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The Neil and Alice Show (A Country Western Dinner/Dance) was a sellout at the Hayward Senior Center on Saturday night. Harry & Mary Bissett are active members at the center and attended Neil Hale's classes at Swiss Park when he began teaching in the late 80's. Line & couples (125+) dancers from all over the Bay Area enjoyed good food, good fellowship and the wood dance floor on a hot sultry August night. The 'guest' instructor was Neil Hale who taught his brand new waltz, Little Bit o'Ballroom.
The Show: Pete dancin' in drag; I have a new appreciation for that man! HIS blonde wig upstaged the Green pageboys, but the three ladies sang GOOD.
Instructor input makes up the long playlist but it is Neil's ability to 'read' the dance floor that makes the evening such a joy. We were on the floor non stop from 6 - 10 pm. He plays a mix of fast. faster, new and oldies at pace that leaves even the diehards exhaused! MY favorites were played: Home, Crabbuckit & Red Bandana (when the dance started, I thought how funny ....the ladies have now gotten PETE involved with this bandana waving 'thingy' ....I was shaking my booty on the last 8 counts and low and behold I felt a 'swish' of the bandana from the 'gentleman, not' dancing behind me ...all in good fun of course ....I never saw so many smiles and so much 'verbal' whew whew during the playing of this dance. I never saw so many who could dance Bluegrass Waltz PERFECTLY! Neil's pre scripted Hayward Senior Center August Playlist.
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New Summer Dances

Betcha Neva Rob Fowler
Bombalero Kate Sala
Get The Girl Ian StLeon Fast, fabulous country music w/funny lyrics!
Grace And Favour Gaye Teather Fabulous Country Lyrics!
I Said Daaaaave Neville Fitzgerald -Toby sings it! CMT video - I Ain't As Good As I Once Was ... what an actor!
If Only I Could Robbie McGowan Hickie
Little Bit o'Ballroom Neil Hale
Love's Whisper Robert Lindsay
Nothin' But Taillights DJ Dan & Wynetter Miller

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