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I will be at BnB early on Friday nite 11/28. If diehards who were at the Vegas Event are on the floor ...the pre dance walks w/count will be: Purple Rain & JR Drop.

Paul McAdam dancing Knock Me Out -2008 Vegas Explosion. Cathylee (Hawaii) filmed this demo right before Paul began our teach. Sit down rate was pretty low! I will be teaching it to all my classes. NOT. Video w/Paul counting the pattern while dancing.

I have been TRYING to teach myself Purple Rain from the sheet since I missed the teach at Windy City. Rachael McEnaney was on the floor Wed nite with a few dozen dancers enjoying/performing this dance ..Sue (Arizona) was dancing along side her; I noticed & asked do you think I can learn this one? "YES, you can!" Sue was my counting guide on Saturday & so helpful in protecting my 'learning' spot in that jam packed teach. Rachael is gifted & giving; her email

200 diehards showed up at 1 o'clock for the first open dance on Wednesday (2008 schedule) at the Vegas Dance Explosion w/Doug & Jackie Miranda.
Come Saturday, the workshop rooms were capacity.

The first open dance floor filler? Catch the Rain ...followed by 123 Summertime, Rebel Amor, Cry to Me, Now or Never, Amame, Higher & Higher, Crazy Foot Mambo, My New Life, Chill Factor, Am I, Cool Whip, Turn Me Loose (Simon Ward), Amor De Hielo and Go Greased Lighting. PLUS
Wed, Thurs, Fri, & Sat social floor fillers: Bossy, Feel, Multiply, Baby Believe (Peter & Alison), Tumbling Rush, Dreams, Mystery Cha, Head Phones, Duck Soup, Oklahoma Wind, The Way You Look, Triple M, Purple Rain, Have Fun Go Mad, Feel, Tango Cha, Feed the Fetish, Islands in the Stream, It's Up to You, To Love Somebody, Peaches and Cream, My Veronica, Bosa Nova, Rio, Rollin' with the Flow, Have I Told You Lately, The Smell of Your Sweet Perfume, Mars Attack, Cheek to Cheek, Charanga, Did You Ever, Faith in Love, Rainy Night, Fire on Ice, Suds in the Bucket, Trust Me, Doors of Life, Firecracker, A Gigolo, Not Like That, So Glamorous.

By Thursday nite, Three near capacity ballrooms just across the hall from each other were open til late. Grrowler kept the beginner room going non stop til past midnight with constant refresh and teaches of all the beginner dances taught at the event plus classics: Come Dance With Me, Speak to the Sky, Horsin' Around, Smokey Places ...even Waltz Across Texas in a circle. Email him for most requested list or information.

Alison kept her floor full or not, playing ALL requests ...Guantanamera (she knew it was Kim Ray's latest but explained she did not have the exact file) (I bow down to instructors who carry flash drives!) USUALLY, If a DJ does not have the file needed ...the request is ignored; no conversation. Alison is a dancers dream DJ.

Louie's ballroom was perfect temperature, had plenty of seating and a constant stream of smiling dancers coming and going, dancing and watching. He played all the workshop dances, the oldie classics (Dizzy) and even the brand new ones climbing the weekly survey. (Louie played both & NOW has files for CA requested dances: Love Worth Waiting For and Never Ending Love.)

I have never been to an event where so many faces had first names attached! A HUGE family dance reunion. SoCal diehards from Tom and Lou Ann's classes were here as were NoCal dancers from as far North as Santa Rosa to as far South as Santa Cruz. The San Francisco Bay Area social diehards from First Sunday, The Clock Tower, BnB, Cactus Corners, CQS, & Country Hustlers plus Canada, one France, TEXAS ...and students w/Grace (Hawaii) who writes solid information in ALL her event reports.

Henderson, NV instructor (Sheri Hurley) was with her students. She has classes for all the new local beginners who got hooked at the Vegas Dance Explosion.
I have a LONG list of dances students have requested to be looked at ...Carol and I feel so honored to have shared this FUN time with you all.


WSLD $5 drop in w/Doris & Carol @ Westhope Church, Saratoga
The ONLY remaining class in November is Monday, 24th.
Holiday Recess begins December 16; class resumes Jan 8.

MONDAY AM 9:30 - 11:30 Baby Believe Playlist November 24

MONDAY AfterNOON 1:30 $5 Purple Rain counting review. (Video)
Carol & Peggy will join me in keeping Rachael's Vegas teach in our memory. If You have learned the dance & want review counting practice/floor time; join us.

THURSDAY Decmber 4 & 11 9:30
Guantanamera Tumbling Rush & Amame

Thursday @ 11 Dec 4 & 11 Baby Believe Bossy & Rainy Night

THURSDAY NITE Dec 4 & 11 6:20 - 8:30 Guantanamera Baby Believe
Tumbling Rush Bossy

FRIDAY Dec 5 & 12
9:30 - 11:30 teach: TBD
Baby Believe

Scripted 2nd SATURDAY Social 7:30 - 10 PM $7

Lessons in San Francisco Bay Area? dance instructors -
Big Country Radio (live from Oz)
Links: Sue&Kathy - Slyck - BnB - CQS - Cactus Corners - Country Hustlers

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