2008 Hawaii Swing/Line Dance Workshop on Oahu June 20 - 22 at Ala Wai Palladium
Terry Hogan slipped in I Won't Dance at that 2008 workhop & sent me his sheets.
I have added links to my files to Grace's well written report.

What a wonderful weekend we had at the 4th annual LineDanceEtc Swing and Line dance Workshop (6/20-22) at the world class ballroom named the Palladium. Thanks so much to our event director, Ms. Carolyn Noah and her helpers for hosting an Ohana (family) event that everyone truly shared the happiness of being a part of Hawaii dance family.
With our fond aloha, we met Mr. Terry Hogan from Australia, Mr. Michael Barr and Ms. Michele Burton from CA, Ms. Michele Perron from Canada and Ms. Andi from Maui as our guest instructors for the event. Needless to say, there were so many fabulous dances taught in the three days that way beyond what we could remember. However, the short-term memory served us well at the Sunday Night Open Dance. With the help of instructors, we were able to enjoy a good number of workshop dances in addition to our local favorites. The event finale was filled with energy, excitement and warmth of Aloha for our guests as well as fellow dancers. As we say "until we meet again", there were hugs, photo moments, words of appreciation and happy memories… It was a wonderful feeling.
The Workshop dances are:
EASY ON THE EYES/Paul Lipinski/Beg – an easy feel-good cha cha, you can easily pick it up on the floor as a warm-up dance for any social event.
FAITH IN LOVE/Junior Willis & Craig Bennett/Int – already on the popular dance list. I give it a 10 on my dance chart.
SAND & SEA/Terry Hogan/Low Int – This is Terry's special presentation for the Hawaii event. It is a beautiful Rumba with the hold kind of dance. Easy steps flow lovely with the music. Imaging strolling on the beach and swaying with the gentle breeze…
YOUNG AND FOOLISH/Michael Barr/Low Int – This dance is to Scooter Lee's "Be Young Be Foolish". You just feel like dancing when the music starts.
HIGH & HIGHER/Max Perry/Beg – One of Max's latest hits. We all love it.
MAKE A MEMORY/Michael Barr/Int – This has been a popular dance since it was released in February. We matched it with a famous Chinese song named "The Moon Represents My Heart" by Teresa Teng (a SuperStar from Taiwan). It worked out beautifully when we danced with Michael to show our interpretation of the dance.
JUMPIN' 6 TO 6/Michele Perron/Int – It is a fast swing rhythm dance. All the energetic dancers were on the floor following Michele's lead on this one. Michele always gives good tips on styling when teaching a dance.
LONESOME/Terry Hogan/Low Int – The music for this dance is by Dolly Parton with a slow swing rhythm. It is so enjoyable just listen to the music.
BOOT CAMP SWING/Michele Burton & Michael Barr/Int – Another high energy swing rhythm dance that Michele demoed nicely with her styling and offered tips of how to look good in her dance. She always dances with her contagious smiles and makes dancing so much fun.
OUT OF OUR HEADS/Michael Barr/Int –If I have to choose one dance that is most unusual and fun from the workshop, this is the one. The step sheet is mind-boggling. However, don't be discouraged when you check out the dance. It is actually fairly easy with the repetitive patterns. The unique Seven Small steps and "Ta Da" ending are pure fun dancing it. I guarantee you will have loads of fun by doing this sing-along, happy, worry-free selection.
SKIP A BEAT/Terry Hogan/Low Int – Terry is truly a champion in line dance choreography. He never skips a beat.:-0)
CHA LANO/Michele Burton/Int – A smooth cha cha that every dancer wishes not only to learn the dance but to perfect the body movements as smooth as Michele on the dance floor.
I ARE/Barry Durand/Int – This dance was taught by Andi. She is an excellent instructor from Maui, a great dancer. The dance is to the popular music by Timbaland "The Way I Are". It was a floor-filler at the Open Dance.
WHEN I CRY/Maria Hennings Hunt/Int. – Michael taught this one by popular demand. This is one of my favorites of the workshop. The music and dance work together like a perfect match.
CUBAN HIPS/Terry Hogan/Int – If you like 8&1 cha cha dances, I definitely recommend this one. It gives you a chance to really work on your cha cha footwork . As Terry suggested: "Try to give it a real Latin feel with lots of hips and sharp movements." I give it a 10 on my dance chart.
PERFIDIA/Terry Hogan/Int – This is another 8&1 cha cha dance that I was absolutely thrilled with.
LOOKING BACK/Terry Hogan/Int – This is Terry's newest Waltz to George Strait's "It Was Me". If you love Waltz, don't miss this one. It is simply beautiful.
Other dances were taught: Sergio and John, Funkafied Blues, Here Comes the Rain, Sambastic, Lost & Found, Late in the Evening, Big Blonde and Beautiful.
As always Happy Dancing! Grace from Hawaii.