Doris ... 2008 Birthday Celebration in honor of her 60th year!

Leslie, Glenn, Rob, Carole, HongYing ending their musical routine!

A Happy Birthday Doris banner greeted Bill and I as we entered Swiss Park on the first Sunday in January, 2008. We walked through blue hanging fringe to applause. The 'party people'... Carole, Glenn, Leslie, Rob and HongYing formed a reception line to greet us. Neil and Linda were in line also. HUGS all around. So exciting!

Right before the 4 o'clock hour the guests started to arrive. Wine was poured, munchies surrounded the flowing fountain of BLUE punch and the music played. Hugs all around again, So happy!

Carole hand created and designed a memory book containing ATTITUDE sayings with matching photos of ME. Gary Davidson had to have gone through hundreds of photos just to find the one that would bring her idea to realization. Even 'diva' and 'dancing queen' was included. She made sure every guest signed this keepsake for me.

The theme was denim, pearls and hats. 10 tables of dressed in royal blue and white, 5 lining each side of the Swiss Park hall seated the 80 guests. A royal blue straw hat encircled with white seasonal springs resembling huge pearls were surrounded by white lacy paper place mats and strings of pearls. One long tapered candle was centered into each hat, lighted just at dinner. How perfect is that!
Blue and white hats hung from the overhead strings of lights. The silk fabric encased white lights that draped each side of the hall was hand made by Dolores Meeks.

A pearl shaped D hung from my chair, and just for ME, a long stemmed blue wine glass so I wouldn't loose my drink. The basket became over flowing with cards and gifts, my friends are so generous.

The stage displayed Glenn's HUGE hand designed cutout hats. He set up a flower draped and lighted canopy to form the perfect photo backdrop. Photos were taken, and introductions made. Most of my friends and students had never met Bill ...he is a very nice husband to want me to do what I want to do. Carol Clark and I had our photo made with our hats on. The DJ had to cut in line because I wanted my photo with him!!! Carole Wiegand is NEXT to me ...she is the ultimate perfectionist when it comes to a PARTY and she knows how to negotiate!

The menu tri-tip or BBQ chicken, red potatoes, rice and salad. Vanilla cake with raspberry filling said Happy Birthday Doris. The carrot cake, Bill's favorite ...was true to the theme, blue carrots with green leaves, how devine! Doris Sexton brought her homemade sugar frosted cookies in the form of 60, how thoughtful ...grins.

Right beside the water bottle cooler, and above the wine table, Gary Davidson had his monitor hooked up to a slide show that showed ME dancing at the various weekend socials. 15 bottles of wine were consumed ...we are a merry bunch!

Neil played oldies and the new ones and slow to keep the floor full. Special requests honored on the spot.
Lorrainey nagged for Hot Tamales and dragged me up there to make sure he would play it. Just for me he said after I asked, ...and he got out on the floor next to me and danced it to our enjoyment.

Just before serving dinner, Glenn & Carole, Leslie, Rob and HongYing sang and danced "Doris' Birthday Song" ...performed just as great as any broadway musical routine! The original lyrics were written by Carole and Glenn and presented to me. The framed blue and white copy sits on my desk next to my computer. The production number is on DVD. WE all did Hold Your Horses! Some of my students are now requesting it ...maybe!

Just at 8 PM ...the last dance per my request ...Not Like That!

Good fun. Great memories. Even Neil said it was the best party he ever had attended at Swiss. My dancing friends and my students made the EVENT memorable. Glenn and Carole planned the perfect party. My heart is so joyous!