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Everybody DANCE now! Joy, Martie, Doris, Maria, Rosa, Jenny & Karen Boogied Til the Cows Came Home.
The yearly workshop hosted by Michael Barr and Michele Burton was entitled
EXPRESS YOURSELF (Bracken Ellis/JP Potter)
175+ dancers from across CA came to
ROCK THE PARTY (Simon Ward) with workshop DJ ...JP POTTER w/a little help from his Sacramento friends Jeremy & Jodee. The Saratoga "Happy Hoofin' Herd" WON the artistic table contest. ...AND...the happy herd also included Tom Sexton ...but he was out and about flirting with all the other attendees when I took the 'official' photo

San Francisco Bay Area dancers: Gary & Helen, Rob, Carole, Lorraine, Norma and Pete
had the crowd roaring with laughter at the dinner show in Corning, CA on Saturday nite.
Question: WHO designed Rob's shamrock bikini? He looked FABULOUS in it!

WE have celebrities in our Saratoga class!!! Ms. Sexton baked and frosted cow cookies and the Happy Hoofin' Herd decked out their table at the Corning workshop. Doris Sexton received the winner certificate from Michele Burton on behalf of the entire herd who were off wandering when the announcement was made ...grins.
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