August Dance Blog, 2009

Aug 28th - Sue & Kathy & 12+ students helped 60+ on the floor learn Tango Tonight last night at BnB! Intermediate plus dances to jam the floor w/all owning the dance: You and I & Jesse James. Other intermediate plus dances that I can remember: Beautiful, Painted Windows, CHA CHA, Halo, Sister Kate, & Cuban Kiss (still a challenge for some). Can't Get Involved (new Fitzgerald/Harris dance) was much desired by Sue & Kathy & students, but DJ Neil Hale did not yet have the track. 62 dancers, less time to dance, you know the DJ was working HARD. 23 non members signed in. 30-35 members is a 'normal core' for an evening. The dance card means instant gratification! And they flurried. I was lucky enough to win one tonight.

Sue and Kathy's playlist for their 3rd Anniversary Party. The celebration is Saturday, Sept 5 in San Jose at CPAA Arts Center 7:30 - 10:20 $3 advance/$5 door.

August has not been a good MONTH person can make a difference. My stars are still playing, but not as they once did. I am grateful for those who listened. Thank you so much! I can only hope I discerned well.

Friday Nite, March 19, 2010 PARTY w/the PENGUINS in Oroville w/DJ Cindy Aldrich

You and I is a hit in all Westhope classes,
it filled the BnB floor 4th Friday and the dancers owned the dance, just a few were following. Second Chance is brand new to many classes this week ...I didn't get my 'feet to the floor' til the back wall at BnB...then auto. The floor was full w/all trying hard.

Thursday 13th ...

Today I read a blurb written by Donna Shea on the world newsletter (2009 pdf music files) ...which stated that if one has paid their ASCAP/BMI & insurance fees through the American Callers Association that you can call yourself "licensed instructor" ...geez I don't know ANY instructors in my circle that are not paid up and have American Callers insurance ... add your adjective ladies and gentlemen!!!

You and I was written by relatively "new" choreographers to the dance community ...Oli Gear & Hungrn from Iceland. All 27 of us were dancing it flawlessly by class end. It flows so well w/the music. The lyrics are the same throughout ...the music just transports me.

Saturday 8th ...

2nd Saturday Saratoga ...teach to 25: Sin City Swing Playlist August 8
14 on the floor owned Poker Face, You And I, Reflections, & 2 of Us.

Such a Night 1999 (Carl Sullivan) was hand written first Friday at BnB; not enough requests, yet.
Carl also wrote Sway 2004, a MEGA international intermediate hit. Of interest to us in the
San Francisco Bay Area ...the Dances he has taught so far in 2009 ...includes: Holding on to Yesterday,
Mojo Rhythm, Go Mama Go, LIKE IT OR LUMP IT, U Turn, Gimme A Chance, and Yes Sir, That's My Baby!
Reading further, dances taught in 2008 ...Boogie Back to Texas ...what memories that brings up!!!

We watched in awe as Ulie danced Spanish Love, back row @ 4:30. Ethereal, near spiritual!

First Friday August at BnB ...52 on the floor w/DJ Neil Hale
Oldies played w/requests: Bicycle Waltz 8, Bocephus 4, Charanga 10, Chill Factor (full floor)
Cool Whip 12, Crazy Foot Mambo 14, Flying High 9, Guantanamera 4, Hold Your Horses 8
Hot Tamales 7, I Remember 7, Moonlight Kiss 4, Mr. President 8, Multiply 7, Oklahoma Wind 8
Over the Rainbow 7, Red Hot Rock n Roller 8, Rio 12, Sea Salt Sally 10, She Bangs 7
Shipwrecked 10, Side By Side 9, Simplemente 10, Speak to the Sky 11, Too Much Fun 11

Newer ones: Ay Amor 13, Bad Influence 8, Cool Chick 8, Father & Daughter 8
Feet to the Rhythm 10, Go Mama Go 5, Hold Me Love Me 3, Holding on to Yesterday 7
Jesse James 9, Let's Swing/Coochie Bang Bang 5, Marry for Money 8, My Next Love 5
Painted Windows 11, Poker Face 5, Rain on My Windows 7, Reflections 9, Rumba Breeze 6,
Sister Kate 7, Spanish Love 8, The Way You Make Me Feel 6, Vaya Con Dios 8
Yes Sir, That's My Baby 8, You and I 6, 2 of Us 8

1st Friday AM class ...the first dancer in the door ...was in just as much of a 'rush' as I, at the thought of learning this dance to the fabulous music -Someday by Hera Bjork. The music drives the dance. Oli Gear and his student Hugrun have been creating dances together since 2007. I noted out my sheet last Saturday afternoon after seeing Stella and Johanna leading it flawlessly the previous night at BnB. I had to teach myself part B right along with the students this morning. 4 dancers had been "exposed" to it ...Carole and Laura hear music beautifully so I felt convident that we could all dance it by class end. We did. It will be added as the last dance for Monday & Thurdsay PM playlists.
I will add it to the August 2nd Saturday playlist.

Thursday PM Class August 6 ...was a review NIGHT. My Mamcita came back to life, as did All Day Long thanks to Martie's memory. Too Much Fun, not much for most. No review. Those who owned it, own it.
All that wanted to own Painted Windows happened. The Way You Make Me Feel, had to teach a complete review. The first tag is STILL a bummer for most. I won't review again, the music plays.
Two dancers asked about You and I ...Maria Tao offered to demo it for us because she taught it to herself and LOVED IT. We could see that fact for sure, applause happened.

IN May 2009 - I decided to blog my observations. Posts and SOME Playlists from our area (The San Francisco Bay Area) don't refect the true picture of dances being done at our weekend socials. We are seniors, not amazing dancing memory machines. It makes a difference to readers if we own the dance or are just following the teacher/leader. I am sure this NEVER happens on your dance floor? grins. promotes dances, not just the ones I teach. It supplies practice files and links to Peter Ng's website Yipee for all dance sheets unless, I have the origial copy posted from the choreographer.
All instructors and students couldn't learn as fast as we do without the YOUTUBE videos. So much thanks goes to the GREAT dancers who are willing to post the dance videos for ALL of us.
Since, My blogs are being read, I will continue to spend the time to write but they will be links, not posts directly onto the website. I keep them archived at

Going to Vegas Explosion in November? Sue Hall is keepin' the list can email her your top 20 at Most of the 140 dance requests votes are in onesies or twosies ...
BUT the top requests w/number of votes:
Amame 10, My Veronica 7 Go Mama Go 6 Mojo Rhythm 6 Tango Cha 6 Whiter Than White 5

w/4: Chill factor, Guantanamera, Jesse James, *Leave the Boat, Love Worth Waiting For
Never Ending Love, and U Turn

w/3: 18 Yellow Roses, Am I, Amor de Hielo, Ay Amor, Catch the Rain, Charanga
Coochie Bang Bang, Doors of Life, *Downpour, Ease on Down, Holding on to Yesterday
It's Up to You, Make My Day, My Mamacita, My Next Life, Rebel Amor, & ROOMBA

I will put the ones faded from our memory back on playlists.

*Rachael's Leave the Boat (video) 32/4 w/an easy, fast 42 ct waltz pattern insert plus 1 restart.
*Paul's Downpour ...I Listened to Brandi Carlile ...haunting music w/a folk song style delivery ...and considered teaching, but the waltz (video) is 48 repeats of twinkles and basics, no tags, no restarts. It was written in June 2008 ...Karen Hadley's easy waltz Father & Daughter was written June 2009.

Because I had Downpour & Father & Daughter sheets in hand, I noted there were 2,679 dance sheets submitted between June 08 and June 09 ...according to the yipee numbering system.
Peter Ng is the Yipee webmaster. As of Aug 05 09 he has 14,792+ sheets presented on his hobby website. WE are SO fortunate and SO appreciate his hard work keeping his database up to date for all us. He also posts the YOUTUBE videos for each posted dance, a FREE service for dancers/instructors.

I LOVE Peter's CHA CHA ...fab music! ELEVEN videos! GREAT dance! Friday class favorite.

2008 exploded with line dance videos ..Peter Ng not only collects dance sheets for his Yipee! website, he publishes all the video links for each dance. OTHER line dance facts at

Note from my archives dated: June 2005
I didn't know it at the time but some of everything I was publishing was being archived at ...the step sheet files, video and music files were seemingly chosen at random.
I was a subscriber to LineDancer Magazine in 1997, but they were not yet on line.
When came on line ...all the step sheet files on were downloaded and 'reformatted' into their format. The ONLY way they could have gotten the sheet for Vanilla TwirL (click on Mar 08 2005 to read the file) was from my website ...I am the author and I did not submit the original copy to them myself. The original Vanilla TwirL LineDancerMagazine sheet was danceID=6075 ...6,075
I did meet Betty Drummond at the Tamworth Event in 2000. She said at that time the goal of was to include ALL line dance steps in their collection ...and I said ..."GOOD LUCK!"
The second the magazine announced subscription rates for future dance sheets ...I downloaded & made pdf files for my posted collection. ALL sheets on their website are still in 2009 for subscription users only.

Sue and Kathy have just announced their 3rd Anniversary Party. The celebration is Saturday, Sept 5 in San Jose at CPAA Arts Center ...more information.

Lorraine Kurtela (Yes Sir, That's My Baby) will be celebrating her 85th Saturday Oct 3rd at the Quick Stepper dance. She is makin' the hors d'oeuvres for this celebration!
Come cool, the hall will be smokin' hot w/all of us wantin' to dance w/her!!!

70+ danced at CQS 1st Saturday w/DJ Neil Hale ...Jan and Joyce updated the dances (done every 3 months) and the floor was capacity, prime time, as we danced Cruisin' (Neil Hale 1989) ...has 20 years come & gone? since Neil wrote that dance! Dude, you don't look, but maybe, 5 years older!!

The CQS dance format is EASY on the DJ, 3 different choices for dancers to request. One set of oldies to initial, one set of 'club classics' to initial and one sheet to write the new dance choices. Neil scans the lists & counts initials. Mixing in slow, medium & fast paced music and adds in the waltz beats. HE is a dancer, he is a musician ...he knows music (sometimes his track is slightly different) and he reads the floor.

Friday BnB last night ...I thought it was brutal for HIM ...(at the very beginning of the 'new dance page', one instructor wrote down 11 new teaches in a row) There were 11 other hand written requests in onesies or threesies). Frances talked to dancers about Flying High that night...she told them if you want to do it ...then go inital for it ...I ask my students 'did you request?' ...I initial after, or stick it in FIRST, if it is really important to me. I know every instructor wants their students to have a GREAT social floor experience. I think ANNI WUNDERLIEH wants every CQS dancer to have a great time ...under her presidency the 'dance format' was made to address this issue. (Anni is a dancer, she owns Sunset Stampede! I am in awe at how high she can jump AND w/such ease!! )

New dances common to both CQS and BnB floor w/many trying VERY hard: 2 of Us, Vaya Con Dios, Father & Daughter (I am told that Jocelyn & I were the only two who rememberd the tag), Spanish Love, Roomba Breeze (Laura was THANKED for holding it together for all following), Rain Against My Windows (Marcie & Jeanette holding it together for followers).
AND The Way You Make Me Feel ...FRANCES nailed tag #2 which makes me think she did so last night! Variations were much fewer on/the CQS full floor.

Feet to the Rhythm & Reflections played at CQS full floors. The latter w/variations.

Towards the end of the evening ...
The Cowboy (Kole Dunn 1995) brought us 'old timers' to the floor. At the first squeak of the door, the memories flowed & I was right back in 1995 at Sh Boom's; the pattern returned. Frances was kitty corner behind me ...just like back in the day ...How FUN for all of us on that CQS floor!

Time to Swing (Andrew & Sheila) is a Friday class hit. We went auto on the second music play. Most importantly, we still remembered it at the end of class. Thursday PM has requested it purely on hearing the music and watching the video. I have decided to teach it Monday.

Fools Fall was a rough teach Thursday AM ...the sheet is not brain friendly for ME. I ended up teaching it Friday because LaCreta was able to get section 7 into my feet. I never did figure out the count. The students just followed til it went into their feet. It was not requested or played 5th Friday at BnB.

Heads Up! LONG review on Friday ..still had to call "tag". Music will play, I might walk, or not.

Feet To The Rhythm & Bad Influence floor fillers earlier this month at BnB had 6 votes each & were not played 4th Friday. Reflections was the must know dance at the beginning of the month, on 5th Friday, no votes, no play at BnB.