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JUST fyi: a day time line dance workshop July 2007 in Germany
The Red Bandana (Harlan Curtis) has just been taught ...

The Dean Brothers perform ..Memories Are Made Of This
John Dean co wrote Just A Memory w/Maggie Gallagher (Nimby & Guardian Angel)

step sheet collection & archived line dance event memorys: at

Terry Hogan was busy end of September in Australia coming out of RETIREMENT ...
Getting over the fence at the retirement village was the tough part - after that everything just seemed to fall into place!!!
The reality was actually a little different, and I have to admit to some nervousness for my first workshop in over a year. Just trying to remember 5 new dances is enough at the best of times I think, but being a bit out of practice and not having tried any of them out on a floor larger than my living room made it a bit more daunting. Seeing lots of 'old' faces' and ex-students did help to relieve the anxiety however, and make it an enjoyable experience.
The event in question was a Masquerade themed social and workshops were I was co-instructor for two workshops arranged by instructor, choreographer (and ex-student) Brett Jenkins, who now runs classes in many parts of Brisbane. The workshops (classed as Easy & Advanced Intermediate) were both well attended, although there were certainly more at the advanced workshop and although there were mainly different faces at each, I have to compliment those who managed to survive both and learn a total of 10 dances during the day - that's dedication (or obsession) for you!

Easy workshop: Terry taught Foolish to Raul Maol and Old Fashion Waltz to George Strait.
Advanced workshop: He got "to inflict"
I Won't Dance (his favourite), Crying Time to Raul Maol and Just Pretend to Vince Gill. Brett taught: I Told You So and Learning From You.
*** Terry sent his files to me early September with my promise of no release until after his workshop ...IF you learned the dance No. 172 from Mel now have the files you need!!!
***My email says instructors are teaching theses dances with good response.
Terry will be teaching a workshop w/Brett come January 2008 ...his students ARE SO LUCKY!!!

The dance with the MOST energy seen at Windy City 2007: Swing! Sweet Pussycat (Matt Oakley)
The eleven dances that were played multiple times a night in open dance w/Louie and the all request dance party in Jill's ballroom all 3 evenings: Show Me Wot U Got & Ain't Got No Money; Cry To Me; ZJozzy's Funk; Charanga; Do It; Hick Chicks; Guardian Angel; Simplemente; Cherry Poppin' split w/Candyman; and Hideaway Cha. The new hits and classic oldies of the choreographers teaching at the event were played each evening. Most of the teaches were also given floor time on Saturday nite in the main ballroom.
Dances filling the floor before being taught: To Love Somebody; Doors of Life, Phloor Philla; Nacho Daddy; Do It; Hick Chicks; Ain't Got No Money; Fuego; Pucker Up and Blue Finger Lou.
Friday night dancing was still strong at 3AM and Saturday was strong even at 4AM in both ballrooms. Larger Than Life and Doctor, Doctor were the last dances I did after 3:30 and Maurice performing a flawless Under Your Spell was the last dance I recognized at 3:40ish ...Dancers came to DANCE!

Neil Hale's Danza Latina and his most requested to bring back Whole Lotta Peppas (1999)

MONDAY Westhope AM w/Doris & Carol 9:30 - 11:30 is intermediate Playlist Oct 15
Westhope Presbyterian Church 12850 Saratoga Avenue; Saratoga, CA
Cowboy Mix teach: My Heart Is Broken Too

Westhope MONDAY Afternoon Practice w/Doris 1:30 - 3:30 drop in $5 Playlist Oct 15
Westhope Presbyterian Church 12850 Saratoga Avenue; Saratoga, CA

THURSDAY 10:15 - 11:45 at Saratoga w/Doris & Carol
My Heart Is Broken Too review: Cowboy Mix
Practice will include: Rebel Amor, To Love Somebody
NO class November 1, last class will be November 8 at Saratoga.

Thursday PM 6:30 - 8:30 drop in $5
Review: Nimby (Maggie Gallagher) Teach: My Heart Is Broken Too
Westhope Presbyterian Church 12850 Saratoga Avenue; Saratoga, CA
NO class November 1 Starting January; back to 4 on, 1 off.

Westhope FRIDAY Practice/lesson w/Doris 9:30 - 11:30 drop in $5
Nimby and My Heart Is Broken Too
NO class November 2

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