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Doug & Jackie make a point to invite less experienced dancers to their SIX different yearly events and make sure to include workshops that include all skill levels. Bringing New international instructors to the West Coast is their mission. For the first time ever at their January 2004 Gotta Dance event, I noticed experienced dancers were NOT in the front rows at all the teaches. Jackie said it best ..."memorize the patterns" then add styling. Experienced dancers memorize the steps, 'see' the walls, feel the weight changes and practice the transitions between patterns during the teach ...they DO NOT follow the instructors footwork. Let the music fill your soul and remember that your feet will go along for the challenge. Rachael McEnaney reminded us to "look up and enjoy the experience" ...both ladies are powerful role models ...WE are so lucky. The West is not so crude anymore ...most of us wear DANCIN' shoes by Evenin' Star ... photo by CJ. (CJ sells videos w/ALL the line dance hits!) Their next event happens: November 19-21 2004 at the Palace Station Hotel - when SIMON returns to VEGAS!!! 06/04 ~Doris

2003 Boots N Buckles Club in Newark, CA celebrated 18 years of providing dancers with a DJ (Bob Hubbard) and a place to dance. June 7, 2003 also marked the reappearance of legendary line dance choreographer Neil Hale to the San Francisco Bay Area dance scene. (From the mid 1980's to the mid 1990's Swiss Park was home to instructor/choreographers Neil Hale and Charlotte Skeeters.) His newest dance Las Pistolas (done to the Dean Brothers tune: Memories Are Made Of This) has a salsa look and feel! With his sharpened teach skills, chisled body and sizzlin' hip swivels ... not to mention his out out in in stylized salsa moves ...Neil Hale has Cruised back into the dance scene with a Whole Lot of Peppa ...ready to influence the next generation of choreographers and dancers!
Neil Hale is frequently acknowledged as "the god father of American line dance choreography."

2002 marks the year that Jo Thompson and Terry Hogan started their focus away from the country western line dance community & Charlotte Skeeters ended her 17+ years of weekly line dance classes. 1999 marked the transition year that the focus on country music and country western 'attire' were no longer the 'norm' at line dance socials and events. (1999 Desert Sands Report)  In  2001 as many line dancers danced in reeboks,  jazz & swing shoes as did those who danced in boots. The sea of cowboy hats was gone. (2001 Golden Gate Classic Report)
Contrary to popular belief, line dance has always been done to non-country music. Some of The earliet written & most popular line dances in the world are done to pop music (Electric Slide and Cruisin'), pop-crossover (Achy Breaky), rock (Copperhead Road) and techno music (Dance Ranch Romp & Swamp Thang).

Early settlers arriving into the USA in the mid 1800's brought new dance steps ...non-partner dancing consisted of extemporaneous footwork - clogging, shuffling, leaping, heel clicking and 'cutting the pigeon wing' (clapping the feet together while leaping in the air) while a lone fiddler played for many or just a few. Clothes & shoes were fancy, or not ...everyone noticed, no one cared.
World War II servicemen were entertained at home & over seas by country-western bands and entertainers from the Grand Ole Opry ...the music for the Cotton-eyed Joe, schottische, waltzes and two-step literally influenced the World.
In 1979 country-western music TV specials were popular ...Hank, Waylon, Willie, etc were at the top of country charts ... western movies inspired a new look at western clothes.
The 1980's movie Urban Cowboy showed John Travolta in cowboy hat, buckle and tight jeans two-steppin' in a Texas honky tonk with Debra Winger. Texas dances & country-western music & western clothes became the 'style' ...dance routines were created and shared and taught and line dancin'just came to be. 

The Achy Breaky hit the country western dance floors in 1992. Back in 1992 Jo Thompson was just beginning to focus her energy on country dance & was asked to make instructional tapes for Texas Dance Productions. She choreographed Midnight Waltz and Dance Ranch Romp in 1993 for those videos & we are still dancin' those dances in 2003! Jo Thompson is a prolific choreographer ...a brilliant dancer entertainer, a business woman and entrepreneur. She has given line dance TEN years of fun & dance. Jo Thompson's  Midnight Waltz, Dance Ranch Romp & Dizzy (1998) are Worldwide Classics. Jukebox (2001)Splish Splash and Come Dance With Me (2002) are danced worldwide. Her line dance website is archived; Jo Thompson.com 2002 is as Sensational as she is! Just Google her name! In 2004 the San Francisco Bay Area is dancing her Come Dance With Me, September and the co creation: We Are The Same.

A Meat and Potato Man is a rare find  ...the kind that country music star Alan Jackson sings about in his tune of the same name: "I like my wrangler jeans, cowboy boots, cornbread and beans and country roots ...I don't like politics, hypocrites or folks with poodles dressed like kids ...I'm a hound dog fan ...It's just who I am."  The song could have been written for Mr. Terry Hogan. He is a gifted dancer and choreographer, a brilliant instructor who casts a far-reaching shadow ...dozens have fine tuned their own talent by working with this Australian Icon. Terry Hogan hosted the Sunshine Classic four times; 2002 was his last year as Event Director and last year for teaching weekly line dance classes in Brisbane. His events seemed to go together effortlessly ...his creative talents and dedication have helped shape our current line dance culture. Terry Hogan began writing intermediate plus dances to country music in 1992 (Last Chance to Joe Diffie's Honky Tonk Attitude).  Girls Night Out (1994), Tulsa Slide (1995), and Nightmare (1996) are Australian classics; Along For The Ride & Alligator Shoes were Terry's first American hits on the West Coast in 1997. The hits continued with Cuban Heels and Too Much Fun (1998) and Straighten Up & Fly Right, Alright Already and  Completely ( w/Thomas O'Dwyer) in 1999. Promises and Two Shades of Blue (2001) are danced worldwide. His steps are w/Dancin' Down Under and original steps are archived on LineDanceFun.com

In 1984 Charlotte Skeeters paired up with Neil Hale to teach line dance in the San Francisco Bay Area. They took over CW Parker's classes at Swiss Park in Newark, California. Neil Hale retired from those weekly classes in 1998; Charlotte Skeeters ended her weekly teaching career at Swiss Park in September of 2002 and returned in 2004 for 8 week sessions she teaches in rotation w/Trish Boesel. She is a member of the National Teachers Association (NTA). At the request of the president of Country Western Dance International, she developed the Line Dance Competition program and the Line Dance Judges Training program for that organization (CWDI). She was inducted into the CWDI Hall of Fame in 1998. Charlotte Skeeters officiates as Line Dance and Team competition director/coordinator at many line dance festivals throughout the year, both un-affiliated (Independent) and organization affiliated functions and travels to Europe, Japan, and Australia, conducting Judges training clinics as well as teaching as much as she can fit in (teaching is her first love). Charlotte introduced Country Western Dance International to Australia (October 1995) and was honored to be the first American to be inducted into Australia's "Bootscooters Hall of Fame" (January 1998), in Tamworth. She has trained over 700 judges in Australia, New Zealand, England and USA and has worked as Head Judge at many of the events in these countries. In November 2002, she will be in Singapore conducting line dance instructors training with Canadian instructor, Bill Bader. Charlotte Skeeters is Event Director of the Golden Gate Classic and Choreographer's Competition which will be held in 2003, for the 8th year.  Charlotte will continue to attend Line Dance Events, guest teach and support local classes and socials. Among her International hit choreography: Pencil Thin Mustache (1997), Mama's Lil Baby (1998), Begin The Beguine (1999), Hasta Manana (2000), Heal The World (2001) and River of Dreams (2002) Built For Comfort (2003).

1976 I was teaching in Florida, and was exposed to Line Dancing for the first time. There was a dance called “The Bus Stop”, and various other dances I never learned names of, but they all seemed to be danced to K.C. and the Sunshine Band’s music. There was a dance to “Shake Your Booty” and “Get Down Tonight” and several other songs ~ MAX PERRY (quoted from his article on the hustle)

The Texas Freeze
1980 Ovation Records AV-1755 (1980, USA) One of the most soulful singer/stylists in country music, Joe Sun was once called "the best singer to hit Nashville in twenty years" by Johnny Cash, and deemed a combination of Tom Waits and Hank Williams by one reviewer. Since Sun burst onto the country charts with his own mega-hit, " Old Flames (Can't Hold A Candle To You)," he continually sharpened his powerful songwriting skills. While on the Ovation label, he released three critically acclaimed albums: "Old Flames", "Out Of Your Mind", and the final one "Livin' On Honky Tonk Time" which included Bombed, Boozed and Busted ....the song that Ken Engel describes as his favorite to do to his creation of theTexas Freeze, a 16 count dance. Kenneth E. Engel (AKA Kentucky Ken) was an instructor at Mr. Lucky's in Phoenix, AZ in 1976-1978 and then at Gilley's in Texas in 1980 where URBAN COWBOY was filmed. He taught John Travolta the two-step for this movie. Ken's resume.

In May of 1981, the Oakridge Boys released "Fancy Free". Track #1 was "Elvira", the music that we are familar with to dance the Freeze. The Freeze is first described and diagrammed in Betty Casey's Dance across Texas published by University of Texas Press, in 1985 ...page 82. The word 'grapevine' was not used in the original step description & the dance started with the left foot as was the custom for a "drill" line dance. Leaning forward on the rock count ...dancers would 'freeze' for 3 counts when someone hollared out the word. View dance ranking  2001.

Tush Push - two authors claim credit - James Ferrazzano & Ken Engel.
James Ferrazzano: Alabama Slammer, Arkansas Stomp, Amos Moses, Carolina Stroll, Gone Young, Kansas City Stomp, Montana Four Corner, Montana Stomp, Riggins Stomp, & Oklahoma Shuffle.
Ken Engel's original steps for Tush Push and his  bio: http://www.linedancefun.com/kennethengel View dance ranking 2001.

1987 AT the Fairplex L.A. County Fair ...Doug & Cheryl Miranda (California) and their class danced Hooked On Country during their performance. Back shuffles were NEW to line dance and the music was to Albert Coleman and the Atlanta Pops Orchestra ...Just Hooked on Country AND the crowd went wild! This dance was Doug Miranda's first choreography to be seen and then taught as a dance.

1988 Steve Earle released "Copperhead Road"; The album's only commercial U.S. single was "Copperhead Road" - targeted exclusively to rock radio. This music inspired the classic line dance Copperhead Road,creator unknown. View dance ranking 2000 And 2001.

1989 Cruisin' (Neil Hale, California) was choreographed to "Still Cruisin'"from the "Still Cruisin' (After All These Years)" CD by the Beach Boys. The signature "figure 8" pattern defined this simple, single wall, beginning/intermediate level line dance, and it is easily one of the most recognizable and well known dances in the world today. Cruising' was the first internationally acclaimed choreography of its kind to be done to a non-Country/Western song. It is conceptually simple, and it can be danced to a variety of rhythms, including a variety of Latin and Swing. It continues being taught and enjoyed in venues wherever line dancing is done, and - in a poll conducted in England in October, 2000 Cruisin' by Neil Hale, was voted the "Best Known" line dance in the world. View dance ranking  2000 And 2001.

1989 Marcia Griffiths (along with Bunny Wailer) recorded the "Electric Boogie", a pop hit in the U.S. This music inspired a variation of the Freeze ...we call the Electric Slide. View dance ranking 2000 And 2001.

1991 Mustang Sally was choreographed to "Mustang Sally" by the Commitments. This cover of an older Rhythm & Blues tune by Wilson Pickett had an especially pronounced backbeat and - by this time - there were other choreographers experimenting with similar non-Country/Western, and generally more danceable, music. Mustang Sally, by Neil Hale, is a spirited, two wall, 48 count, intermediate level line dance.

1992 "Achy Breaky Heart" recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus "burst on the radio airwaves in the spring of 1992. The catchy, rhythmic tune became a national phenomenon that summer, igniting a dance craze (Achy Breaky by Melanie Greenwood), a hit video and pop crossover airplay." The lyrics were automatically sung by nearly every dancer while doin' this line dance ....sometimes up to 4 times each night at venues around the world! View dance ranking 2001.

1992 Bar Room Romeo created by Ron (Doc) Holliday and written to music played by a local Fresno, CA band, but most instructor/DJ's used the Forester Sisters track entitled "Redneck Romeo" from their "I Got A Date" album released in 1992. In 1993, Dolly Parton asked Billy Ray Cyrus & friends to sing in her hit single "Romeo". In 2002, "Romeo" continues to bring dancers on the floor for Bar Room Romeo.

1992 Linda Lu,  created by Neil Hale in 1992, was originally done to a Lee Greenwood cover of the older Rhythm & Blues tune "Linda Lu," by Ray Sharpe. Unbeknownst to the choreographer at the time was the fact that the Lee Greenwood CD, "Loves On The Way", from which it was taken had gone out of print and was no longer available. Linda Lu thus remained a regional only hit until 1993 when the song was covered again by Ricky Van Shelton on the "A Bridge I Didn't Burn" CD. The tempo of this cover was quite a bit faster than Lee Greenwood's version, and Linda Lu was quickly embraced by an enthusiastic Australian line dance community (seen here in a video lesson) where it remained one of the their top dances for years. Neil Hale's bio: http://www.linedancefun.com/neilhale

1992 Waltz Across Texas created by Lois and John Nielson. Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson & Charlie Daniels released their tune "Waltz Across Texas" 10/23/92. In 2002, dancers still do Waltz Across Texas or Jo Thompson's Midnight Waltz as a floor split when any waltz music is played. The Nielson bio: http://www.linedancefun.com/nielson View dance ranking  2001.

1993 Hot Tamales - The Up-tempo Country/Western tune "Country Down To My Soul" by Lee Roy Parnell from his "on The Road" CD, released in October 1993, provided a perfect and irresistible opportunity for Neil Hale to assure C/W purists that he had not abandoned his roots, and that he was still Country "down to his soul." The twangy, and at time searing, guitar solo provided the perfect backdrop for yet another signature Neil Hale move, the 8 count Hot Tamales' shoulder shimmies. Hot Tamales, a 64 count, two wall, up-tempo intermediate line dance was taken on tour to Australia in 1996 and to Great Britain in 1997 where it met with sweeping and instantaneous success on both continents. Hot Tamales became a regional hit the moment it was taught & remains a San Francisco Bay Area standard at the start of the new millennium. Hot Tamales is the first choreography to be listed on international top ten line dance charts 3 full years after its creation. View dance ranking 2000 And 2001.

1993 Jo Thompson created Midnight Waltz ...a 48 count, 4 wall line dance done to any slow to medium tempo waltz music. Midnight Waltz continues to be used in country western line dance competitions around the world ...it is on schedules for 2002 competitions. View dance ranking 2001.

1993 The 90s country group Twister Alley started playing traditional country music at Gilley's but soon developed into more high-energy country. The group is quoted as saying their techno-country single, the furiously paced "Dance", from their 1993 album "Twister Alley" was too outlandish for country radio in 1993. Jo listed "Dance" as a music choice for her Dance Ranch Romp she wrote in 1993.

1994 Cowgirls' Twist - Bill Bader of Vancouver, BC. This line dance was performed by more than 3700 dancers on July 4, 1996 in Redwood City, CA that won the 1996 Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Line Dance. Bil's bio: http://www.billbader.com

1994 Cha Cha Lengua, Neil Hale's slow, stylish, intermediate level line dance was choreographed to "Un Momento Alla" from the self-titled "Rick Trevino" CD released in February, 1994. Like Hot Tamales, Cha Cha Lengua owes much of its popularity to dance stylist and choreographer, Michele Burton, who - with her dance team, "The Derringer Dancers" - paid the ultimate tribute to Neil Hale by incorporating these dances into their performances both live and on video. Cha Cha Lengua is the first internationally acclaimed choreography to be danced to a non-Country/Western song in a language other than English. View dance ranking 2000 And 2001.

1994 When The Tractors sing ...Baby Likes To Rocket It (to a boogie woogie choo choo train) Rock It by Hillbilly Rick Meyers is THE dance. A beginner level 48 count, 2 wall dance, the Rock It is still requested and filling the floor summer 2002. Hillbilly Rick's bio: http://www.hillbillyrick.com

1995 Smokey Places written by Michele Perron in January 1995. Smokey Places is the first internationally acclaimed Rumba line dance ever choreographed to country music. "Smokey Places" by Ronnie McDowell is the #6 track on the album "I'm Still Missing You" released in 1988. The original step sheet for this 32 count, four wall, beginner plus level line dance is also signed in "Thanks" by Ronnie McDowell. Dancers do Smokey Places or Neil Hale's Cruisin' as a floor split whenever cha cha music is played. Michele Perron's bio: http://www.micheleperron.com View dance ranking 2000 And 2001.

1995 Fly Like A Bird written by Hedy McAdams to the #5 track of the same name off the 1994 "Some Change" album by blues-rock singer/songwriter Boz Scaggs. The Fly Like A Bird signed step sheet chronologically lists the awards this dance has won. View ranking in 2000 And 2001.

1995 Black Dresses was Michael Barr's first choreographed dance. It debuted in 1995 to a song of the same name by Steve Kolander. The best cut came off the CDX compilation (Vol. 100 January 1995). Although it is on his CD named, Steve Kolander, the CDX cut has more orchistration for a better dance cut. Black Dresses debuted at the 1995 Golden Gate Classic, this brought the 48 count 4 wall line dance to the attention of Charlotte Skeeters and Neil Hale. Charlotte decided to teach the dance downunder and it was taught in the UK which brought Michael into the world arena. View dance ranking 2000.

-> 1996 Choreography taught in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1996.

1996 Cruise Control - Neil Hale, took first place at the first Annual CWDI International Choreographers' Competition. Cruise Control is a 32 count, one-wall, fast-paced, line dance done to "All Over But The shoutin'" by Shenandoah from their somewhat difficult to find CD, "Now and Then" released in April, 1996.

1996 Swamp Thang - written by Max Perry and danced to "Swamp Thing" by The Grid. The 1994 hit song is a mixture of banjoes blended with techno. A purely mechanical performance that sounded like live music. View ranking in 2000 And 2001. Max Perry wrote an enlightening artice on hustle line dance in 1996 ...the archived article.

1996 Swing Time Boogie written by Scott Blevins to "Swing City", track #1 on the album "Swing City" by Roger's Brown --the first artist to meld the big band swing sound with country music. Swing Time Boogie is the first internationally acclaimed choreography to be danced to phrased music. In May, 2003 Scott had a packed floor at TWO separate workshops for this classic 'Hall of Fame'line dance at Doug & Jackie Miranda's Bonanaza Bash in Ontario, CA Scott taught this dance by request as an 'oldie' at the 2004 JG2 Marathon.

1996 Ricky Martin released his album "A Medio Vivir" which was Latin in focus with "a tinge of rock " in 1995. Sherry McClure wrote Uno, Dos, Tres (aka 13 MWZ), a 32 count, 4 wall intermediate line dance in 1996 to track #3 "Maria" ...this latin music with rock influence inspired the explosive creation of Latin rhythm line dances still being written at the beginning of the new millenium. View dance ranking in 2001.

-> 1997 Choreography taught in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1997.

1997 Running Bear, the song, was initially recorded by Johnny Preston, but it was covered by the Dean Brothers in August, 1996 when it appeared on their "On The Right Tracks" CD. The clean, predictable, but slightly uneven phrasing of the song provided an opportunity to experiment with a slightly uneven phrasing of the song provided an opportunity to grandstand with that rare, clean break at the end of the song. Running Bear, along with Ribbon of Highway, has been featured in the UK's Linedancer Magazine's Blasts From The Past. Running Bear by Neil Hale is a fun, crowd-pleasing dance that is also popular in New Zealand and with the very vibrant dance community in Hong Kong.

1997 Ribbon of Highway represents a departure from most of Neil Hale's choreography in that it is done to a Two Step rhythm from the song of the same name by Scooter Lee off her "Moving On Up" CD. Both Ribbon of Highway and Running Bear, by Neil Hale, owe much of their success to the exposure these dances were given by Scooter Lee and The Dean Brothers for whose songs these line dances were created. View dance ranking 2000 And 2001.

1997 Pencil Thin Mustache was the dance that started Charlotte Skeeters (California) hit parade ... view dance ranking  2000.  This 2 wall, 64 count intermediate line dance done to the cover of the same name by Jimmy Buffet, took 2nd place in New Line Dance Choreography at the 1997 Desert Sands Festival in Las Vegas, NV.

1997 From the first teach of Hey Bruce ...this 48 count 2 wall line dance hooked the dancer. The weird name, the pulsing song and the arm movements hit a spot dancers were ready for. The driving beat of the song, The Heat is On, by La Bouche (Sweet Dreams CD), got the attention of the dancer. Originally done to My Girl and then Hey Baby (name comes from the last few words on the song Hey Baby), both off the Alabama CD, "Dancin' on the Boulevard", the dance needed a true Hustle piece of music. With The Heat is On the dance took off. Bringing the Hustle count to the line dancer was the motivation. Hey Bruce garnished a number of awards in Canada and at Worlds held in Nashville, TN in 1998. Michael Barr taught Hey Bruce by request as an 'oldie' at the 2004 JG2 Marathon.

-> 1998 Choreography taught in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998.

1998 Got To Be Funky was created by USA choreographer Dawn Beecham. She taught her newly created beginner dance in a workshop in October 1998 at the Tarheel Classic in North Carolina ...the 'funk' music (Everything I Do) Got To Be Funky by blues singer Maurice John Vaughn from his album "In The Shadow Of The City" brings dancers on the floor at both socials and country/western bars across the world. It only took TWO months for this 32 count, 4 wall easy intermediate dance - Got To Be Funky to hit the top ten line dance ballots throughout the world. I feel that Got To Be Funky is the 'new dance' to replace the Electric Slide going into the new millenium. ...it is still strong in country/western bar venues summer of 2002. View ranking in 2000 And 2001.

1998 Dizzy - Jo Thompson, USA written especially for Scooter Lee's "Movin' On Up" album. "Dizzy" (country dance mix version) ...the lyrics are automatically sung by nearly every dancer while doin' Dizzy ....I know sometimes up to 4 times a night at venues around the world ...in 1998 - 1999. This dance still shows up on request lists at festivals ...summer of 2001. View dance ranking 2000 UK And 2001.

1998 Mama's Lil' Baby - Charlotte Skeeters (CA. This 4 wall, easy intermediate dance done to Shortenin' Bread, The Tractors placed 4th in New Choreography competition at the '98 Jamboree BC - Canada. View dance ranking 2001.

-> 1999 Choreography taught in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999.

1999 Jai' Du Boogie - Max Perry, USA written especially for Scooter Lee's music of the same name. Max Perry's bio: http://www.maxperry.com View ranking 2000 And 2001.

1999 What's Your Name - Michael Barr, CA. A big fan of Delbert McClinton, Michael found the well phrased song off McClinton's "The Great Songs Come Together" CD. The song, Why Me, is often used as the name of the dance. The 64 count 4 wall dance is a fun pattern that finishes with a 16 count traverse of the dance floor. With a few awards around the line dance world, What's Your Name has earned it's spot in time. View dance ranking 2000 And 2001.

1999 Whole Lotta Peppas, true to its name, is an up-tempo, intermediated level, 48 count, two-wall line dance. It is done to a Salsa rhythm, "The Cup of Life" (Spanish Radio World Cup" Edit) by Ricky Martin from the self-titled "Ricky Martin" CD. Latin Rhythms were the rave of the dance floor at this time, and Whole Lotta Peppas, by Neil Hale, represented one of many Latin line dances that provided a refreshing, much-needed, and stimulating boost to the international line dance scene.

1999 Storybook Endings, is a 3/4 time waltz line dance done to "Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight" by Kenny Rogers. It is from the somewhat hard to find - but still available - "Back Home Again" CD that was released in November, 1991. The dance is one wall, easy to learn, and conceptually simple. The appropriately entitled "Storybook Endings" represents what may be the culmination of a string of very successful line dances by Neil Hale. They have spanned the final decade of the century, and will most certainly continue being enjoyed many years into the new millenium by line dancers throughout the world.
Neil Hale is a writer: His last published work for the "Yankee Spotlight" (an Australian magazine now out of print but on the Internet at: http://www.countrygoss.com.au) concerned the 1999 Golden Gate Classic. Neil's article: http://www.linedancefun.com/neilhale

-> 03/1999 - Personal observation written as a Thank You to Neil Hale for being my instructor.
-> 07/1999 - Personal observation written the summer I knew as a person, I just have to dance.
-> 10/1999 - The Golden Gate Classic - the dances called ...and my personal observations.
-> 10/2000 - Best Known Line Dances - California choreographer JP Potter's   Crush - (08/00) ranked 24%  &  Bye, Bye, Bye - (04/00) ranked 13%
-> 11/2000 - The last Desert Sands Festival - Las Vegas - the dances called at this festival.

2001 ->  Playlist for August 2001 Social (Australia) -> Playlist for June 2001 Social (England) -> CWDI - Competition Dances 2001
2002 -> Playlist for Sunshine Classic (Australia)

LineDanceFun Top Ten dances - San Francisco Bay Area
in 2003: Beer For My Horses
-> Sundown Waltz -> Swing Your Chains -> Chihuahua -> Come Dance With Me -> Cowboys Don't Cry -> Sweet Sweet Smile -> Basha -> Bye Bye
-> Nu Flow
in 2002: River Of Dreams -> Body In Motion -> I Said I Love You -> Evergreen -> Some Girls -> And They Danced -> American Pop -> Green Door -> Just A Kiss -> Storybook Endings
in 2001:
Does Your Mother Know? -> Islands In The Stream -> Rose Colored Glasses -> TGIF -> Storybook Endings -> She Bangs -> Rhumba Ride -> Blue Finger Lou -> Begin The Beguine -> Callin' From The Heart
Classics that filled honky tonks & social dance floors in 2003:All are original steps, most are vintage signed sheets!  The Fireman (George Davis), Fat Sally Lee (Arthur Smith), The Cowboy, (Kole Dunn), Ain't Going Nowhere - Mudslide Boogie & City Slicker ( Lori Wong), Conrado Cha Cha ( Rob "I" Ingenthron), Mambo #5 (Pedro Machado/AT Kinson), Cruisin' - Cha Cha Lengua - Linda Lu - & Hot Tamales (Neil Hale), Bar Room Romeo (Ron Holliday), Midnight Waltz, (Jo Thompson), Baby Likes To Rock It (Hillbilly Rick), Got To Be Funky (Dawn Beecham), You Sang To Me - Hurricane - Desert Sands Cha Cha - Chevy - Dancin With You & Ooo Aah! (Sal Gonzalez), Boot Scootin' Boogie (Tom Mattox & Skippy Blair), Black Coffee (Helen O'Malley), Smokey Places (Michele Perron), Alley Cat (Donna Aiken), Norma Jean (Donna & Dena Wasnick), Cannibal Stomp (Lisa Firth), MMMBop (Kelly Kaylin) and Uno Dos Tres - aka 13 MWZ (Sherry McClure), Boot Scootin' Boogie aka Vancover BoogieCowgirls' TwistOphelia (Bill Bader), Waltz Across Texas (Lois & John Nielson), Swing Time Boogie & Ride That Train  (Scott Blevins), signed Swamp Thang (Max Perry), and Honey Suckle VineFly Like A Bird - Shipwrecked - Prairie Strut - Still The Same - Younger Men & Love Letters (Hedy McAdams) Wild, Wild, West Boogie and  Zydeco Lady (Chris Hookie). Tornado (Michelle Stremcha), Rodeo (Dale White).

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This line dance time line web page exists to preserve California line dance history. The inspiration came from the published UK Survey first conducted in 2000 that ranked Neil Hale's  Cruisin' as the 'best known' line dance in the world AND Betty Casey's Dance Across Texas ...the book that inspired me to continue writing line dance event reports. As published in her book ...In 1895 dancers shared the same excitement and experiences as we do at the turn of the new millennium ...read about a social that happened Valentine's Day 1895.
June 2004 marked the first Anniversary of the weekly 2 hour 'Come Dance With Me' Saratoga inter/adv line dance socials.

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Line Dance Fun (from www.archive.org) hit dances from June 20, 2003 ... July, 2003
This website was first published as an AOL home page July 18 of 1996 (and first archived in 1997). The first home page was black text published on a HOT PINK background and consisted of a list of all dances being down in the S F Bay Area prior to 1995 and a list of the 'new' dances (which included links to original dance sheets in .pdf format) that were created or taught in the S F Bay Area in 1996. It took 8 weeks (May-June-July) of reading manuals to learn how to write html, make all the .pdf files and prepare the list of "oldie standard" S F Bay Area dances. After the list was as complete as I could make it from my collection of sheets and my 'observations' of the local dance floors, I asked Knox Rhine for his help in filling in the missing names of the choreographers from his collection of dance sheets. Knox Rhine was THE most knowledgeable dancer I knew and was 'keeper of all accurate information' relating to line dance. His library of dances.
The Line Dance Fun AOL home page was averaging 50 hits a day simply through word of mouth. Because of that response and because of the extremely primitive way AOL provided users with sending files to the Internet, Line Dance Fun went domain October 14, 1996. The Super Information Dance Floor was the largest 'library' website to visit for line dance step sheets in 1996. Dancers emailed the steps (re typed from sheets) to the publisher, Don Deyne. His library of dances.
Line Dance Fun was the first line dance website to publish .pdf files of original signed dance sheets w/permission of the choreographer, first on the Internet with line dance video clips (.avi) and first to offer downloadable music files (.ram).
The purpose of this website is to share original line dance steps with the dance community and secondly to preserve the local San Francisco Bay Area line dance history. The opening line to the website: If you want to have TOO MUCH FUN Dancin' in The San Francisco Bay Area, you gotta know the dances we dance.
Line Dance Fun in April 1997 & as first listed in Yahoo. The Line Dance Fun 1996-1997 'chat page'.
As line dance evolves so will this website. The step sheets published on this personal site are choreography that I see filling dance floors or ones w/MUSIC that I love. I continue to ask choreographers for their electronic copies IF the sheet is not YET published on their website. My dancin' friends around the world keep me up with their dance floor EVENT hits ... ALL events posted are in support of the dancers I sponsor or events that I sponsor. I can not list every event that comes to my request.

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