ALL the FAMOUS Penguins OWN Hot & Hazy (Patrick, JP & Bracken)
The link to complete LAPD 2009 instructor/workshop schedule.

If LAPD 2010 is @ the Marriott LAX, I will return ...awesome rooms, hotel pool/food/service great. This is a 'local' line dance event, w/different local dancers each day/night. ~50 to 60 for evening request list socials on a good wood floor w/DJ, JP Potter. No dance repeats in a night. A great time.

The LAPD line dancin' DJ on phone break (Bracken is at the Showdown teaching this weekend). JP kept the ballroom happy by playing a mixture of oldie classics, workshop teaches, and the 2009 dance releases. NO repeats played. Each night a DIFFERENT mix of local dancers!
HOW cool to have him on the floor dancin' his International classics ....Crush and Deja Vu!
Joanne Brady -addicted to the computer? as she is to dance! NO slipping in Guantanamera for us ...JP had his playlist locked. Beulah (Michele Perron) played ... Joanne OWNS that dance! HER Beulah workshop next morning was packed! Instant hit. She also taught Cha Cha With Me (Niels B. Poulsen) both in workshop and in 'her 10:30 corner' any cha played, that dance worked. The floor was full for Another Quickie (2003) ...picked it back up from HER feet (and Carol's!)
CAROL got to Swing M Swing with Karla & Paul Dornstedt ... 2 Hearts 1 Love filled the floor that night afer the workshop..L'Appuntamento still fills the floor.
Terri Slemmons teaches in Torrance. Nell and Kim are NOT just students ..they are EXPERIENCED dancers who help other class members. Kim teachs second grade; Her students DO get line dance lessons! Terri taught A Little Close For Comfort which filled the floor that night.
Canadians and 'Penguins' spa break. Sue Hall teachs in Calgary; Cindy Aldridge teaches in Oroville. Too cool to dance Bossy Boots right next to Cindy. Tajali wears the stripes!
Tajali Hall w/Simon Ward at the Fall 2008 Harvest Moon Festival ...I remembered this photo from the Internet ...NOW CA knows the identity of this Canadian woman! ONLY 18, dancin' since FIVE ...her all time favorite is Sorrento, currently loves BEULAH and Feed The Fetish ..Everyone notices her presence and poise. The floor was so packed for The Smell of Your Sweet Perfume and TURN ME LOOSE (Simon Ward premiered both dances taught at LAPD in 2008) I couldn't get a 'safe' spot!
The only int/adv dancer to own I Held Your Hand on the LAPD floor was Fannie Tan ..SO fluid! She feels that music within her soul. It is her favorite dance, anyone could tell! She also owns the int/adv floor in Windy City!
Sharon is an instructor in Maui. This inter/adv dancer ADORES I Scream. She has always been a dancer. She also owns the int/adv floor in Windy City!

Always Bay Area dancers in our hearts ...Barbara moved to the desert. Carol E. moved to the Southland, they still dance. They STILL live in our computers.

Annie Moore OWNS the world ..she line dances everywhere .. knows everyone, knows TONS of dances, takes all the workshops and IS the nicest lady you could ever talk with. She keeps right in step when John Robinson danced Dangerous w/her! 11.6K + hits on YOUTUBE.

Sue lives in Arizona, knows EVERY dance. Right now FEEL is her favorite because she LOVES the music. SHE is THE Sue who helped me get the count correctly at the Vegas Event to the music on Purple Rain so I could teach it. Rachael delivers her dances in word style and we ALL get the teach. I just need the count if I have to teach a dance to my students. Sue hears music, and is willing to help others.


Ray White OWNS tons of dances, but Nuflow gave me the reason to go tell him so ..