed! The Mexican Fiesta costume parade was a wonder to watch, but seeing all the dancers on one common floor dancing the same steps ...It was a Party Till Dawn!

Video Clips: LINE DANCIN' DOG ...STILL the most downloaded file from this website is back!
video of
Miss Indepentent - Natural Selection & When You Look at Me ~ courtesy CJ
What Dat Bout
& Natural Selection - Guyton Mundy ~ video clips courtesy CJ

Neil Hale demos his: Curtain Call ( step sheet) & Las Pistolas ( step sheet); Chabella
Newest Step Sheets + streaming music when noted right click 'save target as'
Baptized in Beer
- Max Perry floor filler at JG2
Mamma Mia
- Bob Boesel floor filler in the San Francisco Bay Area
Hey Ya
- Judy McDonald taught & floor filler at JG2
- Scott Blevins taught & floor filler at JG2
Listen To The Rhythm - Metelnick/Biggs
floor filler at JG2
- Guyton Mundy/Pedro Machado taught & filled the floor at JG2
Party Till Dawn
- Scott Blevins taught & packed the floor at JG2
Rescue Me - Terry Hogan
Rough Diamond
- Terry Hogan
She Believes
- Sharon Hutchinson floor filler at JG2
Slow Burn - John Robinson/Kathy Hunyadi
packed the floor & 1st place in choreography at JG2
Steppin' Out - Max Perry (beginner 'party' dance)
3 AM - Mundy/Stevens/Warren music played at JG2 - If I Had No Loot ...packed the floor
The Way - Gerard Murphy
Time To Get Up - Guyton Mundy
taught and packed the floor at JG2
Truly Happy - Liz Clarke
taught & floor filler at JG2
Two Time Trick
- Scott Blevins taught and packed the floor at JG2
Waltzing & Waiting - Terry Hogan

Links to newer dances filling the San Francisco Bay Area floors: Built for Comfort - I Remember - House of Blue Lights - Imagaine - What Ya Thinkin' - Swoop - Manhattan - Cha Cha Tonight - Angels Waltz - Jump - High Class Broads - Sky Full of Angels - When I Need You - Wham - Possibility Foxtrot - Under Your Spell - Stripped - We Are The Same
Windy City Oct 8-10 w/super stars
Simon Ward and Rachael McEnaney (Doubletree is STILL available)
November 19-21 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
- SIMON returns to VEGAS!!!
Move-In-Line Event Nov 6-7 w/Bracken Ellis

Line Dances of Exception Merit listed by year created. Terry Hogan's Line DANCES
S F Bay area line dance instructors listed by TEACH Cities
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