Line Dance Fun November 2008 - February 2009

Maria Tao was born, raised and educated in Taiwan. She grew up as a NAVY kid, one of 5 siblings.
She did not start dancing until college when she and her friends became part of the craze dancing of the 60's - 70's.

Maria came to the USA to earn her masters degree. Her MBA is from Santa Clara University; She is a tax accountant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2004 she began line dancing; 2008 she became a choreographer. Her dances fill the floor throughout Australia, Japan, Taiwan & USA.

In February 2009, Maria had six dances listed on the weekly world survey; 5 in the top 25 ranking.

She currently takes lessons in Cupertino and Saratoga, CA. © 2009

Maria Tao is the choreographer of Never Ending Love (Aug 08), Love Worth Waiting For (May 08) and Mockingbird Waltz (Feb 08). All three dances are currently listed on the 2008 November World Dance Weekly Favorites Survey.
November 17;
November 10; November 3
NOVEMBER 2008: Never Ending Love and Love Worth Waiting For have been floor fillers in the San Francisco Bay Area weekend socials since their release. Currently Never Ending Love is #3 in the National Survey; Love Worth Waiting For (tied #8) is on the workshop schedule at the 2008 Tampa Bay Line Dance Classic.
DECEMBER 2008: Never Ending Love is #3 and Love Worth Waiting For is #4 on the National Weekly Survey. December 14;
November 30

FEBRUARY 2009: Love Worth Waiting For is #6 and Never Ending Love is #7 on the National Weekly Survey. Mama Said (released Jan 09) just broke into the top 20 ...tied for spot #19 while Snowbird (released Feb 09) is tied at spot # 20. Try To Remember (released Feb 09) just entered the survey. Mockingbird Waltz (released February 08) remains on the survey.
February15; February 8

Try To Remember - Senipadu Line Dance Malaysia Feb 2009

Mockingbird Waltz @ Dancemania Perth, Australia Feb 2009

Snowbird Feb 2009 LDanceAngles

Never Ending Love Oct 2008 Juliet Lam w/The Q Dancers

Love Worth Waiting For Aug 2008 Juliet Lam w/The Q Dancers