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Rachael McEnaney & Paul McAdam have released
Jazz It Up ...

David Cook sings Billie Jean on American Idol ..the total inspiration for
Simon Ward's
The Smell of Your Sweet Perfume ...I missed the lobby teach on Saturday morning because he ran a muck of the schedule. I was able to dance it with his 5 o'clock class when the music for both Chemistry and The Smell of Your Sweet Perfume was played. THREE dancers told me that the music for 'perfume' just pumped through them while dancing this dance ...I was just making sure I had the pattern ...can't wait to feel what they felt. Simon will be teaching his dances at the first annaul Asia line dance cruise end of April. The sheets will be posted asap thereafter.

I attend events to see which new dances are filling the social floors, learn a few new ones, network w/instructors and most importantly, catch up with the friends who have become family.
I also do my homework ahead to decide which dances I want to learn imagine how frustrating it is to show up for one dance and see another 'inked in'. OR worse, hear the music for the dance you want to learn start playing on the lobby floor at the end of a teach. (I also heard demo's of dances happened at the LAPD event...though no indication of such was in my registration packet.)
Give or take, 100ish line dancers enjoyed this annual, primarily couples competition event 2nd weekend April 2008 which btw ..has been confirmed to fall on first weekend April 2009 at a new venue ...the Airport Marriott.
Lucky for me, the workshop price included a beautifully put together step book and I was able to teach myself that dance I missed!
The young swing dancers came into the line ballroom for the Thursday night party ...they were enthralled with Fuego and were excited to hear that Rachael would go ahead and teach it ...Simon had it down pat by the next evening social.
Rachael McEnaney has a brand new hair style and a brand new dance with a lot of pizazz!
Keep checkin'for
Jazz It Up
Terri Slemmons taught
Hello Stranger to Queen Latifah ...loved the music and the dance.
JP and Bracken kept the evening social floor requests flowing ....Crazy Foot Mambo, L'Appuntamento, Phenomenon, Fuego & Feed The Fetish were played more than once a day but mostly there was a variety of old classics (Poetry in Motion, Have Fun Go Mad, Now or Never, Whatever Happens, Larger Than Life, Titanic and Rock This Party) and newer ones (Amor de Hielo, So Glamorous, Let's Get Saved, Pucker Up, Firecracker, Dreamin', It's Murda, Freaky Skills, Have I Told You Lately, To Love Somebody, Charanga, Angel of the Morning, The Dance, Crystal Clear, Sea Salt Sally, Make A Memory, What Love Is, Big Moments, and Into the Night).


Intermediate lessons $5 drop in w/Doris & Carol @ Westhope Church, Saratoga
The preacher marrys in June, Carol will start collecting gift checks on Thursday 17th
Rev. Erik actually bonded this week with 'the first door guy' ..that is a plus!
The plan is to order, pick up, install and take away the old, non working sliding door. Erik has already landscaped the barren plot of soil on 'the preachers porch' as he now refers to the space directly beyond the patio door ...that is a REAL major plus! more.

MONDAY 9:30 - 11:30 review: Angel of the Morning

9:30 - 11:00 review: Angel of the Morning Oh Suzannah
Hello Stranger w/Carol & if time I will teach: My Veronica (Peter & Alison)

6:30 - 8:30 APR 17 walk: Angel of the Morning teach More Than Life
APRIL 24 is the last night for 4 on 1 off. NO class May 1st
May 8 begins 5 on 1 off (due to vacation bible school schedule)
NO class June 12 June 19 begins 5 on 1 off again ...NO class July 24

FRIDAY 9:30 - 11:30 walk: Inside Out The Smell of Your Sweet Perfume
Jazz It Up or Chemistry

SECOND SATURDAY 7: 30 - 10 PM May 31st is the NEXT Westhope SAT Social
June 14, July 12, Aug 9, Sept 13, Nov 8

Swiss Park BnB Fridays
May 16 & 30 and June 13 & 27. Members $8 Non Members $10
Without the FUN of attending both local and out-of-town dance venues, I have no reason to learn & teach new dances. Choreographers HAVE to create; Instructors WANT to teach.
Dancers MUST support their local clubs, classes & socials, otherwise, NO line dance FUN period.

Lessons in San Francisco Bay Area? dance instructors
Links: Sue&Kathy - Slyck - BnB - CQS - Cactus Corners - Country Hustlers

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