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Cruisin' w/ Neil Hale; Bryan M w/the pole. CJ captured Bryan's fantasy - The 2005 KOD Headliner on VIDEO!
Take It To The Floor Bryan McWherter/Yvonne Anderson video by CJ

NEIL HALE was the Event DJ for Bob & Trish Boesel's 2005 Keep on Dancin' Event in San Jose, CA.
Neil Hale in 2005 video clip:
CJ captured Neil on the floor dancin' his HOT TAMALES. Yvonne Anderson dancin' behind him. She recognized the 'name' but had NO idea that our DJ is MR. HOT TAMALES! Neil answers questions about his hit dance ...Hot Tamales archived from 1997.
The KOD decoration committee turned the ballroom into a sophisticated, tasteful setting. Event DJ Neil Hale had his request list sheets filled by 3:50 when I went to take a look! The vendors sold T-shirts, dance clothes, jewelry and dancin' shoes. A masseuse was available to take care of our sore muscles and OPEN daincin' started Friday promptly at 4pm! As with any FEXIBLE event ...some dances were scratched or shuffled. Yvonne and Bryan created Take It To The Floor at 3am Friday, it was taught Saturday. The posted door schedules took care of any questions about what was being taught when.

So fun to catch up with others and still spend so much time on the social floor (Frances logged 17 dancin' miles!). By Sunday, my white capris were hanging. I lost 2 sizes just walking from my room to the ballroom & sweating faster than I could take in fluids. I had to decide when to take a break because Neil just keep the requests coming! Cool to remember Swing Your Chains, Texas, and Dangerous & Senorita Sway, Too Much Fun & God Bless Texas! Neil was on the floor for Cruisin' & his Hot Tamales. He played a great mix of old & new ...funk and not. Amazing, Black Horse, Easy Chair, Eruption, Red Bandana and Soluna are the newest dances I have been working on ...all floor fillers.
Saturday nite ended with Phloor Philler (Bryan McWherter dancin' in his slippers), Here I Go Again Mamma Mia (Bob Boesel still dancin') and at 1am ... Simon's Titanic by request!!

The Sunday breakfast/show was brillant ...the eggs came with BACON ...the show was spectacular! Yvonne Anderson sang a new tune from her soon to be released CD. She is in Nashville this coming week laying down the tracks. (Dances have already been created, AS soon as I get more information I will pass it along.) 30 little ones ( age 6 to 12) in dazzlin' costume and full makeup performed tap and jazz. Carole & Glenn danced to a medley of music that Glenn spliced for their performance. Even, Ebay can tell they are happy in LOVE!!! Brian Barakauskas danced two routines ...he ended the show with the performance that won him the title: UCWDC World Champion. CJ captured the show and the dance workshops on video.

The Boesels are experienced dancers & considerate event directors. KOD was pure California down home friendly, AGAIN!


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