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CJ sent a fab clip ...enjoy John Robinson dancin' Dangerous w/Palm Springs dancers, U go Annie!
get to know John better and see just why we love this guy with the big heart ...his bio! The Dangerous music.
Many famous choreographers teach not only their own dances on the line dance festival circuit, they choose to teach quality choreography other than their own. This gesture is not only beneficial but helps sustain and enhance the dance community while energizing, harmonizing and even strenghtening our entire group of line dancers!
Max Perry taught at the Las Vegas Dance Explosion in November. At that event Simon Ward introduced his Dancin' With Keys; Max taught Simon's dance at Worlds in January! John Robinson is now teaching Gerard Murphy's The Way ...he taught it at Worlds and now again at the Palm Springs event in February. "As it says on the step 'start the dance after 16 counts in – even though the lyrics begin immediately…' This ensures that the tags ('bonus counts') hit the right mark!" Gerard's Canadian accent is so charming ...notice he writes 'bonus counts' in his email to me ...sounds more sophisticated than TAGS! ...grins. BOTH dances are moving up in the USA line dance favorites ...Simon and Gerald send their thanks to all the instructors who have been teaching their dances to their classes.
Michele Burton taught Jeremy Oldham's Groove Me (video clip courtesy of CJ) at the Palm Springs event ...Jeremy will be the DJ (second year in a row) at Michele and Michael's Boogie til the Cows Come Home workshop March 19.
California choreographer Braken Ellis ...her award winning Under Your Spell was chosen as one of MIL's competiton dances 2005 and is being taught by Rachael McEnaney throughout the UK. Bracken taught Element and Rachael McEnaney's Mars Attack at the Palm Springs event in February.
Neil Hale first stepped onto the dance scene in the early 80's, teaching line dance on the Swiss Park Stage in Fremont, CA. He choreographed Cruisin'in 1989; The world-wide hit continues to be taught and danced in clubs around the world in 2005. Cruisin' earned him the title: 'God Father of line dance' but he followed with Mustang Sally, Linda Lu, Hot Tamales and Cha Cha Lengua. Neil's Storybook Endings, written in 1999, still finds its way onto request lists across the world. His DJ credits include 'the big' events in Reno & Vegas in the early 1990's. He has built a devoted fan base in the San Francisco Bay Area he and Linda call home. NEIL HALE is Event DJ for the Keep on Dancin' Event June 24-26 at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown San Jose, CA. printable flyer
Neil Hale vintage video: The Derringer Dancers: Cruisin' - Mustang Sally - Linda Lu - Hot Tamales - Cha Cha Lengua

Newer dances
A Mind Of It's Own - Bill Bader
Cose Della Vita
- Alan Birchell
- Bracken Ellis/JP Potter/Jodee & Jeremy Oldham NEXT TEACH w/Trish (complete schedule)
Groove Me - Jeremy Oldham
(video clip courtesy of CJ)
Here & There
- Robbie McGowan Hickie
I'm With You - Bill Bader/Yvonne Anderson
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
- C & E Hutchinson
Mars Attack
- Rachael McEnaney
Motown Miracle
- Yvonne Anderson
Street Soul- MIL
Sway- Carl Sullivan

Trust Me- Geri Morrison

Links to newer dances San Francisco Bay Area floors: Here I Go Again aka Mamma Mia - Built for Comfort - Paralyzed - I Remember - Sky Full of Angels - Possibility Foxtrot - Under Your Spell - Slow Burn - Mariana Mambo - Baptized in Beer - Suds In The Bucket - Dreams of Martina - Bad Moon on the Rise - Latin Spice - On The Water - Caught in the Act - Round Round Baby - Shiv-A-Ree - Dancin' With Keys - Make Your Mind Up - Easy Chair - Some Beach - 1985 - Ready to Fly - Amarillo By Morning - Mars Attack - Side by Side - Desperado

This California line dance event happens: June 24 - 26, 2005
at the Doubletree Hotel:
2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA 95110
Bob & Trish Boesel present: YVONNE ANDERSON and BRYAN McWHERTER
more information to follow -
printable flyer with photos of Bryan & Yvonne

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