June 4th marked the 20 year anniversary of the Boots N Buckles club at Swiss Park Dance Hall in Fremont, CA. Carmel and Ernie Hutchinson premiered two NEW dancer friendly dances to great music! The capacity crowd stayed to the workshop end to learn Music~Music from Carmel and then Zydeco Waltz from Hutch. NO need for the evening review on these to flowing pieces of choreography ...the crowd owned them! The workshop ran on time & served GREAT tastin' BBQ. DJ Bob Hubbard did a great job playin' all the floor fillers at the evening dance. Lynn Johnson took lessons from Neil Hale and Charlotte Skeeters at Swiss Park in the mid 80's ...she was in class the night Neil first taught Cruisin' ... Hot Tamales on the dance floor; Neil's hitch hike swivel.