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Peter Metelnick and Alison Biggs wrote Tumbling Rush to Trisha Yearwood (They Call It Falling For a Reason). Alison will be one of the DJ's at the Vegas Explosion and I know that dance will be taught & requested.

Jill Babinec & Scott Schrank wrote Love's On The Inside (video)

John Robinson and Junior Willis wrote
Sugar Lips to Sugarland's All I Wanna Do wo wo wo wo wo wo ...I have the lyrics churning in my head from the radio. I hopped onto Jill's social floor when Junior started calling the pattern.

October 2008, 600+ spoiled dancers were offered two large ballrooms to dance the night away w/Mark, Glen & Eve in Chicago. Mark's Country Edge posted the Windy City workshop schedule for those of us needing to plan break times.
Louie kept his ballroom going w/all requests favoring towards funky music and intermediate/advanced dances. Although his floor jammed to capacity when he played Bosa Nova or Crazy Foot Mambo ...or Boo-Taaay & Elevator ..there was room for all to dance.

Jill's ballroom was doubled this year which made room for all those enjoying the older floor fillin' classic's ...Islands in the Stream, It's Up to You, Simplemente & Larger Than Life. The newer ones danced numerous times: My New Life, Firecracker, Amor de Hielo, Fire on Ice, Faith In Love, Am I, Mystery Cha, Head Phones Too Deep, & Feed The Fetish. Jill is one diehard dancer who just happens to DJ. She can bounce off that stage & into line before we can say Swing Sweet Pussycat.

The other social requests I recognized/observed (list taken from the weekly dance survey) but perhaps not total floor fillers: Tango Cha, Turn Me Loose (most were dancing Simon Ward's dance), Catch The Rain, Sea Salt Sally, Doors of Life, Duck Soup, Footsteps in the Sand, Keep It Real, Brucie, GIRL (numerous times) Purple Rain, Rebel Amor, More Than Life, Fade Away, Keep It Real, Cry to Me, Wonderful, Chilli Hot, Charanga, A Gigolo, Ain't Got No Money, Yes, You Won't, So Glamorous (numerous times), Not Like That, Show Me What U Got, Rock this Party, Swamp Thang, Break Free Cha, Jukebox (to the NIMBY music, but no NIMBY dancers), Hound Dog, Swing Sweet Pussycat, MJ Moves, Home, Let's Get Saved, Creepin, Burning, Nu Flow, Poetry in Motion (to Hotel California), Dizzy, Isle of Paradise, Have Fun Go Mad, Dreamin', Into the Night, Irish Spirit, Higher and Higher, Guardian Angel, Love Vein, Fuego, Phenomenon, Jazz It Up, My Heart is Broken Too, Geek in the Pink, Hips, Last Minute, To Love Somebody, Cool Whip, Come Tomorrow, Basha, Now or Never, Hideaway Cha, Waltz Across Texas, Red Hot Rock n' Roller, MJ Moves, Suds in the Bucket, Splish Splash, S.X.E., Don't Feel Like Dancing, Rock this Party, Drizabone, I Scream, Inside Your Heaven, Rainy Night, Over the Rainbow, Sail Away Cha, The Dance, Viva La Vida and The Way You Look (numerous times).
I can say with certainty that most every Scott Blevins dance including his classic Swing Time Boogie was played. Same w/Guyton Mundy dances ...Guyton even re taught his classic advanced dance: Cadillac Ride.

Amame - those CA dancers in sparkling 'Robbie' black tee's owned this RMH dance!
JR Drop McEnaney/Langstaff...filled the floor to
In The Ayer just after Louie played
Boo-Taaay which always packed the floor to Move Move Shake Shake NOW Drop!

The eye catching dance on Jill's floor - they all owned All Summer Long (van Grootel/Trepat)

Waiting ...~ 2 dozen on the floor for this advanced one. Guyton knew the restarts perfectly!
Frank Cooper was on the floor dancing his HOME ~ 2AMish while Craig Bennett took the mic and 'sang' the words perfectly for the enjoyment of all ...and here we thought Craig was a shy guy.

John Robinson came into the teach room while Junior was mentioning it was the first time that he and Craig have danced Faith In Love together. The music played and John danced while he dramatically mouthed the words for all of us ...and then he came between the two of them and held their hands while all three danced that long weave ...all of us there could tell that Faith in Love is one of JOHN's favorite dances! It packed the floor each night.

Maurice Rowe - (his variations) really 'sold' Triple M (the competition dance he created w/Max and Michele) to the Saturday Night Show audience; team International won first prize. Max Perry and Michele Perron are line dance dance ICONS Maurice Rowe is our youngest STAR ...together they form team USA-Canada and wrote Triple M Their Windy City performance captured on VIDEO! The Somersault on third set, optional.

Neville and Julie were on the floor w/the dancers for their newest creations: Is This Is Love, No One's Gonna Stop Me, and the newest one that they taught to a full workshop on Saturday Morning: When I Grow Up.

Not all the ~60 dancers on the floor for any one intermediate/adv dance owns the dance. 47 were on the floor Saturday nite for When I Grow Up and we noticed some were still counting to themselves and keeping watch on Nev or Julie to see if they were on plot. The teach was brillant and in my opinion, so is the dance. It is as hard as Elevator, It's Murda and No One's Gonna Stop Me ...that's all.

90% of the dancers at this event (not including the 20 something event instructors) ...are at least 2, even 3 decades OLDER than Neville and Julie ...duh ...we owe them thanks for creating RAINY NIGHT ...a dance that all age groups can enjoy.

Everyone had a great time dancing, catching up with friends and meeting new ones. The event directors really want everyone to dance ...and provide a great venue every 2nd weekend October.

WSLD $5 drop in w/Doris & Carol @ Westhope Church, Saratoga
-NO class Nov 20 & 21

MONDAY AM 9:30 - 11:30 The Way You Look Playlist Oct 20

MONDAY AfterNOON 1:15 - 2:30 $5

No One's Gonna Stop Me, Amame, Rainy Night,The Way You Look

reTeach Amame & Sugar Lips
One Step to the Left, Doctor's Orders, Body Cha, The Way,
Thursday @ 11
Rainy Night, The Way You Look, Fire On Ice

THURSDAY NITE 6:20 - 8:30 Playlist Oct 16
re Teach
No One's Gonna Stop Me & Amame
One Step To The Left & walks as mind remembers

9:30 - 11:30 Teach: Amame Playlist Oct 17

November 15th Scripted SATURDAY Social 7:30 - 10 PM $7
2009 Second Saturday by request; ANY random date will be by church decison.

Lessons in San Francisco Bay Area? dance instructors -
Big Country Radio (I just heard J'ai du Boogie & Honey Hush (HONEST) & Rhuma Ride!)
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